Monday, April 30, 2012

Fry an Egg on My Arse!

I've had a fabulous day with The Phoenix.
We don't get many days when we are both able to be happy idiots, tell each other stupid stories, laugh our heads off and fill the house with some roaring bass.
Opportunities for such funnage are rare.
The time flew, hours whisked by and before long it was time to collect the little people to join in the fun.
I flung on these flippin' gorgeous new stretchy velvet hot pants that arrived today from Jayne's spectacular Etsy shop, Boodwah.

 No time for make up, just a bit of lippy.

 Oooooooh ... norty hot pants.
But are they?

I wear leggings on their own, but layering them with hot pants is risqué?
Hmmmmm ... I love these sartorial dilemmas.
I love messing with the rules ... I love creating optical illusions with my outfits.
I had people gasping at my apparent disgracefulness, yet Number Three Son (who's only 11) said "they don't know anything about self-expression" (yes, he said it for real!!) and The Stylist (age 9) agreed and said "they don't like people to be different."
Can you believe the wisdom of these precious children?

Leather jacket - Frankie and the Fox half-price sale
T-shirt - Invercargill, NZ (the film is about my grand-daddy, Burt Munro:)
Leggings - Black Milk
Headband - similar ones in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Patent leather Docs - retail

Funnage continues into the evening after The Phoenix and I were treated to burritos made by those inspiring small people.

Don't let anyone pop your bubble my lovelies!
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Anytime is Pyjama Party Time

I have no idea what planet I was on when I missed Rags in the Machine's pyjama party.
But it's never too late ... so I thought I'd show you a pair of jim-jams I think I scored off Etsy quite some time ago.
They're 1930s silk pyjamas, but honestly, who am I kidding?
I could never wear these slippery, silky-soft lovelies to bed.

The black and white photo on the shelf is Number One Son and I, taken when he was four and I was 25.  I used to dye my hair Cherry Red back then and I would have to re-do it every 10 washes.

It ain't my pussy but it still likes a stroke before bedtime.
Say your prayers kitty-kat!

You might spot the odd bit of glitter on my face from using the same brush as the other day when I saw the light and got glitterfied.

Yes, I've flossed and brushed, but I'm not taking off my make up or 1950s cocktail hat coz I need to distract you from my enormous feet - fluro orange nail polish notwithstanding.

A close up of the beautiful embroidery work and oooh a bit of chola prosti peek-a-boo!

Well, here's the first lace headband in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
I had so many positive comments about them from my last post, I've decided to share the lurve!
Hope you're enjoying the last hours of the weekend my lovelies!
Desiree xoxo

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Leopard Changes Her Spots

I'm sitting here with The Stylist wrapped up in a quilt, sitting on my lap as I type this.
She's nearly as tall as me, but still so cuddly.
We went to see Mirror, Mirror on Sunday, a good excuse to stuff ourselves stupid on sushi afterwards.

I wore a "new" pair of 1970s black satin Super Flares from the gorgeous Jill's Etsy shop, Adeline's Attic Vintage.
They look a bit creased here but that's because I've just exited the cinema after sitting with my ankles around my neck.
Then eating like a queen.
Great way to spend a Sunday.

The Stylist got snap happy - thank you sweetie:)).

1970s leopard-print dressing gown, silver granny beads, 1970s sunnies, earrings - thrifted
Lace headband - handmade by moi
Bowie t-shirt - Ms Minx's shop
Patchwork bag - Two Squirrel's Vintage
Green velvet wedges - Nine West sale
Hologram "eye" pendant - Original Seed
Rings - Hornbag Helga

I've been searching for powered glitter eyeshadow with super staying power.
I found it in Calla Cosmetics' Etsy shop and once I discovered I wasn't limited to my first choice, silver, I went a wee bit mad over this mineral powder magic.
As you can see.
The tube is a light, sheer glue to smear over the desired glitterati areas, then I used a brush to dab on the magical fairy dust.
You can go as light or heavy-handed as you like.
I'm afraid I don't know what light-handed means.

Sequin beret - thrifted
1950s wiggle frock - Etsy
Melissa shoes - shopped by darling Suzanne

I just HAD to wear my new eyeshadow to take The Stylist to ballet tonight
Then while Number Three Son was flinging himself around the dance floor at the school disco, it was a quick change then off for more gorging.
Tonight it was Greek platters of heaven at Char Char in West End.

 1960s crochet bag, 1970s lurex top, green heart ring - thrifted
Lace headband - handmade by me
Earrings and more rings - Baroness von Trollop
Reptilian leggings - Black Milk
Same-same shoes

 The face of culinary happiness.

 Focus people - this is to demonstrate the longevity of the glitter after five hours of wear.

Mrs Smarty-Pants feeling smug, full, happy ... and glittered.
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sisterhood of the Teleporting Pants

I've given up on autumn ever arriving.
Brisbane had a couple of false starts but I'm afraid they were simply premature misfires of the meteorological kind.

When I spotted the spectacular Aminta absolutely killing a pair of velvet shorts a while ago, I decided it was still shorts weather and I simply needed more, more, more!
So I clicked on her link to the Boodwah Etsy shop and was teleported to Instant-Carni-Pleasure-Land.

The adorable Jayne of Boodwah whipped me up a special order of green bloomers with fancy-pantsy trim.
If winter ever arrives, I'll be wearing them over thick tights and leggings - yay!!

Cotton top, vintage bag, tribal earrings and necklaces, bangles - thrifted
Bloomers - Boodwah
Black Beauty headband - from my shop, Sassy Vamps!
VW Melissa Mary Janes - shopped by the lovely Suzanne
"D" scrabble ring - gifted by luscious Nelly
Pink skull bracelet - from booty gal, Krista
Glass "eye" bead bracelet - from my flower gal, Curtise
Leather bangle - swap gift from clever Erica Louise

Have you seen sweet Nelly's custom-made headband I made for her?
Yes, I do special orders, so if you need help deciding on a floral headpiece, let me know what you have in mind, or send me a pic of you and I'm sure we can make the magic happen!

This is my latest creation.
She's called Spellbound and she deserves such a name:).
A one-off headband made from very soft fabric tea roses, she's made with love and ... well, she's special.
You can snap her up in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Happy Monday:)
Desiree xo

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pack O' Three With a Feather-Light Tip Please!

Ever said that at the top of your voice in the chemist before?
Disgraceful?  Embarrassing?  Well, I have no problem with such social disgraces.
The double-takes and stares this outfit elicited today reminded me of the things we'd LIKE to say, wear, do ... but are too scared to.

This absolutely scrumptious frock was part of a super-dooper surprise parcel from the fecktacious Helga this week.
What an absolute darling!!!!!
The satin bodice has a sequin motif on it and attached are layers of the finest tulle I have ever groped, stroked and rolled around in.
It has two pink satin bows at the front and back to drape the tulle.

I simply had to wear it to drop The Stylist off at her ballet lesson - "You can't come in" - then went for a wee stroll through the oppys.

The gawping was pretty spectacular and I couldn't help thinking of the number of people who may have secretly yearned to wear a tutu-like frock in public.
Oh yes.
I KNOW you're out there!
Don't be shy, make mama proud.

 Notice my new bag?
It's from Two Squirrel's Etsy shop and I pounced on it quick-sharp.
I'm so glad I did because it's a Super Bag with its patchwork, gorgeous blue satin lining and a lucky penny!!
I was so touched by this, a war-time penny from my homeland:)).

In 1940, my Dad was in prison camp aged 18.

Scrummy rings from Helga, plus the earrings I'm wearing.

 Winged shoes are just the thing to take off in while wearing such a divine frock.

The white frock from Helga is completely and divinely see-through and look what those lovely Squirrels popped in as a pressie!
This gorgeous pink lacy slip!
A marriage made in heaven - two amazing bloggy mates who are in-real-life buddies - they are both wrapped around my body!!
Can you feel the lurrrrrrrve?

Vintage tulle and satin frock, earrings and rings - gifts from our darling Helga
Vintage patchwork bag and pink slip - from Two Squirrels Vintage 
1950s silk velvet cocktail hat - gifted by Sasha of Astral Boutique
VW Melissa Wing shoes - gift from The Phoenix
Blue and green glass beads - gifts from Miss Danni-Long-Legs
Pink star necklace and skull bracelet - gifted by hot booty gal, Krista
Bangles - thrifted
Lipstick - Revlon's Really Red
You have yourselves a banging weekend.
And don't forget to slip one on (or tie one on) for me, y'hear?
Big squeezy hugs,
Desiree xo
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