Friday, December 31, 2010

Flowers, Dots and What-Nots

I'm getting to a new stage in collecting old clothing.
I'm forgetting where I've picked up many of my second-hand bits and pieces.
It's a bit sad really as so much of the pleasure in wearing something I love is remembering where I got it from, recalling the thrill of pouncing on a treasure, the delight in finding out it fits and then giving it some playtime with its new wardrobe pals.
I made the navy, spotted skirt recently but I can't for the life of me remember where I got the white, 1970s, Mexican-style, embroidered top or the 1970s tooled leather handbag with the chunky buckle.
So annoying.

But I'll never forget finding the boots.
They're tricky to snap using Photo Booth but I've given it my best shot.

My god, they're straight out of the late 1970s!

They're fully lined in a gorgeous black and white cotton paisley.

I was at my local shoe repairer called The Shoe Hospital earlier this year, an incredibly charming old-school repair shop straight out of the 1940s.
It's a bit gloomy and a little dusty and has ancient, wrap-around glass and wooden counters, old signage and Brad the repairer/shoe-maker, a young guy who will tell you honestly whether your shoes are repairable or a lost cause (goodbye ruined black platforms!).
I digress.
I spotted these darlings in the window with other pairs of boots and old shoes lovingly restored by Brad and up for grabs!
They fit my size 10 giant canoe feet - thank you god!
Twenty-five bucks later, they were mine, all mine.
The brown and black leather seems to be woven into a zigzag pattern and they fit perfectly around the ankles.
They're labelled "Zerep - Made in Spain".
I seem to get more wear out of them in the summer months as the cotton lining is cool and I love the look of these boots with shorter skirts and dress.
They want to be seen, not covered up with winter trousers and maxi skirts.

This was taken before stepping out the door to run a stack of pre-New Year errands today.
(Little one reading patiently in the background there).

The hat seems to be either Indian or Middle Eastern - navy velvet with gold cord embroidery and mirrors.
It cost $1.
I wear it constantly.

As for the other details, I piled on metal bangles, rings, a yellow bead and seed African necklace plus an 1950s orange glass bead necklace and shocking blue feather earrings.

The bag has been screaming to be used - isn't it lovely?
It's really sturdy and I love the strap length, the tooling and metal wear.

So much colour with which to greet the New Year - goodbye 2010 you rotten old bugger, hello 2011 you minx!! 
I wish you a year of wonder and excitement all you gorgeous creatures.
Desiree xoxo

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Kiss

When I was about 12 and lived in Fiji with my parents, we sometimes passed ourselves off as tourists and crashed a resort for a swim, while actually holidaying up the road in a beach cabin.
I loved to witness the glamour of what I considered the "jet-set" crowd in their brand spanking new swimsuits, bikinis and resort-wear.
It astounded me that women (and men) could buy a whole new wardrobe for a two-week holiday, including swishy, sarong-style dresses and sky-high, strappy, metallic stilettos. 
I'd watch as women balanced and wiggled down the gangplank of a huge, hulking boat, wearing skin-tight, white, hotpants, sunburnt and giggly after day out spent deep-sea fishing - or something;).
I once watched agog as a gorgeous, blond, Aussie model and her stylist got the creases out of a silk dress using the pool loo hand-dryer.
She later posed in a gold - yes, gold - one-piece cut high on the hip, balancing in stilettos on jagged rocks, with hair flying in the sunset.
It all seemed so incredibly glamourous at that age, yet I was happy to return to our hut and the coral sand beach, where it was peaceful, had no drunks, and held a true representation of Fiji's residents.
I've always wondered if I'd ever be one of those women who wear heels with a swimsuit.
I gave it a try with a Black Milk swimsuit that the Phoenix gave me last week as an early Christmas present.

I think I'll be wearing it with these 1970s shorts I bought at a vintage stall a few years ago and white leather wedges.

I added a bit of colour with one of my favourite scarves, a thrifted, silk, Liberty of London number, a necklace thrifted last week for $3, and 1950s lucite bangles.

Of course, the print on the swimsuit is the famous V-J Day in Times Square snapped by Alfred Eisenstaedt in 1945.

No, I don't think I'll be tottering around any pools in my favourite heels at any time in the near future.
It's fun to watch other people do so, but I think it's best left to Vogue and Cosmo to do it justice.
I do love playing on the romance of the look of a bit of 1940s pool-side glamour though;).

Sunday, December 12, 2010

So Long and Good Luck Wardrobe Refashion

Well hello there you gorgeous creatures.  
Did you miss me?
I think I missed you more.
I've held out for three weeks, but I can't stand it any longer and want to say hi to you all so it might be via vlog for a while - that is, until I have a camera that works.
This vlog posting is inspired by Wardrobe Refashion's imminent closure - I wanted to say thanks to its founder, Nicky from Melbourne.
Here 'tis you beauties.
Desiree xoxo

A video thank you to Wardrobe Refashion from Desiree on Vimeo.

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