Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Goodbye Bogan

According to the laws of nature, my family and I are mere visitors to our home and its generous garden.
The place really belongs to the likes of this guy, Bogan the lizard.
Turn a corner and you're likely to stumble into a Bogan-like creature, one of his big, ugly mates or a couple of huge blue-tongued lizards.
Bogan measures 50cm from nose to tail.
I know this because he's dead and I measured the once-gentle creature as we plan a suitable funeral for him.
I've never been a fan of reptiles but there's something about Bogan's knarled beauty that's melted my heart.
He was always good company when I was outside and his quiet presence made me more thoughtful about where I stomped my big honking feet.

Just around the corner, there's some scraggy tart sunning herself just like Bogan used to.
In her slip!

The 1940s navy slip gets a lot of wear; I thrifted the satin reversible jacket for $1 and the vintage sunnies were $2.  VW Melissa Lady Dragon shoes were $50 in the Melissa sample sale and the bag was about five quid from UK eBay.

If this is winter, then bugger summer!  Bogan would frequently keep one beady eye on me during outfit shots.

I hope Bogan has left some Baby Bogans behind to hatch this spring.

The screw-on earrings were a gift from Chris when I purchased a few lovely bits and pieces from her Etsy shop full of delicious vintage goodies.

Thrifted bangles; the Indian ring is from Chris's shop.

I just wanna give all my new followers a lovely arse-squeeze for popping over.
Thank you and you're welcome;)).


  1. Desiree--I bought my first slip cut on the bias this week. I lounged about in it all last evening and DH was very pleased. You deserve the credit for this!

  2. I'm sorry about the lizard, may he rest in peace. Vintage slips are goodness, but I have yet to find a place that sells them round here!

  3. Oh no, poor Bogan! Hope you get some more reptilian visitors. Loving your bangles today

  4. ~*Rip*~ Bogan

    Wow look at that necklace sparkle in the sun in your first pic! *So pretty*
    You look delightfully beautiful sexy D!

    These days I would be careful of the arse squeezin.. you may get a lawsuit on your hands for grabbin internet bottoms!! *SCANDELOUS* ;)

  5. Bogan is nearly as scrumptious as YOU!!! Phwoar! For fecks sake,can you just turn it down a sec?! No,hang on,I like it like this just fine.The mere thought of you squeeing my arse gives me tingles......

  6. RIP Bogan :(

    We just get slugs and snails in our garden...

  7. Oh D, I feel sad for Bogan. It's lovely to have a lizard in the yard chewing up the insects. Cheeky name though....

    You're looking as fabulous as ever x

  8. AND - meant to add, the bag is gorgeous!

  9. Poor old Bogan, I am fond of a lizard. He won't live on in accessory form then? I was a little suspicious when I saw that handbag you're carrying/

    You are polished and very far from scraggy. I on the other hand am still in my dressing gown and must try and scrabble together an outfit to take the boys into London later.

  10. R.I.P Bogan! By the looks of him, he must have been a very old lizard. You are looking fabulous as usual - I love the stack of bangles.

  11. Darling Bogan Funnily enough LLs dog Yobo had a son with Bogan as a name.
    What happened to your Bogan was it old age?
    least you could have a service for him.I think the weather we are having should just stay this way its ben perfect.
    Thanks for the arse squeeze its been awhile xx

  12. Aww, poor Bogan! Your beautiful ensemble is a lively tribute to your garden dwelling friend. LOVE those bangles!

  13. I love it all - especially the shoes, slip and bangle-rama! Also I am enjoying your hair a little longer than usual - it sure does grow quickly! You look beautiful, as always.

    A quick story: Years ago when I was living in Bardon I found a deceased baby Eastern Water Dragon on my back door step. I picked him up - he easily fit in one hand - and he winked at me! So I raced him to the vet (holding him in one hand all the while) and the vet said they'd see what they could do. They called me several hours later - the little bugger had been playing dead - and I had to return him to the yard by sunset as his mother would be looking for him. When I picked him up he was securely packaged in a taped up box (not a chance I could have held him in a hand!) - I took him home and he happily reunited with his mother. The End.

    RIP Bogan.

    Sarah xxx

  14. RIP Bogan.

    that navy slip is ace. I've actually never seen a vintage slip in a non-light colour!

  15. I used to wear vintage slips as dresses and then for some reason got modest- seeing you looking gorgeous in yours is inspiring me to take up the old habit. I will dedicate my outfit to you when I do! xo. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  16. I love me some arse squeeze and some lizards...so thanks! You look beautiful with that sunshine streaming down on you!

    Your VW shoe collection always makes me so envious!

  17. Hello Desiree! I am a new follower, and I thank you most kindly for the lovely arse squeeze! Love, love, love your blog and YOU! Oh, and rest in peace Bogan.

  18. Aw, bummer about the lizard. I wish I lived somewhere that had big ol' blue tongued lizards, or ones like these, hanging about.

  19. Poor Bogan - sorry for your loss! I await the funeral outfit though - love the colour of the slip and I love the pink Melissa shoes with it!

  20. Ahhh! Poor Bogan. What a shame.

    Oh Desiree I'm so sorry I haven't visited. I've been working and had no time.

    You look stunning as always. I love bias cut vintage slips and nightgowns. The bangles look fabulous. Hope you're good. Love, Christina xx

  21. I'm so sorry about Bogan, he looked like a lovely lizard! You look very lovely too.

  22. Dearest Desiree,
    Och, Bogan has gone to a better place I'm sure...a place full of nice warm rocks and perpetual sunshine and lots of scrummy insects & leafy greens to yum on.
    I love lizards, when we went on holiday earlier on this year I went absolutely bonkers everytime I spotted one...I think I've got about 300+ pics in my holiday pic folder and I only saw a handful ;)
    I wish I lived in a country with a more exotic fauna.
    You look fabbylicious as ever, that jacket is gorgeous and what a complete steal too ;)
    Lot's of love from a sweltering London,

  23. Aww, poor little guy. I love lizards :/. Lovely slip!

  24. I wish you could send him to my house
    I would put him with my garden snakes and other fun creatures in my yard that I love

  25. Love everything about this outfit:)

    My favorite reptile is a bearded dragon and Bogan looks like he belongs to that group of lizards. What a sweet friend to lose:(


  26. You look fabulous! I love your navy slip - I've been really into navy recently myself. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


    P.S. Sorry about your lizard. We have much smaller ones here.

  27. Poor Bogan, I'd do love reptiles, such wise old souls.
    I'm not new but you can give me an arse-squeeze anytime you like. Looking quite the lady in that divine and slinky slip and those freaking gorgeous arm candy. xxx

  28. Aww that its so cute, Brutus used to do the samthing when I took pictures at my Mamas house.You are killing me with your Melissa deliciousness, I love all your bangles.gorgeous jacket. lingerie slip is so sexy on ya. Thanks for lovley comments amor. I was laughing at your son dancing to Buddy's silly song.

  29. So sorry you lost Bogan :)
    I hope he left you babies, too ...
    I have been wearing more sips, and just found a neat pair of black shorts that are a slip with lace around the bottom. (skorts?)
    Anyhoo, it thanks to you that i have grown more fond of vintage slips!


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