Tuesday, May 29, 2012

She's All Woman!!!!!

I can honestly say Helga is real.
Yes REAL I say!
From her gorgeous topknot to her delicate tippy-toes and all the firm, rumptious bits in between.
I cried when I first held her in my arms.
"You're real, you're real!" I screeched repeatedly.

Yep, real.

And she really made this amazing halter frock out of a curtain with her own fair hands!

Darling Kitty picked up our fair Queen from the airport and we met for screeching, crying and  a nosh-up at Kitty's lovely cottage.

Helga arrived with wee gifts for Kitty and I, including a lovely little parcel from the darling V of Two Squirrels Vintage ... pics to come.

I had to get a shot of Helga's glorious Art Nouveau-style back tattoo, which I've admired for oh so long!

I had a 70s cotton frock for the Queen and then it was time for some frolicking dress-ups.

The 50s plastic earrings reminded me of fig leaves.
So what does one do with fig leaves, but wear them!
We were all in agreement of course.

Kitty gifted our Queen with a stack of glorious frocks, thereby doubling her weekend wardrobe.

All for the price of a bite on the arse.

Kitty took delivery of a beautiful 1950s duchess satin evening gown while we were there ... so beautiful!

Then it was off to Paddington for its oppy hunting grounds and much nipple tweaking.

Kitty demonstrates the super quality of this thick cotton 70s suit ... covet away.

A lovely burgundy 60s nylon nightgown, it was a bit over-priced for an oppy, but I could really see Helga rocking this saucy number.
Alas, after trawling the Paddington Antique Centre and stopping for coffee and non-stop chat, our time was up and Helga was on to the next chapter of her weekend.
I feel like I've known Helga for years now that I've met her and the three of us had the most thoroughly wonderful love-in.
Thank you Kitty and Helga for a day I will never forget!
Catch up on Kitty and Helga's wonderful posts and more memories to treasure forever:).
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Guess I Shoulda Known By the Way You Parked your Car Sideways It Wouldn't Last

Aaaaaaaaaand three more sleeps to go before Circus von Trollop comes to town!
I've ramped up my circus boot camp routine as I'm sure Friday is going to be one hell of an exhausting show!

Miss Camel-Toe is supervising my limbering up routine, we have some wonderful adventures together and she's always whispering to me "go for it baby!" if I'm in any doubt about an outfit.
I have no doubts about the practicality of this get-up in working up a moist sweat for Friday.

I was only just discussing with darling Sarah Misfit today that  a wise woman said, "OK well you think I look crazy then fuck you".
See?  Simple.  And it gets easier with age ... I would HATE to be 20 years younger. 
Yeah, I can hear the snorts of disbelief, but I mean REALLY, it gets easier with age to just listen to your heart and wear what you love!

Another pair of super-comfy velvet stretchy hot pants from the darling Jayne's Etsy shop, BOODWAH.
Perfect for limbering up for Friday's Helgita and Kitty hi-jinks!

Oh it's all so very exhausting.
Have you been busy making any super stuff in the past week?
If so, it's show-and-tell time at Lakota's Tah-Dah Tuesday!

More evidence of a blissful weekend spent making new headbands ... this wee darling is heading for the shop.
She's called Little Fluffy Clouds and I've branched out into using peonies, one of my favourite flowers.

Velvet hotpants - BOODWAH
T-shirt - Ms Mink
Tights - Sock Dreams
Shoes - Camberwell Market, Melbourne
Headband - in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Silver Streak mineral eyeshadow - CALLA Cosmetics

Here's my lame attempt to do a bridge pose in heels.

The Stylist demonstrates how it's supposed to be done.  
In heels.
Her outfit + 'tude = LOVE!!!
Big hugs,
Desiree xo

Monday, May 21, 2012

Roll Up the Circus is Coming to Town!

Yes folks, Circus von Trollop will be making a flying visit to Brisneyland this Friday and I'm in quite a tizz!
I'm working out my routine in suitable circus gear, practising my arse-squeezes and generally getting myself in a right lather.
Oooh errr as the Goddess Helga would say!

The fabulously tacky prosti leotard is a homemade job I picked up at Aid for the Blind for five bucks.
Isn't she heavenly?  
I'm sure Helga would love a performance in this wee number.

Oh dear, my circus girl earrings are hiding, she's not quite ready for her turn on the tightrope.

 I got very busy making headbands over the weekend, I think the glue went to my head as I really went nuts with this new number I've named Heading for Madagascar.
If you're gunning for some cannon ball circus action, I'm pretty sure this will blow quite a few fuses!

 Number Three Son plays the ringmaster for the evening.

 Leotard - thrifted
Purple and pink fence net layered tights - Sock Dreams
Midas silver glitter shoes - flea market
Headband - now available from my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Circus girl earrings - Etsy
Happy Monday one and all!!
Desiree xoxo

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fundamentals of a Frockin' Fabulous Friday

Firstly, get yourself someone very cute and snappy like The Stylist to click off some scrummy pics.

Find a fabulous location, let's say, a sunny boat harbour.

 Feel the awesomeness of Frock on a Friday and just get your kit on baby.

  Focus on rockin' that fur.

 1930s evening frock and 1940s fur - eBay
Headband - handmade, more in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Earrings - Etsy
Rings - gifted and thrifted
Bangles - thrifted
Melissa shoes - Amazon

Frolick with a fine bunch of glammed-up fillies.

 Flirt outrageously with the biggest camera lens in sight and put your best foot forward.

 Any questions?
The photo session was snapped this afternoon for a fundraiser I've been invited to speak at in two weeks.
Apparently some people might be interested in hearing about my take on vintage and personal style, in addition to dinner and a night of entertainment including a fashion parade (not me this time).
Meanwhile, next Friday will be extra special as Kitty and I get to fondle, arse-squeeze and generally get very excited about seeing the extraordinarily fabulous Helga, who is spending a day in Bris Vegas!!!!!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!
Thank you for your get well wishes, I'm dying to visit you all, I miss you!!
Molti baci and arse-squeezes all round,
Desiree xoxo

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