Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Search Me Quick!

When you spot that gap in the fence, sometimes you've just got to slip through it.
In my case it was super-cheap fares to Melbourne.
So last week, The Stylist and I had a rare treat and flew down to visit her brother, #1 Son, in our favourite city, get some fresh air and much-needed R&R.
To me, Melbourne music is fucking awesome GanG$tA ninja sound so we're listening to some filthy deep house. K?
Two excited chickies.  The wee one was nervous about flying, but we distracted ourselves with colouring-in and making stupid movies, which incidentally, sparked an idiotic trend to film ourselves loudly and shamelessly singing made-up operettas on the city streets.
Rather cathartic for both of us really.

Our hotel was in Chinatown and around the corner from #1 Son's office, so first stop was the best freakin' DUMPRING around, then a twilight tour of his favourite graffitied alleys and lane ways.
The Stylist and I were gob-smacked at the beauty and love artists have put into their work.
It's a shame we didn't have better cameras to record, in the dark, the best of the best.

Started the day with the best coffee I've ever tasted, made with both organic coffee and milk.
The lassie and I were headed for a tram tour of the city then the Miss Fisher Costume Exhibition at Ripponlea House.

We simply had to make a stop at The Windsor Hotel, where The Phoenix and I were married two years ago.

We weren't allowed to take pics of the spectacular 1920s dresses, suits, furs, coats, capes, hats and jewellery worn by that saucy wench, but we got to play dress-ups in the foyer.
The highlight of the day?
Meeting up with our dear friend, Miss Danni-Long-Legs - squeeeeeeeee!!

Ain't she a picture?
You may have noticed that I "lost" my original 1930s black lace gown.
That's because, although I reinforced the stitching before we left Brisneyland, I missed a side seam and the dress slowly became a cape over a two-hour period.
Luckily I was wearing my 1940s slip "dress" underneath.
Wardrobe malfunctions huh?
Totally fixable though.  No tearing, just old stitching to repair.

Miss Danni-Long-Legs took us to Chapel Street Bazaar, which was rammed with vintage temptations.
Although I didn't buy anything, Chesty Morgan's portraits were an eye-opener ... she made two films in 1974, Double Weapons and Double Agent.
All I could think of was "holy shit the back and shoulder pain, the poor woman!"

One selfie because The Stylist and I were slammed by a vomitting-flu bug.

The lass was well enough for Camberwell Markets ... yay!
My favourite markets ever.

She's a treasure-hunter at heart that one.

Woohoo ... super-bargainous SWAG for everyone!!

It was our final night before flying home so we crammed our bags with rare mags from Mag Nation, stocked up on sweets from the Sugar Station and flirted once more with The Stylist's stationery addiction (hello Kikki K, Typo, Smiggle).
Mama drank loads more coffee,then needed giant rabbit ears, Thai food and another graffiti fix.
Of course.

An early morning visit to the zoo, the first in The Stylist's memory.
Our final goodbye to #1 Son, then we staggered onto our plane.
Tired but happy bunnies.

Missed you darlings.
Desiree xxxxx

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