Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Santa Gave Me Perfect Skin

Well we've unwrapped our presents, the children are having a swim and lunch with their father's family, #1 Son has gone for a drive and I'm having a break with hubby before cooking a simple Christmas dinner for this evening.
It's about 34 degrees, rather humid and way too hot to eat yet.
Happy Christmas dear readers!

These pics were taken last night on Christmas Eve while #1 Son, up from Melbourne, was cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
The house was tidy (past tense), we all looked fairly reasonable and happy to be all under the same roof.
Oh and Santa came early and gifted me perfect skin.

Actually that's a damn lie.
I suffer from adult acne, insects destroy the skin on my feet and ankles in summer and I'm prone to nervous scratching and picking.
I always import my camera pics into Aperture, crop them, retouch a couple of scabs (!!) and that's it ... I don't have Photoshop and I hate fake skin-smoothing shite in blog pics.
But for some reason, Aperture "knows" I need LOADS of touch-up so it does it for me without asking.
Ugh!!  Think I'll go back to iPhoto for more "honest" photographs.

Real-fake tree.

After admiring Emma's beautiful Christmas tree, I decided that next year's tree will be more playful and off-the-wall.
There's nothing grown up about Christmas is there so why get all serious when it comes to decorating?
Here are a few shots of ours this year, with some of the handmade decorations ... I love the ones the kids have made at school, they're my favourites.

Tah-dah, a pic of (L-R) #2 Son (16), The Stylist (11) and #3 Son(12).

Our perfect skin.

No fake skin applied here.

Don't ask, I have no answer.  
But I think we're looking very happy.

"Oh god will you just TAKE the photo?"

The Stylist has been using the school holidays as an opportunity to dip-dye her hair ends.
I wish you a wonderful Christmas ... relax, go with the flow and try not to stress.
Big hugs and kisses to you all!
Desiree xoxox

Friday, December 13, 2013

How Soon Is Now?

Do you know what's really great about decluttering?
Aside from the obvious benefits of sorting through shite to separate things into "keep" and "biff" piles, one finds much-loved treasures.
I rediscovered this butter-soft leather vest, weird petti-skirt thingy and gorgeous sparkly blue belt.
In fact, everything I'm wearing here, including the bag, was taking a break from the public eye.

These things weren't hidden away, just resting, waiting for me to re-visit them.
The belt was a gift from Clare of Miss Simmonds Says.
I've worn it more often in the past year, than any belt I've ever owned.  
I have a small collection of belts, but they're slowly ending up in The Stylist's wardrobe as I find them uncomfortable to wear ... except for this sparkly sequinned number.
Oh by the way, don't worry, The Stylist is getting her fair share of bits and pieces put away for her during this period of clothes sorting ... probably not for long, she's getting very tall!

Leather vest, Amy Winehouse rosary - Etsy
Earrings - Bones Couture
Rubber bracelets - DIY from The Stylist
Skirt, bag, granny beads, bangle - op shops
1950s hat - gift from Nelly of Vintage Wishes
Shoes - second hand market
Bodysuit - retail sale

Gosh look at all that wonky cropping!  I'm linking up to Citizen's Shoe Shine today.
Our tree is finally up and surprise, surprise, no presents are wrapped.  
What are you up to this weekend?
Baci, D xoxo

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Was Born on a Pirate Ship

All aboard hoarders!
Oh that's me.
I've been forced to take a long, hard look at my shopping habits of the past several years as we are moving house soon.
Confronted with racks of my vintage goodies, those very same long-coveted and much-loved purchases have created a dilemma.
As someone who dresses on a whim, how can I keep all the fab stuff and have a "capsule" wardrobe?
Well I think we all know that never the Twain shall meet, so I've given myself a stern talking to and started decluttering my wardrobe.
How do I pick what stays and what goes?

Brutal honesty.
I ask myself, have I ever worn this?  Does it fit?  Does it make me feel awesome?  Is it special?  Do I need five or can I live with just one?
My 1930s and 40s nightie and knicker collection absolutely does not qualify for culling.  
Or my tutus ... I have my limits.
Otherwise, local op shops and eBay have been getting a steady stream of clothing, linen, books and crockery which although I may like or even love, I know it's time to let go for someone else to love.
I feel I'm able to work through this project without giving up my need to be surrounded by interesting, colourful things, in favour of living with less shite and clutter.
It's a long, hard road, but I'm starting to feel lighter inside.

Consequently, I'm not buying any new clothes.
I haven't made a pact with myself, it just doesn't feel right to be adding to the pile of shite while I'm trying to declutter.
The Goodwill Fangirl has discussed the possibility of not shopping at all.
She's planning on giving up shopping for clothes for a year, which means no new or second-hand shopping.
If she goes ahead with it, I'm looking forward to following her progress.
Vintage Vixen regularly culls her delicious Aladdin's cave of a wardrobe with her one-in, two-out rule.
Now there's some seriously steely determination right there as she has a to-die-for collection.

Coffee with The Stylist today.
1950s cotton bed jacket - Etsy
1970s leopard-print flares - eBay
Bodysuit - retail
Silver choker - gift from hornacious Helga
African necklace - op shop
Camera and skull necklaces - second hand market

This frock is an absolute keeper.
It rolled up last week in a parcel of joy from delicious Suzanne of Idee Fixe.
It's very much a 1930s style, but made from an incredible soft and swishy 70s jersey fabric.
The 30s were big in the 70s.  A combination of my two favourite fashion decades. Swoon!

Turban - gift from Nelly of Vintage Wishes
Pearly brooch - another gift from Helga
Necklaces and handbag - op shops
Scarf around wrist - gift from lovely Krista
Jeffrey Campbell shoes - Solestruck sale

It's warming up here in Brisbane with steamy summer days and lovely storms.
I hope my US readers are able to stay cozy indoors during the blizzards and snow.
Desiree xo

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Are You A Christmas Tree?

It wasn't my intention to look like a Christmas decoration today.
My hands were drawn to certain items of clothing, which needed to be on my body.
If that means wearing a metallic rainbow skirt and arty-farty swimsuit, well I'm fine with that.
What I'm not fine with is food prices this Christmas.

Skirt, bag and jewellery - second hand and craft stalls
Flamingo earrings - Vintage Pip
Klimt swimsuit - Black Milk
Shoes - Melissa sale

It's a goddam disgrace what supermarkets and independent food stores are charging for in-season fruit and vegetables now we're just a couple of weeks away from C-Day.
Summer fruit and veges are in abundance and should be cheap as chips.
If it was winter, I could understand the extra costs involved in transporting out-of-season goods in for the holidays.
But no, the greedy bastards want their money so they engage in what seems like theft to get their Christmas bonuses.
I wish I had a garden going so I could have melons, spuds, herbs, corn and salad vegetables on the go.
But as we only have a few weeks to go here before we have to move, there's not much point.
Our family is not in any way flush with cash and when we factor in multiple illnesses, it's a very tricky time of year.
So it's hard to feel all jolly and thrilled about the festive season, when there's not much left over from lining the pockets of supermarket chains.
(Ends rant).

The Stylist actually said I looked like a fruit today.
A Christmas fruit?
Oh and no, I don't make a habit of hovering about public loos.

What we do have is free sunshine, school holidays, long, balmy days, the scent of the ocean and clean air.

Over-plucked one eyebrow. ONE!!  And ran out of liquid liner ... grrrrr.
I'm still chuffed about these amazing earrings though, aren't they gorgeous?

Hooray for summer holidays!

Some wowser (boring git) re-painted the fab blue fence in town, white.
Oh well, I just stand out even more now.
Bah humbug!
Hugs, D xoxo

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Put Some Lead in Your Pencil

What makes my heart skip a beat?
Green: fresh, verdant, crisp, nature, clean, neutral, moody.
Peach: warm, soft, creamy, sweet, innocent, what-you-lookin'-at?
Shades of green and pinky-peach.
I'm obsessed.

Marina Fini titanium quartz pendant - giveaway from dear Daniel
Vintage pink glass necklace - gift from sweet Miss V of Two Squirrels
Black earrings - gift from lovely Miss A
Bangles, tassel necklace, vintage glass bead necklace - op shops
Rosary and pink spike cuff - retail

1930s satin bra, 1950s cocktail hat - Etsy
1970s lurex flares - Camberwell Market, Melbourne
Shoes - secondhand market
I'm also obsessed with these ...

My friend Pip has an online jewellery shop and she let me choose something as a pressie.
I'm completely NUTS about these pink flamingos ... thank you so much Pip!
You can find more insanely scrumptious goodies at Vintage Pip and she'll get them out to you quicker than you can say "tasteful lawn sculptures".

Stay saucy.
D. xoxo
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