Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Every Colour You Are

Having a ball rediscovering the winter clothes I've had in storage for many long months.
I have a rather unhealthy appetite for capes, coats and jackets.
Well, not so much unhealthy but a rather over-the-top fixation considering our temperate Brisbane winters.
The Stylist has strict orders to repeat the phrase "you don't need anymore coats" whenever I spring upon a gem in the op shops.
Fortunately however, this year's pickings have been far and few between so I haven't shed one crocodile tear.
Today I've joined Jane's first link-up to her Shiny T Tuesday and this week's theme is When Patterns Speak.
Not a lot of patterns to be seen apart from Saturday's mash-up, but I think throwing clashing colours together can sometimes appear as patterned.
This was Saturday's effort.

1960s wool cape and kilt suit, DIY leather gloves - thrifted
Colourful earring and heart earring - DIY by The Stylist
Harlequin and fence net tights - Sock Dreams
T-shirt - Ms Mink
Grey wool beret - Etsy
"Perfect" badge - gift from delicious Tra-la-la
Purple mesh top - dance shop sale
Silver Demonia shoes and green necklace - second hand market

Sunday's child:
1960s frock, bangles, earrings, 1960s nurses wool cape, leather gloves, silver glitter sunnies - thrifted
1950s tapestry handbag - gift from my sister
Vintage necklaces - Etsy
Doc Marten boots - Solestruck sale
Leggings - Black Milk 

Cotton jacket - Second hand market
Leggings - Black Milk
Demonia shoes - Dolls Kill sale
"Freeky" necklace - custom made by Phussy

There were plenty of patterns on show at a fabulous local indoor market today: 

Escapee from the local monastery ... I found this mint velvet and satin 1970s Jean Varon number at an op shop last year for a couple of bucks.
It looks like a cassock doesn't it?

 1970s Jean Varon velvet dress, bag, earrings - thrifted
Blue sequin belt - gift from delicious Clare
Skull necklace - craft market
Green velvet hair bow - gift from Glitters for Dinner
 Thank you so much for your responses to my previous post, I'm stunned!
Desiree xox

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Real Big Beauty Queen Style

My ear has been to the ground.
There have been whispers, stories, photographs and shared opinions steering me to confront an issue I wish had been sorted out long ago.
Teenage girls who run a school feminist group are heckled, sexually harassed and physically threatened.
A photo of a girl sleeping is tagged by howling "dogs" to rape her.
A friend's daughter is told by a relative that her beautiful vintage dress is inappropriate for  her graduation.
Now I know for sure the battle for independent thought and activity will never stop.
We're supposed to be beauty queens.
But we are not worthy.
Dress to please others from a tender age.
Be the judge.
Get judged.
Or get used to the fight.

This girl's got 'tude in buckets.

So has this one.
The ten-year-old lassie jumped at the chance to express her indignity at competitive beauty.
She had free reign to choose her burnt-out, rejected, beauty queen style.
The girl has Plans.
And at this rate, more than likely, a bright future.
She's not nicknamed The Stylist for nothing.

Tonight, a failed beauty queen pushed her rosy-cheeked daughter out in front of the footlights.
The woman paid the price.

Kisses wenches!
Desiree xoxo
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