Monday, December 31, 2012

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Having a wee gander at the past year's posts, I'm humbled by the warmth, kindness, generosity, support and love from visitors to my blog.
I'm constantly amazed at the encouragement I get and feel so lucky to be part of an open-minded, welcoming community.
On countless occasions I've shed tears at comments and posts by fellow bloggers.
I may also have wee'd myself a little or a lot at the hilarity that often occurs in Blogland.

I rully love all of youse and if you'd like to do an about turn and stand to attention, I'm more than happy to give each of you a jolly good arse-squeeze.

Do take note of the snap fastener at my waist.
It kept popping open today because of course, I ate all the pies!
I decided it wasn't worth bothering about while out and about today because hell, I still felt fabulous.

Vintage petticoat - gifted by happy punter Helga von Trollop
Pink star necklace - gifted by gorgeous colour-coded slapper, Krista
Scrabble ring - gifted by lovely Nelly
Earrings and 1950s blue granny necklace - Etsy
Hindu goddess bag, cat brooch - craft market
Bangles, green rose brooch, other rings - thrifted
Shoes - eBay

Most of the shops were shut today, but the Salvos were open, where I satiated my need for a bargain splurge.

I found this gorgeous bead bag and immediately thought of Vintage Bird Girl who shares my lust for the colour GREEN!

I also found a cross-stitched linen tray mat and some gorgeous old ceramics.
The lemon vase has lost a petal and it's stem has broken off and been mended in the past, so clearly it was once much-loved; while the wee leaf dish is Carlton Ware (two bucks!)

Random pic of scallywag Lily, in a rare prone pose.

Have you been doing any post-Christmas shopping?
I'm feeling very smug about picking up a few bargains in Nelly's shop, Vintage Wishes.
The Stylist quickly snaffled this beautiful 1960s cotton quilt I bought from Nelly's treasure emporium.

I picked up these gorgeous 1970s kitsch cushion covers for our lounge ... 

... and this pair of scrumptious harlequin chicky-babes.

Lily can't be bothered getting out of my bag to wish you well, but I say Happy New Year to you my dears!
Oh and while you're still in holiday-mode, have a peek at the latest Vogoff magazine, the creation of Melanie at Bag and a Beret.

Love Desiree xoxo

Friday, December 28, 2012

Who Ate All the Pies?

Blame Debbie Harry.
I'm sure eyeing her off with Batman popping out of her chest made me hungry. 
She was responsible for my actions on Christmas Eve and the next few days, when I ploughed through three dozen fruit mince pies.
It had nothing to do with the fact The Phoenix spend Christmas Eve in hospital.
No effect at all on my episode of nerve-charged gluttony.
Nah, no way.

The drama had nothing to do with my jittery last-minute splurge on beautiful hand-crafted cushions from a local craft and retro wonderland.

Or spending the day prancing around the neighbourhood in new-arrival vintage underwear.

Or stealing desperately-needed hugs from our new family member Lily, baby to new mama, The Stylist.

Snaffling up INCREDIBLE handmade cushion from Recycled by Wendy sold at Creative Treasures on Christmas Eve actually did take the edge off a tad.
Debbie joined her new friends, which I have named Elegant Ladies A-Teetering and Nana's Best Linen Gets the Chop.

Floral headband - more at Sassy Vamps!
1930s deadstock satin bra and Edwardian cotton petticoat - Morag's gorgeous Etsy shop, Auvergne Memories
Sunnies - Etsy
Bangles - thrifted
Vintage jet bead necklace - Dandelion Vintage
Oval-shaped vintage brooch - gifted by my beautiful sister, Mere
Pin-up girl brooch - gifted by the goddess Sarah Misfit
Silver necklace - gifted her holy hotness, Helga
Green zipper brooch, Hindu goddess bag, Day of the Dead necklace - Creative Treasures
Earrings and green necklace - craft markets
VW Melissa Wings - Amazon

Number One Son flew in from Melbourne just as it was all action stations and the ambos were carting The Phoenix off.
The last thing he was worried about was being seen with his mama wearing her underwear on the outside so he could grab a couple of last-minute gifts.
Dear of him.

Lily helps The Stylist with essential hair-dyeing, tattooing and nail polishing duties.

Then she flops out with her happy wee mama on a silk cushion - naturally it's the best spot on the bed.

Setting up a cage for # Three Son's much-longed for Christmas gift, a budgie named Leon.

"So this is a playpen for me right?"

The wee lassie dishes up a dusk Christmas dinner wearing a cute vintage apron I found as a last-minute stocking-filler in a local op shop.
The bulk of our gifts were second-hand treasures or handmade by talented artists and crafters.
I was so impressed that the family are starting to follow my example and seek out amusing, meaningful gifts that don't cost a fortune.

I'm also impressed no one turned their noses up at my extremely simple home-cooked meal.
It was healthy, tasty and put smiles on the faces I love.
That's all that matters.
It was all I could manage anyway and that was after a three-hour kip BEFORE cooking started!
Christmas can be awesome or it can be shite, but it can be awesome if everyone understands it's time together and can be a day of respite for those who are struggling.

The Stylist spotted me gushing over this fabric a while ago, found it in cushion-form at the West End market and bought it for me as one of my Christmas presents - I love it!

The Phoenix blew my mind with these two sets of Pre-Code movies.
That's 11 nights of vintage raunch taken care of!
I'm hoping to do a bit of catching up on blogs during the next couple of weeks, I just want you to know I love y'all **sniff**.
It may take a while, but it's not coz I don't care.

Baci milioni,
Desiree xoxo

Monday, December 10, 2012

Back to Wonderland

I'm sending you warm kisses for your loving support of my post about overcoming body-part hatred.
Thank you so much for your kind words and messages, as I wrote in my post, it's taken me more than 20 years to reach this frame of mind.
Some wrote that what I showed was not so bad, which is true, but watching my tum develop multiple thick purple welts from a tender age felt rather traumatic at the time.
I didn't know it would happen and I had no idea if or how long the marks would take to fade.
Nothing prepared me for what my torso would like post-pregnancy so hopefully I've done at least one woman a favour by showing a "post-babies" belly.
Thank you wenches!

Friday was the last day of school for the kids and The Stylist had her ballet break-up party that evening.
We ended up delivering flowers to her teacher, Miss Sandra, then going straight home as the wee petal has had way too much excitement and was exhausted from all the end-of-school-year activities.
Gosh they really do wear them out at school at this time of year, not only is it really hot, but they have countless performances and do's to attend, plus it's Christmas!

This mama stayed cool.
Floral headband - DIY, more in my shop Sassy Vamps!
1950s cotton bolero - Etsy
Swimsuit - Black Milk half-price sale
Skirt - DIY
Doc Marten's - retail
Garter-as-bracelet, bag, bracelets, bag, necklaces - thrifted and gifted.

I've used up my entire fabric stash for my patchwork curtain project, which I'm very, very happy about.
Using up all those pieces of fabric I've been hoarding for ages (some for 20 years!) to inject more colour into our home, feels wonderful.
I went in search for more scraps and found treasure!
Vintage sheets, pillowcases and a tablecloth.

Never fear, the beautiful cotton tablecloth will never see my shears, it's going straight onto the kitchen table.

The Noddy sheet is very faded and has rust spots so I'm not worried about using it for patch working, but I was pretty nervous about cutting into the ballerina and purple floral cotton sheets.
The Stylist suggested that since we'd bought a pair of each, we could keep one of each intact and use the other for patchwork.
Yeah I know, duh! I think I need to change my meds.
I'll keep the remainder for other precious DIY projects - the sight of a ballerina as bag-lining, and a purple floral patch-pocket or two are bound to bring on a smile.

I found this print on hardboard, a beautiful wee laddie by Monet.
He'll be making sure the dancing couple don't scratch the grafofoni records.
The mink cape was a gift from my darling Kitty of Kitty's Vintage Kitsch.

I found this linen tray mat and love the home-making tips.

I've been eating nasturtium flowers since I was a wee one.
I was one of those kids for whom poison books were written - I was always eating everything that grew outside.
To this day I can't walk past the local plant shop without harvesting the begonia flowers for a snack, much to the horror of my kids.

I wonder if anyone has ever died after following instructions on a tea towel?

Everything in my favourite op shop, Aid for the Blind, was half price!
I grabbed the sugar bowl, heavy teapot, trays and cotton embroidered bag for a song. 

Oh let's do that Monday morning happy dance again shall we?

Desiree xo
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