Sunday, August 21, 2011

You Have Five Minutes and Counting ...

I cannot believe I've not taken any photos of the two maxi skirts I have been wearing to death all winter.
Put it this way.
I'm in my dressing gown slurping down my first cuppa of the day, yelling at the kids, petting Pips the guinea pig, then realise I have to be somewhere in five minutes and I'm not even dressed.
But it only takes three minutes to go from this ...

to this ...
It all starts with a maxi skirt, then I quickly build from there.
The gorgeous Vix sent me the incredible silver lame skirt that makes me feel like a mermaid - yes hon, it gets worn a LOT:). 
Instant traffic-prang shiny glamour and I don't even have to make an effort to tart myself up. 

 The 1970s purple cotton shirt was my Nana's - check out the points on that collar!

The faux-fur jacket was a gift from my lovely Sarah Misfit, more glamour in a jiff.
No time for hair?  Get thee a scarf on thine tresses.
Makeup? Just red lippy and mascara.
Slip on metallic brogues and run like the wind!

This is another version of the same formula of maxi+top+jacket.
I snatched this skirt up like a wild thing at a market for $5.  
Didn't care if it didn't fit, lucky it does though, it gets worn to death.  
Again, mad colour = glam in a jiffy.

Double-up the t-shirts, grab the bag I used the day before, jacket ... run!  
I have my earrings and necklaces hanging close to my bedroom door so it's easy to snatch a handful and whip them on while I'm dashing out the front door.

Oh dear, bad hair day so I grab a scarf and tie it 1940s factory-girl style.
The reason why I haven't snapped these types of outfits off before?  Well, I'm in too much of a hurry!
You should see The Phoenix's face as he watches the 2-3 minute transformation - it never ceases to amaze him.
As you can see, maxi skirts have replaced my winter jeans and I can just keep on layering tights and leggings on really cold days. 


  1. Haha - loved this! The miracles mum's have to perform on a daily basis hey? That lame maxi skirt is amazing! And the 40's factory headscarf works a treat on you - great retro fabulous solution to a bad hair day.

  2. aww you look lovely. I love your brown Kelly bag and your first jacket is gorgeous and looks super cute on you. I love a denim jacket with a skirt its such a cool casuel look. I hope your well. Take care, dee xx

  3. Hooray for the maxi! Love the purple.

    Hehe, the resemblance of you and Pips and the picture (mother & child) on the wall is quite striking.

  4. Wonderful post =]

    It sort of reminds me of when I have 5 minutes to get ready for college. My formula is tights + docs + mini skirt + nerdy t-shirt =]

  5. I'm loving long skirts these days and that silver one is doozy! I love it! Quick and easy outfits are the best shame I can never actually decide what I wanna wear.

    E :)

  6. No wonder it only take soyu 5 minutes to get ready, as you look good in the mornings! I love that green bag of yours, and you rock a head scarf!

  7. I love how sunny your 'winter' is!

    The lamé skirt is beautiful, I have athing for lamé!

  8. I've been totally into maxis this winter too.

    I love both of these fab outfits. The fabric of that floral maxi rocks my world and I LOVE you in a do-rag!

    Mothers are freaks of nature - I honestly have no idea how you do everything, Wonderwoman!

    Sarah xxx

  9. I adore everything. You know by now, how I feel about skirts, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    You are a fairy!!

  10. You don't scrub up badly, Mrs! Mind you, you look pretty hot sans makeup anyway!
    I'm glad you like the mermaid skirt because you look like a total goddess in it (like everything else you put on your banging bod). xxxx

  11. I love the purple maxi, i love anything floral, so this is extra nice!


  12. To be honest I think you look fab in your nightie and marvellous dressing gown - you could go out in those ;) x

  13. I want a mermaid skirt!!! That is so pretty! I love the second outfit, too. Denim and pearls and purple- oh my! ^_^

  14. Three minutes! My dear, when is your book coming out?? You are a star.


  15. I love the cute owl on your shelf!

    You are lightning fast when it comes to getting ready. I spend most of my getting ready time taming my hair!

    I love the metallic shiny maxi skirt that Vix gifted you.. it's so pretty!

    The black t-shirt/netty arms combo is a winner in my books!

    Loving morning you in your dressing gown! xxx

  16. That silver skirt is awesome! Love the before picture the best though:). Aww, and pips is so cute:>!

  17. Even your dishabille is glam!!!

    You must watch the Liberty scarf tutes

    .. the french lady who demonstrates is just divine.

    I so do love headwraps (even if I did spend 3 months with a permanent one hiding an unfortunate hair-do once).

    The faux-fur is faint-makingly good.

  18. Blimey, I wish I could get ready that first and look that good in three minutes!

  19. Darl,YOU never cease to amaze me!!!
    You are too inspirational for WORDS! Justdry humpy grunts are all I can emit in my lustful frenzy for you!!!
    o,even in your dressing gown you give me the horn!!!

  20. LOL I wish I could do my thing in 3-5 minutes! You look your truly awesome self!!! Hugs! ~Serene

  21. Do you know that I adore guinea pigs! Thanks for introducing us to Pips. I think my favorite picture is the first one, honest! I went thru the same the other day thinking it was only 8 when it was 9 in the morning. Got to work with just a few minutes to spare!


  22. Dearest Desiree,
    You can get ready in three minutes? And still manage to look that amazing...WOW times a million!
    Alas that is a feat I've never been able to master myself.
    I usually end up with my top back to front & inside out or yesterdays knickers falling out of the trouser leg whilst I'm running down the road (that actually happen once I kid you not).
    I'm totally zombified first thing, definitely never been a morning person and if I have to hurry things just go Pete Tong.
    I suppose I should do what you & Vix do and have a few failsafe outfits at hand but I'm not sure that would help, cause sometimes hormones play a big part in how long it takes for me to get ready in the morning. If I'm having a pesky water retention day, then as a rule I have to try on several different outfits before I come across one that feels even remotely comfortable...those are the days you just want to call your boss & say "sorry I'm not coming in today, my knicker elastic is digging in and I need to stay in bed with a furry hot water bottle resting on my belly, byeee".
    Love both your maxis & your fabulous robe, it looks super comfy.
    Hope you'vr had a fine ol' weekend!
    Lot's of love,

  23. Oh, I love the photo at the breakfast table and the fabulous chenille robe.

  24. My goodness I would never be able to look that good in 3 minutes! The only way I may be able to is with a Halloween mask. *lol*
    You are a babe Des! Even with no makeup at all.

    P.s. Pips is so cute

  25. Isn't it who wonderful to have so many ladies who love you so much to send gifties!
    I feel so bad that I can't do it as my funds are so poor as of late, but I am so happy to have what i do !
    Especially friends like you!

  26. I love those maxi skirts, you absolutely rock them)Also - really great touch with a head scarf <3

  27. Desiree,
    I adore you in your elegant dressing gown. you can get ready that quick, you look great. maxi skirts love you! adorar how you wear a doo rag amor.

  28. I keep forgetting it's winter out there what with the lack of snow and ice and horribleness, haha... I love a good maxi and some layers to keep warm in winter though, it's how I get through the winters here in Canada. Pants? Psh, who needs 'em!

    I really love that faux fur coat. I kinda want one but don't know if I'd have to balls to pull it off.

  29. Ha ha you look great even in your dressing gown! And your guinea is so cute! I love that first skirt, lovely gunmetal colour :)

  30. I have one black maxi that I have worn with EVERYTHING this winter! they also hide hairy winter legs! ;)


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