Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weeee It's Christmas Swap Time!!

I cannot believe I was able to wear this 1970s yellow nylon jumpsuit from soon-to-be-Aunty-again-Sarah Misfit, in the very humid 30 degrees we awoke to today.
I think it's because it's floaty and has gorgeously massive flares so it doesn't cling and create a sweat-fest.
You know, when you stand up after ten minutes of sitting and it looks like you've had a nasty accident down the backs of your legs?
Looks like I'll be able to squeeze several more wears out of this much-loved baby this summer after all:).  Yay!

Say hello to The Stylist's finger.

Hanging onto Penelope Pitstop for dear life because the driveway is at a 45-degree angle.
I've finally got my beloved little V6 coupe back on the road after two years of "it's a long story".
Also wearing:
DIY floral headband
Earrings: craft stall
Jewellery and brolly: thrifted
Stone & feather necklace: Original Seed
Bag: flea market
Sunnies: Melbourne
Shoes: eBay

 And THIS arrived in the mail today, my parcel from the amazing and creative Erica Louise of Recycled Fashion as part of Lakota's Christmas Charity Swap.
So excited!!

It's true!

 Everything including the gift wrap and lovely lace ribbon, was op-shopped (thrifted) except for the beautiful zipper hair clip which she made especially for me!!

 She found me this divine cotton kimono which I just HAD to wear immediately, so cool and I LOVE the colours!

A close-up of the hair clip, which has little leather leaves attached to it.  
Isn't she clever?

 I also got this beautiful paper fan which is going straight into my handbag, plus a pair of beautifully crafted and painted leather bangles.
I'm overjoyed at this point!

The fan is going into THIS fabulous 1970s shoulder bag (or around the neck bag) - so beautiful!

One more thing, Erica also made me this beautiful top from some thrifted tropical bird-print fabric - and made one for herself too - I love it!
It fits beautifully hon!!
Oh dear, I seem to have lost my pants.
Such a disgrace - weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

That's because this wicked swimsuit arrived from Black Milk today.
I'm not taking it off - ever - well, maybe tonight.

I put the jolly thing straight to work immediately - Docs are protection against bindhi's (nasty grass prickles) and are an aid to general housework-y fabulousness.

I wish I could have a cat - the neighbour's lovely wee slut will have to do for cuddles.
Remember how when we were kids we'd run around the house and garden all day in our swimsuits?
That's me today and probably for the next four months.
Let's see what the neighbours think about an overgrown child-mother dancing under the sprinkler with the kids this summer eh?  Hehe!
Happy days to you my lovelies:).
Love Desiree xo

Monday, November 28, 2011

She's A Super Freak!

Did you hear the one where some bogan (white trash) chick and her boyfriend didn't know where to look when I rounded the corner in the dreaded mall a couple of weeks ago?
They were so embarrassed the chick was heard to say "It's not my problem if people wanna dress like freaks."
I'm pretty sure she was referring to me but I thought I looked quite tame actually so they must have been slagging off each other.

Sure, my hair's a nightmare coz these were taken before I cut it.

But I mean, I had all the boxes ticked.
Banging DIY floral headband, the top half of a thrifted 1980s silk suit, Black Milk's New Slicks (which shall be known as The Gimp Pants), granny bag, hippy jewellery and VW wings.
And The Stylist's seal of approval (who snapped these before we set off).

Oh feck!  Now I know what I did wrong ... I didn't iron my top! 
Reminder to self: Don't wear anything that has been squished down at the bottom of the bed for a week.

Nah, must've been someone else the sloppy slag was referring to coz I felt Super Freakin'!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

For the Jilted Generation

I'm the trouble starter, punkin' instigator.
I'm the fear addicted, danger illustrated.

I'm a fire starter, twisted fire starter.
You're a fire starter, twisted fire starter.

I'm a fire starter, twisted fire starter.
You're the fire starter, twisted fire starter.

I'm the bitch you hated, filth infatuated.

Yeah I'm the pain you tasted, fell intoxicated.

I'm the self-inflicted, mind detonator.

I'm the fire starter, twisted fire starter.
You're the fire starter, twisted fire starter.

Keep those home fires burning hot chickies!!

Klimt-print swimsuit: gift from The Phoenix
1970s lurex trousers, wool fisherman's cap, white platforms, ostrich-skin bag: Camberwell Market, Melbourne
Marabou feather vest: Shag, Melbourne
Leopard bag: Dandelion Vintage
Green earrings: bead shop
All other jewellery: thrifted

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

La Dolce Vita

The sweet life begins one day at a time.
Vintage rose hats and cotton frocks are a good start to keeping life sugary cool in the summer heat.
Here's this morning's sweet-life outfit.

Oh noes there's spiky prickles in there!

This morning's sweet-life ensemble:
1950s cotton wiggle frock, 1950s hat, earrings: all Etsy
Sunnies, white beaded ring and 1950s lizard skin bag: Melbourne
Leopard-print bow tie: Hot Legs Helga
Fence net tights: eBay
VW Melissa mary janes: on sale via the delish Suzanne
Brolly, green velvet bag and bangles: thrifted

Afternoon delight outfit:
Time to cool off with The Stylist behind the lens.

The Stylist and I thought we were safe from prying eyes by sneaking into this alley-way.
It didn't work, the uproar over this get-up followed us wherever we went.
I thought it was a pretty tame outfit actually.

 This afternoon's sweet-life version:
Hat: Etsy
Top: Kmart
Bettlejuice leggings: Black Milk
Docs: retail pressie from me-to-me
Earrings, bangles and brolly: thrifted
1950s Lizard skin bag and vintage glass beads: Melbourne

Consider your fondo dolce (sweet arse) pinched.
Love Desiree xoxoxo
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