Thursday, August 18, 2011

Outfit Saves Mum From Insanity

It's the time of year for the Brisbane Exhibition - known as the Ekka - our 11-day agricultural show.
I've been once before, ten years ago in fact.
Such was the traumatic effect of screaming kids, parents well on the way to hating one another, rip-off rides, disgusting food, filth and overpriced showbags filled with the most hideous junky toys and lollies ever created - I swore off returning.
Time heals all and today I took Number Three Son and The Stylist.

 Hey and it really wasn't too bad.  
I made no death threats, I didn't crouch clucking in a corner of the chook-judging pavilion and there were no food fights.

 Number Three Son was patient and The Stylist was excited - it was her first visit.

 She and I couldn't resist getting our hands painted with mendhi - she loved it!

 Number Three Son took his little sister on her first roller coaster ride - they loved it.

 Truly, I think the thing that got me through the day without going mad was my outfit - it made me feel like I was in another place - bizarre or no?
I really enjoyed wearing this combo even if I did look a bit like one of the entertainment acts, hehe:).

 Time to go home after five hours and no sedatives needed (for me) - whew!

 I wore this 1970s cotton skirt thrifted early this week for $2 - it shall be known as the "lounge room curtain skirt".
I wore it with a leopard-print body suit and a 1970s blouse I also scored for $2 - I love the sleeves and big, pointy collar!

 I couldn't resist getting myself a pack of bindhis at the henna stall - I think these are going to be worn a lot - so comfy, I forget they're even on.

 I love the clash of the two prints together.
It was fun, but another ten-year gap before revisiting the Ekka is just fine by me.
I hope you're all travelling well this week my dears.
Desiree xo


  1. Your blouse is just too gorgeous, it has a really romantic look to it. I quite fancy some mehndi too now... Hmmm, maybe when I go on holiday there might be somewhere for me to get it.


  2. Your kids are just so cute.I love your combo looks great together.I think people would be envious that you have the style to carry it off.The mendhis look great.

  3. Looks like an exhausting day!! I love the loungeroom-curtain-skirt, and of course you pull it all off beautifully!

    Xx Claire

  4. Aww, the kids look adorable. I love the shot of all three of you together! I think you pulled together the perfect EKKA outfit, and I can see why you couldn't go past the mendhi - gorgeous!

  5. Oh I LOOOOVE the fabric of your gorgeous skirt and that 70s blouse is DIVINE - the sleeves!!!

    I won a certificate from the blue rinse set for one of my insane crocheted creations more than 20 years ago at the Ekka!

    So glad you and those beautiful children had such a lovely time - I love their sunnies!

    Sarah xxx

  6. Desiree, I will ARM wrestle you for that skirt!!! LOVE it! The whole day looks like such fun and I've wanted to do the henna tattoo thing also. You look divine my dear!!!! Hugs to you and your sweet little ones! ~Serene

  7. so nice to see you with your kids! ace outfit too, of course!

  8. I love this outfit. That skirt is pretty damned awesome. This reminds me that I have some henna supplies at home... I need to have some fun with that stuff on the weekend I think.

  9. FABULOUS outfit, Desiree, I'm totally loving the skirt. Maybe between us we could introduce Curtain Couture to the world?
    I'm a bit afraid of those kind of family events normally but Ekka looks cool. The Stylist and Number Three Son are so stylish, just like their rockin' mum. xxx

  10. The kids look like they had a grand time! I love the mendhdi you and the stylist got (it doesn't work on me, boo!) and of course you were the most styling mum there!

  11. I love the blouse! It's really funky! Which op-shops are you going to, to score such finds?? :)

  12. I laughed when I read your description of 'lounge room curtain skirt'! However, the print is amazing - it looks a little like some of Georgia O'Keefe's flowers. Your charity shop bargains always leave me feeling envious - that blouse is just great too.

  13. Best Mama ever and I am sure the only fashionista at that fair!

    It really does look like a great day out! Love the Henna work!

  14. As soon as I saw the first pic I thought. I WANNA GO THERE! Look at the COWS. lol
    I just love cows! hahah
    Jeaz do I ever love that skirt you have on. I don't care wether its a curtain a blanket or a swatch from a sofa AHAH It is amazingly pretty!

    Looks like your kids had a awsome time. I sort of can't wait to have kids and have a better excuse to go to all kinds of fun places. *heheh*

  15. Desiree,
    The things Mamas have to do for their kids. You all look like you had a lovely time amor. I can see you in the stylist. she is so pretty like her Mama. gorgeous kids. your top is the bomb! I adorar the big puffy sleeves, what a bargain, beautiful flowery skirt bet you were the best looking Mum.
    I always wanted mendhi on my hands.

  16. I absolutely adore you, and that clash of patterns is so up my alley.
    You are fabulous, and getting more interesting, beautiful and inspiring every time (You know I mean it).
    You have lovely children, too.

  17. Aww, so lovely :).

  18. Was this the stylist's first mendhi? It's lovely.

    I WANT the blouse. I had turned down a page in last year's Sept. Vogue that featured a blouse like this--I think it was a Dior ad. So, if you ever want to part with the blouse, I'll take it!

  19. Love the floral print on that maxi skirt and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the billowy sleeves of that blouse!

  20. I love bindhis I wish I could get away with wearing one all the time, I also would love to have permanent henna designs on my hand, its so sexy.
    your a good mom

  21. This skirt is amazing! The print, colors, great lenth - that's a perfect skirt for feeling awesome))

  22. oh yes, give me some more bollywood. yesterday i found some forgotten bindhis,i bought in rajasthan/india 12 years ago!
    your 70s blouse is so lovable!


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