Monday, August 1, 2011

Double Baggin' It

I once knew an old woman named Vera who always carried two handbags.
She also sported a grey beard and blew her nose on her petticoat, which frightened the bejesus out of me as a kid.
Yet the fact Rough Vera needed two bags to carry her shite in utterly fascinated me.
What was in one bag that couldn't be carried in the other?
Shaving gear?
Snotty slips?
I channelled Rough Vera today when I couldn't decide on one bag and decided there was method in her utter madness.

 First of all, there's the colour co-ordination thing with two bags - you can really go for it with any combo you fancy.
Then there's the 21st century lifestyle crap stuff like mobile, iPod, business card holder, Tic Tacs, massive bunch of keys, notebook and pen, all of which cannot possibly fit into one vintage handbag.

 Makes sense to have one vintage bag for wallet, hanky and lippy; the other for essential modern crapola.
The white bag is 1950s ostrich skin from a Melbourne flea market and the brown lizard-skin one arrived today, a bargain from Make Do Style's latest eBay clear out:).

 I s'pose I should talk about my outfit.
I'm wearing a 1930s slip and suit with fur collar, both from eBay; 1920s beaded cap also from eBay; comic tights from; VW Melissa Temptations from Amazon; earrings from Etsy shop, Bookhouse Creations, which specialises in Twin Peaks-themed jewellery; plus thrifted necklace and gloves.

 Lipstick is MAC's Ruby Woo.

I seem to be draping about a lot in these pics.
Honestly, when I put on a vintage suit, I can't help but go into 1930s starlet mode and pretend I'm Jean Harlow.
This suit has soul.  I can feel it.
So do the handbag twins.
Thanks for the inspiration Rough Vera.
Desiree xo


  1. in the 1960s I had a French teacher in High School who always wore 2 dresses, with one often hanging a few inches longer than the overdress!

  2. Mayve rough Vera was onto something. I struggle to get all my crap into most bags, two could be the way forward!

    You look fabulously glam.


  3. ooo la la you look so goor-geee-us
    You really suit this style.
    Love the 2 bag story too.
    I think you need to write a story for your suit.I just read a book about that and think i shall try doing the same xx

  4. You look incredible, i did chuckle over Vera, in my bag loving book - two bags are way better than one, if you got them flaunt them ;o) Scarlett x

  5. Rough Vera sounds like a right old character, I dread to think what she carried around in her bags.
    I adore you in that suit and beaded skull cap, you do look like a sexy 1930's starlet.
    Two bags though? I have enough trouble ferreting my purse out of the bottom of one. x

  6. That suit is sooo amazing, and fits you like a glove! xx

  7. NO ONE and I mean, NO ONE rocks the red lippy quite like you do! It's your signature!! This suit is just GORGEOUS!! Rough Vera must have been quite a woman and I think she'd be proud that you took for your own a bit of her fashion sense! You're as gorgeous and as fun as ever! HUMONGOUS Hug to you my friend! ~Serene

  8. Two handbags, why not! You look fabulous as always, that suit fits you like a glove!

  9. I think you're right,Rough Vera was onto something carrying two handbags. Great idea. Love your suit!

  10. You look gorgeous in you vintage suit, I been after a nice vintage suit myself, sadly I havent seen any in big Mama sizes. love your starlet cap. two bags? wow wonder what Vera carried. I have trouble with one bag. I think mine weights about 30 pounds.

  11. I think Rough Vera would be happy knowing she inspired this photo shoot! You look seriously glam.

    xo, Bonnie

  12. You look like a film noir star! I love those tights and gloves and two bags....LOL! Your are gorgeous in this suit!

  13. I have been on the hunt for a matte red that doesn't "creep" into my smile lines and doesn't go all orangy after a few minutes...
    I'll give this one a try!

    I usually carry two bags as well!
    One small(for essentials like cash, drivers license), one very large for cammy, x-tra shoes, notebook, umbrellas,etc....
    And I carry the small one in the large one sometimes,too.

  14. Love everything about this look - from top to toe!
    I'll definitely be rocking the double handbag look in the future!

    L x

  15. PS, I LOVE the tobi site!!!
    Such great prices and cool-ass trends!
    I love the racer back tanks with the deep plunging neckline!!!

  16. You look stunning! Handbags, what handbags? All I can see is a pair of purple shoes sent from shoe heaven... Em x

  17. Rough Vera may have been on to something - but why stop at 2?!

    I think you may be right about that suit, perhaps it is haunted by the soul of a previous owner, who may just have been a 30s starlet, hence the need for the drapey poses.
    I think Vix mentioned in one of her posts that she likes to think about her vintage treasure's past life, who owned it, how it got to be wherever it ended up, and so on. What a story that suit could tell!!
    Oh, and I nearly forgot to say - you look stunning!

  18. This nude suit looks so stunning with the bright pops of color you've added!!

  19. You look so gorgeous. I love, love, love that you're carrying two bags. I really may need to try that!

  20. Ooooh, thanks for sharing the info on Bookhouse Creations! I popped over to their Etsy store and ordered a pair of the Alice in Wonderland earrings and some sparrow hair clips. Gorgeous!

  21. i often wear two bags - one big practical one for camera, extra shoes, etc, and a cute one for keys, phone, wallet.

    this outfit is all kinds of awesome. i so wish day gloves would come back in vogue - maybe between you and me we can make it happen.

  22. oh you look so elegant,
    i love the jacket with fur,
    wearing two handbags makes perfect sense:)

  23. If it doesn't fit in one bag, take your husband, that's my usual rule. I like the look though! I'm sure rough Vera would be laughing her beard off to know she'd inspired such a stylish outfit x

  24. The beaded cap is just to die for! And it looks so good on you! Kudos to rough Vera~

  25. I love the comic tights with the vintage suit. The jacket of that suit is just delicious!

    Methinks that you have started a trend by double-bagging a la Rough Vera.

  26. you ARE Jean Harlow!
    You look amazing! Have to say I'm a bit of a two bag lady myself so I relate to your friend. Handbags are so small - but I like the two vintage handbag thing you've got going on there!

  27. You look fantastic, as usual. Love the fur.

  28. Wow! Desiree you look bloody gorgeous! I love this look and THOSE SHOES!!! xx

  29. Carrying two bags is actually very practical. I usually carry one small one for essentials that doesn't pull my arm off the shoulder, and one that stays in the car with everything else.


  30. You look so classically beautiful! loving it :)


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