Friday, October 28, 2011

My Frock's in Tatters

Ever bought something that's damaged and just thought "meh, I ain't gonna fix it, I'll wear it just the way it is"?
Well it happens to me quite often, but today's Frock on a Friday is pretty spesh coz the hem makes it look like a total rag, plus it's the first thing I'm showing you from my Melbourne shopping madness.

The dress is one of my purchases from Melbourne's fabulous Camberwell Sunday Vintage Market - which is like stepping into gorgeous-old-treasure heaven.
It's hard to stop buying, so much of the stuff is super cheap, especially after the heavens opened and a freak storm flew through the place.
Only the hard-core sellers and buyers stayed on.
So I snapped up this delicious 1960s pink silk frock that was probably once a maxi for $5 and the white lizard-skin bag also for a fiver.

Look at that disgraceful tattered hem!
The Phoenix offered to "trim all the frilly stuff off" for me before we went out for his hospital appointment today,  but I politely declined.
It's actually much worse than it looks in this pic and I can't wait for a total stranger to tell me that I seem to be having a problem with my hem!

Why the bitch-face?
Well, we'd just returned from a rather confrontational appointment with one of The Phoenix's specialists who'd tried to give him shit for his multiple health issues.
All I can say is, we were dignified, strong and united - we stayed cool man, dead cool.

The enormous fuck-off white cocktail ring and Frida earrings were from the very cool indie shopping mecca that is Melb's Fitzroy.
The sequinned beret was six bucks and I'm wearing tights from Sock Dreams and Melissa Mary-Janes.
You want more?
Also from the Camberwell Market, this soft little embroidered and beaded cardi for a tenner, which I wore for nearly the whole fortnight we were there.

If anyone says green lurex flares are NOT a wardrobe staple, just send 'em over to me for a quiet word.
I wore these out to dinner to an Indian restaurant - spot on!

Could the flowers on this $5 cotton maxi get any bigger?
I took minimal clothing with me to Melbourne as I knew I would be in vintage paradise.
I wasn't wrong and I wore everything I purchased while I was still down there.

Lovin' this dress to bits, which is what will probably happen anyway:).
Plenty more trip pics to come.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your kind comments and well wishes on our wedding post.
We are both stunned at the response!
Desiree xo

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wigglin' On Mah Weddin' Day

As soon as our eyes locked, we knew straight away something crazy-wonderful was in store for us both.
Two years and few months later, The Phoenix and I married with the blessing of my beautiful children and a darling friend, one glorious Melbourne spring day.

No matter how small the ceremony, everyone was in a bit of a happy, flappy flutter.
I can guarantee it helps if the bride's wearing vintage:).
And ... make the day simple!

I arrive with The Stylist, Number Three Son and Danni-Long-Legs.
An' ah got mah wiggle on baby!!!

 Outrageous cutenesses all kitted out and feelin' mighty fine:).

The savagely gorgeous Danni-Long-Legs who is Number One Son's precious.
She and The Stylist shared wedding photography duties - I told you it was a simple wedding.

We're in the waiting room of the beautiful, heritage-listed, Victorian Marriage Registry, awaiting the arrival of the groom and Number One and Two sons.
I guess you want to know what I'm wearing.
Better get around to the really important stuff then eh?

The 1950s pink and taupe lace dress with a satin sash and rosette felt perfect.
I couldn't have asked for a better wedding dress, I felt so comfortable and ME!
No meringue dresses allowed.
Oh did I mention shopping details?
eBay for sixty bucks - I swear!!
No adjustments needed, it fitted perfectly.
I've had the vintage tulle and velvet flower hair piece for a long time and have sported her in many blog pics before.
I knew she would get very squished on the flight from Bris-Vegas to Melbourne, but a quick steam over a kettle and the little darling was back on form.

The granny beads were from Etsy and the vintage marcasite earrings were a wedding present from The Phoenix.
What a darling!

Love this pic -  I've got the horn for my sparkly pink VW Melissa's with the bronze hearts AND Danni-Long Legs' super gorgeous heels.

I've practically lived in this 1940s fur cape for several winters and it was just the thing for a wee cover-up.
I bought the vintage tapestry beaded bag for $12 from Dandelion Vintage and chose to wear a wrist corsage as I wasn't keen on a posy.
Everyone wore white roses from The Flower Temple - again, no outlandish overdoing it, even so, the roses were enormous!!
Oh but where is the leopard-print? 
Leopard nail stickers of course!
Yeah I'm real "stoylish" that way.

 Gorgeous man has made it!

I'm sure this seemed the right thing to do at the time - so glad for this disgracefulness!

Let's put it this way ... when the spawn lined up for this pic, both The Phoenix and I were just incredulous that I'd given birth this many times - haaaaaaa!
Don't they all look so beautiful?
I know, I'm biased.
I gave them free reign to wear whatever they wanted and I'm so proud of the way they looked:)).

 Love me boys!
I did my own hair, nails and make up - can't be arsed with all that malarky.

 We done it!
That's Suzanne, the celebrant, who told us we could hang around for as long as we liked.

 Mmmm ... let's keep it clean for the kids but you just wait!

Yes, let's start breathing again.

 I'm sure these two belong on a magazine cover.

 Are my seams straight babe?

 He's quiet with a incredibly wicked sense of humour - my Number Two Son.

Yeah, we're having a bit of a boogie to My Vision by Seal with Jakarta.
We chose it and Robbie Williams' Beyond the Sea as our wedding songs.

 Oh honey, do you like my dress?

I have no idea where The Stylist got this posing-off business from.
Isn't her dress gorgeous?  
Grey satin with black velvet spots, purple sash and beading - delish:)).
Also, white faux-fur jacket and sparkly flats.

And she has good posy taste.

 Who needs words?

 We's are Mr and Mrs now.

The Hotel Windsor, seen in the background, was the chosen retreat for The Phoenix and I and is in view of the the registry office.  
Everyday I would press my nose to the window to watch subsequent wedding parties and check out what they wore;).

 Leaving the building for a walk in the park.
The Phoenix needed his walking stick as his right ankle - which is almost destroyed from life-long severe haemophilia joint bleeds - was giving him some horrendous trouble.

What's that yoof carrying? 
Super-sour candy mouth spray of course - ewwww have you tried that stuff?

This is Cook's Cottage, the childhood home of Captain James Cook, which was transported from England and re- erected in Fitzroy Park.

By this time, after all the walking, The Phoenix was almost passing out with pain from his ankle.
So we had a rest while the kids went nuts in the Cottage.

Always time for a kiss, we postponed further celebrations until the following evening to give that ankle some rest and special wife-y treatment.
To all you kind readers out there, thank you so very much for all your beautiful messages and comments.
We were both so touched and nearly in tears at the kindness from people all over the world who we've only known here in blog land.
Thank you beautiful darlinks, you all deserve a jolly firm arse-squeeze!
Desiree and The Phoenix xoxoxoxo

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