Thursday, June 24, 2010

Finders keepers

I feel the need for a breath of fresh air in my creative life. Most of my inspiration comes from watching 1930s and 40s movies and period-era films and reading.
This weekend I'll be interested to see how Brisbane artists translate their passions, obsessions and dreams into wearable or useable, original artworks at the Finders Keepers market.

I'll gladly tackle a bit of fashion DIY when the inspiration strikes but how do these people maintain such high levels of creativity and enthusiasm?
Especially when many of these emerging designers and artists work alone at home through long, lonely nights and days to produce high-quality pieces that may or may not strike the right note with enthusiasts.

A wide variety of artists are promised to grace the halls of the Old Museum, among them are Ginny and Jude, whose Etsy store specialises in feather headpeices.

I need this breathtaking butterfly "mural" from Melbourne's Almond Tree Frames on the wall opposite my bed ... mind you, I don't need more reasons to keep me from getting up in the morning.

And isn't this cute?
See you there!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

You must be my Lucky Star!

I got my Black Milk Galaxy leggings a couple of days ago and yes they are super comfortable, yes the colours are like being in a planetarium and yes they are awesome!

Sorry about the fake staging, but I couldn't resist the lure of Galaxy leggings with fairy lights:).
The cape (I love the new Black Milk cape too) is a 1930s vintage, peach-coloured, hand-embroidered satin that I bought a couple of years ago. I hadn't styled it with an outfit before but it leapt out at me begging to be worn with the leggings!

I'm wearing: Vintage cape: eBay, tank: ASOS, leggings: Black Milk; harmonica necklace: Etsy, shoes: Forever 21; peacock earring and cuffs: markets.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm throwing everything out !!!

OK so I was doing a bit of a random search for leggings on BigCartel at two this morning. You know, as you do on a Saturday night.
And as you do at that crazy witching hour, I decided that I don't need to own 22 black dresses anymore.
Or black, drapey, asymmetrical tops and tunics.
Or plain-coloured leggings.
They ALL have to go.
Banished. Gone. BYE-BYE!!

Why? Because I found these ...

They're by the talented design-duo behind naKIMuli - an African-inspired range of go-get-'em clothing and accessories that could possibly cause a rise in single-vehicle car crash statistics this year, the range is so incredibly striking and HAWT!!!!!!

They have this to say about their range:

They describe their African Hologram Dress as "it's like an interview at the front and a rock concert at the back".
And yes it certainly is!
This skirt/dress isn't a new idea at all, but somehow these ladies just make their clothing look so fresh and best of all ... FUN!
What happened to fun?
It went here ...

Now part of me wants to just click on the top leggings and "Add to cart", but there's a little voice telling me that I might need to click on these too ...

Just to ease me into the transition you understand.
And these ...

Thank you naKIMuli for reminding me that life is short, so make the most of the vibrant colour that nature has gifted us all.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

To market, to market ...

I know, I know, I know I ranted about how slack the markets in Brisneyland are becoming but I'll never really give them up.
Today's Sunday markets were yet another disappointment so I guess I'll just have to wait for the Finders Keeper Markets on June 26-27.
I can't wait! It will be my first visit but they're the launchpad for many emerging, local designers.

Meanwhile, my vintage black silk kimono is just the thing for our climate - fantastic for layering and so incredibly comfortable!
I bought it from eBay a couple of weeks ago for $10 and it's so old that some of the purple and grey silk lining has torn with age. I remembered some beautiful aged-gold silk I'd hoarded away for a while - the result of a failed shirt refashion. I have started painstakingly hand-sewing the gold onto the lining to cover the rips - tiny stitches, but quite a meditative task.

So out came the kimono again today for the chilly Chandler Markets.

Oh yeah - and I changed my hair back to blonde. I've been a redhead since January and I felt I needed another change due to my super-short attention span - pathetic. I'm getting used to being blond again although pink still beckons - we'll see;).

What I'm wearing: Cheap Monday jeans, grey sheer top - Babooshka Boutique, tiger-print silk shirt - Pretty Much New, DIY leather fingerless gloves, various vintage brooches, 1950s sunglasses.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Leather leggings

This is my first outfit post with pix taken by my little Bellarina on our way to the Valley Markets last Saturday.
It's such a shame how so many of Brisbane's markets are becoming increasingly homogenised.

The reason why many people go to flea or people's markets is because they want to be suprised by some amazing finds that they never expected to discover.
Judging by the number of bloggers and thrifters, many feel the same way and I wonder if there's an overall sense of disappointment for bargain hunters these days.

I know however that many new designers find their feet and acquire a following of fans with humble beginnings at markets and I love that there is a way open to them.

But the mass-produced plastic crap, tacky tights, hideous hoodies and two-minute toys? I've had it with them!

Anyway, still getting used to the camera and I'm sure the quality will improve in time.
Here's what I'm wearing - the leather leggings are incredibly comfortable - wish I could afford another pair for when I wear these ones out!

Leather leggings: Black Market Baby on Etsy Vintage silk kimono, Dr Marten boots: eBay; printed silk blouse: thrifted; peacock earring and assorted bangles: thrifted.

Close-up of crown brooch and grey scarf both from Beadoire

Too many hats

A few weeks ago the Phoenix and I went to the Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones at Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art.
We arrived only 45 minutes or so before closing time so we had to rip through the incredible millinery exhibits - as you can see I'm looking a bit stressed about getting there on time!

We whipped through so fast that I felt like I was paying a poor tribute to the alter of British milliner's Stephen Jones'-led exhibition which included 'priceless' numbers, from mediaeval helmets, to Darth Vadar's mask, early Dior, Phillip Treacey and so much more!

Unfortunately we couldn't take pics of the exhibition:( - but we could take photos of the exhibition entrance.

We're returning this weekend with Lanky B in tow but I aim to return earlier in the day when we have more time ... and try on more hats in the tempting salon where you can purchase you own little piece of heaven to perch upon your head!

Well, my invisible cash and I were not parted that day, ... sigh, one day!

The exhibition runs until June 27.
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