Monday, January 30, 2012

Jump Around!

Birthday morning a week ago called for bed hair and brekkie in bed.
And awesome green earrings from The Stylist embellished with five-cent coins "just in case you run out of change".

Then the wee hen decorated the kitchen with my Black Milk collection, decorating one's house with clothing is ingenious!
It was so awesome to see Number One son and Danni-Long-Legs up from Melbourne.

I think The Stylist actually had the day in the palm of her hand ... she spent the day doing insane things with my hair and she and DLL turned into completely insane lunatics, while the lads spent the day flying a remote control helicopter around the house.
Hooray for burp-days!
Skirt and leggings - Black Milk
Black bracelet - Number Three Son
Pink skull bracelet - the beautiful Krista
Blue beads - Danni-Long-Legs
Tribal necklace - the amazing Aminta

Number One Son found one of my favourite CDs from the early 90s while taking a walk down memory lane, digging around in his storage boxes.

Robot dancing in Cardboard City.

Dress ups are essential birthday activities.

Then scouring local restaurants until we found the noisiest one around - mmmm ... Italiano!
So lovely to see Number One Son and DLL for the weekend:)).

Can you tell we're a wee bit chilly?

Number Three Son bought me this awesome black metal bracelet - I'm so happy he and The Stylist bit the bullet and thrifted all my presents!

So he gets to wolf down a yummy fresh pizza.

A few days later surprise birfday loot arrived from the goddess Vix!
A 1970s lurex top and AWESOME GREEN jumpsuit, cocktail rings, 1960s evening purse, Barry M nail paint in the very colour I've been looking for ... squeeeeeeeeee!

The card ... act natural - well yeah, that's just me right there innit?

The Stylist and I can smell a tug-o-love happening over this leather gorgeous-people-dancing wallet.

It's been bucketing down for a couple of weeks now, so the jumpsuit has been perfect in the cooler weather.
The Stylist caught me having a stretch.

Dodging the raindrops and racing out for some happy snaps on Saturday.

Wearing the nail polish and ring from Vix with a 1960s frock I bought from a market recently.

My latest headband creation, worn with a sweet little necklace also from Vix and kimono from Erica Louise in the christmas swap.

Look what turned up today!!
A pressie from the darling goddess Helga!
A gorgeous wee cape with silver lurex flowers and the most awesome brooches including one of my idol Frida!
I think I pee'd myself a little bit.

A compliment for you ... thank you so much for your gorgeously sweet birthday wishes ...
I recommend this as THE best way to get a jump start on your week:)).
You are so welcome!
Desiree xo

Saturday, January 21, 2012

On Day Release

Yes, the phrase "day release patient with a four-hour curfew" does spring to mind here.
Oh the sheer, simple joy of wearing a huge-arse pink rose headband and gumboots (wellies to you Brits).

But all good things come to an end ... before the next good thing turns up.
It's getting dark and I should be back in my cell before Nurse Ratchett sets the wardies and dogs on me.
Should I let them drag me back, or escape and heed the lure of more sartorial freedom?

Tomorrow I'll be 44.
Getting older + mad outfits = LIBERAZIONE!!!!!

I hear the dogs baying.
They're on the scent!

Quiet or they'll hear us!

No, I'm leggin' it.  
Stuff this four-hour curfew.
Onwards to the next mad-woman outfit.  Hooray to freedom!!
No to beige capri pants and boat shoes!
Hooray for Johnny Nice Painter!
Floral headband - made by me
Swimsuit - Black Milk
Skirt - made by me
Bag - thrifted 
Pink necklace and bracelet - from the beautiful Krista
VW Melissa Squiggle boots - thanks to Suzanne's visit to the Melissa sample sale

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh My Knickers, It's A Skirt!

I've always found it hard to resist wearing my knickers on the outside.
Why hide away a jolly nice pair of 1930s silk and lace scanties?
Why indeed?

 Because sometimes what could pass as a pair of fluttery shorts, can look utterly ridiculous when the crotch is hanging almost down to one's knees.
That's why.

These two pics were taken just before Christmas when I took false panels out of the sides of this pair of treasures, as they were too big.
So what to do about the swingy, saggy crotch problem?

I sewed a line of machine stitching down the front and back of the triangular-shaped crotch insert, which turned it into a skirt.
Knickers no more.


More craftiness with another 1920s-inspired lace headband, this time in indigo blue trimmed with red.
I've got a pair of crafty nutters with me today, who have turned the house into a cardboard city of robots and medieval weaponry.
They've gone through around 50 hot glue sticks and two rolls of duct tape.
Where on earth do they get their obsessive gene from?

I thrifted this 1970s bag about 10 minutes before this pic was taken.
Spain is calling me!

 A lovely lacy close-up.

Cheekiest face or what?

Hot choccy mo.

The Stylist is also obsessing over huge coffee table books on interiors, while Number Three Son is on an Asterix bender.
I'm just happy to wander through the library aimlessly, causing confusion among visitors - "Is she today's story-teller?".
T-shirt - Ms Minx
Knickers-as-skirt - Dandelion Vintage (on sale)
Leggings - Black Milk
Headband - homemade
Bags, earrings, bracelets - thrifted
Pink skull bracelet - gifted by the divine Krista
Lipstick - Mac's Russian Red
Desiree xo

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