Thursday, September 26, 2013

I See London, I See France ...

After a week of rattling and peddling, I fancied a change.  
I decided the change would be Manic Panic's Ultra Violet laid over my existing Hot Hot Pink.
The darker, textured look feels rather nice.
We'll see about the drugs ... but your kindness is so incredibly infectious,  you will never, ever really know how you've carried me through each day.
Thank you.

1940s slip and bolero - Etsy
Bath mat bag - gift from Vintage Bird Girl
Granny beads - op shop
Cat ears headband and rosary - retail
This pic was taken last Friday after a doctor's appointment, the day after I changed my hair colour.
A lovely lady wearing a purple hijab and brooches and using a purple phone obliged me by taking the photo.  My hair was the exact colour of her veil and we were both really chuffed to meet one another.

1970s frock - gift from Mrs D of Hello the Mushroom
Necklaces and earrings - op shops
Tiara - borrowed from The Stylist

School holidays mean The Stylist is available for snapper duties.  I do love her pics, she has an eye for unusual angles and framing.
She's also the sweetest girl I've ever known.

 1930s slip and bedjacket - Etsy
"FREEKY" necklace - Phussy
Star earrings - gift from Tamera
Green necklace and bangles - second hand
Oh yeah could you just check out my flawless complexion here?  No editing, just a lovely new makeup I discovered: Rimmel's Wake Me Up, oh and half price at my discount chemist ... yippee!  Love a bargain.
The lippie is Lime Crime's Red Velvet.
I've grabbed my lucid moments by the short and curlies, by baking and sewing.
This t-shirt has always been a favourite, even though it is a rather weird shape for me.  I bought it a few years ago from an op shop for $4.
A wee while ago I spilled coffee down the front and Camden Town and Embankment have never looked the same.
I thought about turning it into a cushion cover, but quite honestly, after my experiences of extensive Tube travel on grotty pre-WWII rolling stock during the 1980s, I could think of nothing more amusing than planting one of my favourite graphics against my arse.

The t-shirt got the chop and I've been eeking out the precious print to make big pants.

Kentish Town has a wee crochet flower to disguise the coffee stain.

Dead-set the most comfortable knickers I have ever worn, they take less then half an hour to whip up and they haven't fallen apart in the wash.  Bonus.

Oh come on, I had to wear my knickers on the outside didn't I?
They're way to mental to hide away everyday.

Green holographic eye glitter - Etsy shop CallaCosmetics
"Fierce" Manic Panic eyelashes - gift from Suzanne
"Stalker" Lip Tar - Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

1960s bead and sequin top, 1950s granny beads, bangles - op shops
Troll earrings - Etsy
Tights - Sock Dreams
Shoes - Melissa

Oh and here's another pair I made earlier.

1970s Blaxploitation movie t-shirt, cotton maxi skirt, earrings and bangles - op shops
1970s beaded bag - Vintage Wishes
Headband - DIY more in my shop, Sassy Vamps

I hope you're all having a super-colourful week.
Desiree xo

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Alien Abduction to Planet Faaaaaaark!

Well hellooooooo there.
So yeah, aliens came and took me away to Planet Faaaaaaark! and now they've barcoded me, I expect they'll be back for more alien fun and experimental hi-jinks.
Yesterday I recovered briefly from my abduction adventures to do something about making these awesome flowerhead-people pants fit me.

First, I turned them inside out, put them on and pinned the outer seams to fit me.

The waistband had elastic so I removed it and unpicked part of the waistband.

Re-checked the fit and sewed the new side seams, leaving a gap for a new side zip.
I didn't need to unpick the zip, I just cut it off with the excess fabric and replaced it with another one (white instead of brown).

I zig-zagged the raw edges and decided the pants were still a bit baggy so I reused part of  the elastic and stitched the waistband back down.

My latest pair of big pants!
I wore them to queue up at a local school to vote in the Australian Federal Election today.
I voted for The Arm Party (yep I just made that up but it's brill right?)

Paper parasol, bangles, Mighty Mouse t-shirt, Mickey Mouse t-shirt (previous pic) - op shops
1970s beaded bag, pants - Vintage Wishes
Headband - DIY
Creepers - Dolls Kill sale
Alien earring - available from MarinaFINI's Etsy shop
Fish skeleton earring - Bones Couture

What's going on here?
Well I WON Daniel's AMAZING MarinaFINI giveaway a couple of months ago and this week  I got the loot!
A beautiful titanium rainbow quartz pendant (with alien powers) that changes colour in the light and these incredible laser-cut perspex earrings!
Thank you so much Daniel for running the giveaway and darling Marina for your generosity. x

Headband - DIY, another one in my shop, Sassy Vamps
1950s very heavily-beaded top and green tutu - Etsy
Leggings - Black Milk
Shoes - market
Earrings - available from MarinaFINI's Etsy shop
Rosary - retail

The Shining dress - Black Milk
Silver crinoline - vintage market
Green glass belt worn as headpiece - gift from a kind blogger (can't remember who as aliens reduced my memory bank)
Pearl collar and diamante necklace worn as headpiece - op shops

I hear aliens whispering so I'd better get cracking with my mission to recode the brains of griege pant-wearers.
Wish me luck.
Desiree x
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