Friday, August 12, 2011

Frocked Off

You may recall the stunning Sarah Misfits taunting us with her incredible collection of vintage faux furs a couple of weeks ago.
It caused many heart palpitations in those who helped decide on which of her treasures to cull.
I suggested she could probably live without her leopard-print and white fur jacket.
So she sent it to me.
Can you believe that?!!!  
I thought she might consider selling it, but no, the darling has gifted it to me and I have been wearing it around the clock, even in bed as it's been a tad chilly here in Brisneyland.
Thank you so much darling Sarah!

Isn't it simply divine?

Happy, happy, happy!

 As for today's Frock on a Friday, last week this was a handmade 1940s or 50s taffeta evening gown.
I bought it from eBay recently and when it arrived I discovered the seller must have been completely hammered when they measured it for listing.
It was listed as measuring bust: 36 and waist: 28.
It arrived as bust: 34 (barely) and waist: 24 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Excuse me?  That's a massive difference - I don't think I've had a 24-inch waist since ... ever!

I fumed a bit, frolicked about the house wearing it as a cape, then ... unpicked the skirt from the bodice.

Tah-dah!  Now I'm glad it didn't fit, as it's way more versatile as a skirt.
I'm wearing it with a daggy old singlet, two leather belts linked to make one long belt wrapped twice around my waist, 1960s purple satin gloves with the hands hanging out, gold VW Melissa's I snagged for a bargain-ous $60 on eBay and a pendant from Vix.

The Stylist and I went and did the grocery shopping and I wore this outfit with the jacket, but sans gloves because they got in the way.  
It was like the parting of the Red Sea ... who'd have thought a taffeta skirt and fur jacket could cause such an uproar?  Bloody hilarious.
The Stylist isn't fazed by my public oddities - I hope she will grow to be a confident and strong woman.

Have you got your frock on honey?
Desiree xo


  1. Oh how wonderful that skirt is What a shame some people cant measure properly I am so pedantic when measuring lol.How wonderful about the coat you look so wonderful in it.xx

  2. Wynnum Plaza will most likely never be the same D ;)
    More power to you, that place needs a whole lot more glam. I like the dress better as a skirt. And you, my darling, are *blessed* to get that gorgeous jacket. Good energy and generosity of spirit is always rewarded. It's how the universe works. Have a fabulous weekend. Love to you and the stylist from me and my fashionista, who nearly sent me broke in a shop in Byron Bay last weekend ;) x

  3. Oooh twirly! And yes - much better, not-a-dress. The coat is divine - I love bracelet length sleeves - so bangle-icious.

    The parting of the Red Sea effect is hilarious - I often get the sudden recoil .. you know the one where someone is so startled by one's appearance, that they nearly fall over backwards lol.

    You look wonderful as always xx

  4. Oh, I wish there was a video of your trip through the grocery!! You lucky girl to receive a coat from Sarah!

  5. I'm all for making things into something else if they don't fit, and your skirt is fab, you'll get so much more enjoyment out of it being able to wear it instead of having a dress you can't get into, tut tut on the persons measuring skills tho!

  6. The dress looks even better as a skirt. I do love a long swishy skirt. Coat is fab too - lucky you. Also adore the jacket in your previous post but don't think I would have the nerve to go out in my girdle!

  7. Yay - you look BEAUTIFUL in the jacket! And that SKIRT is way KILLER as a skirt. And two belts together and wrapped around? HELL YES! Inspired, as always.

    Happy weekend. Sarah xxx

  8. You look like you're having so much fun posing today! Don't forget Mt Gravatt VFF is on next weekend, you wanna come early??

  9. That dress as a skirt is beyond brilliant, it looks so slinky and gorgeous on you, I love it.
    That coat is fabulous, you've done Sarah proud,the whole ensemble is fabulous.
    How come you get the Red Sea and I get the hands on approach? I'm always being stroked and pulled at, what's the secret to admiration from afar? x

  10. I love that dress as a skirt and the jacket is perfection on you, Friday Frockday BLISS!

  11. oooh what a fashion genius, I would just added a belt as a dress, like I always do to all my big skirts.
    jacket is gorgeous, you really did it justice amor. Sarita is always too sweet. I hate people staring at other just cause your fashionably. I'm sure the stylist is going to be fashionable fierce.

  12. Way to improvise and save a garment! It makes such an awesome skirt, too. That fur coat is ah-mazing. I wish I had one, but I'm super picky, not to mention I never stumble upon great ones that FIT... le sigh.

  13. Love it so much as a skirt!
    I came out of the womb with at least a 30" waist ;)
    And aren't blogger's so generous and sweet?
    Love the coat!

  14. I'd say it's a purely perfect and dandy outfit for grocery shopping, though I would love to stand witness to the response from those you passed by. Wonderful!

  15. Oh how lucky are you, what a fabulous fake fur - I was also in awe of sarah's amazing collection. It was obviously meant to be yours, it looks wonderful on. Good skills on the dress to skirt refashion as well - did you say anything to the seller?

    Ah,Desiree,lets run away together........we can take the stylist along to keep us in Gin & this outfit,SO inspired!Hurrah for having the guts to transform a not quite wearable frock!!! Silly fecker,not getting the sizing right,but you've made it a winner!
    Squee! (and arse squeezes...phwoar......)

  17. My gosh Des don't you look GlAmErOuS *MEEOW* I absolutely love the jacket on you. And what you did with the dress = perfect.

  18. I love that dress as a skirt! Looks absolutely lovely. Sarah is so beautiful - I love the coat that she sent you, and it looks gorgeous on you as well!

  19. Great idea turning the dress into a skirt, and yes, you do look divine in the fur my lovely! xx

  20. You are a genius! It looks great as a skirt and the skirt itself is absolutely beautiful! Are you going to be using the top of it for anything?

    I love that fur coat! xxx

  21. Tee hee - I'm trying to imagine the parting of the Red Sea at the supermarket - at least you could get to the groceries quickly! Love adorable and frivolous pinkness and clever you for making an unwearable dress into a wearable skirt.

  22. Wonderful and even more beautiful, my dear Desiree. I am so glad to be back home to see you in all your magic spleandour.
    I have missed you so much.

  23. A generous gift indeed. A beautiful leopard print jacket with your creative altering of the taffeta evening gown and the gloves with stunning shoes. Amazing!

  24. The brilliant skirt so stunning (great job). And the jacket is perfect. -xo

  25. I have a great visual on the to see you at my Post office! Don't you just love to poke people's brains?? I do.
    That fur is just the best! and I lvoe what you did with the dress--it was the skirt that was so fantastic anyway!

  26. Bizarro world -- I have a new coat nearly the same! Unfortunately it's far too cold for the harsh NY winter, so I'll sadly have to sell it ): I love what you did with the dress, nothing like necessity is the mother of invention!

  27. Dearest Desiree,
    That is a BIG difference in measurements. Granted I can be hard to get them right sometimes, especially if the frock is of an awkward design or the material is stretchy. Just as well you are a dab hand at the old revamping my darling. I think you've done a grand ol' job with this one, it looks fabulous as a skirt.
    Lucky you getting that fabby faux-fur off Sarah, it was one of the ones that I suggested she'd keep, which just goes to show that you & me have very similar taste ;)
    Lot's of love,

  28. That coat is truly incredible. I couldn't possibly imagine parting with something so glorious! But I'm glad she did, as you have seriously taken it to a whole other level. I really love the soft pink against that graphic print.

    And of course those Melissas, I really desperately need to get my hands on some of those!

  29. wow what a great idea to make a skirt off this dress and I love the styling too! chic!

  30. lucky girl. this grey leopard spotted fur is so great. i love it. - and i love your new skirt.

  31. nothing happens without a reason...that dress looks far more bewitching as a skirt ;)


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