Friday, July 29, 2011

What Do You Do With a Lad Like Jack?

Give him a Friday treat, that's what.
This is really only a treat if you fancy horror movies, which I'm not a big fan of ... except for The Shining.
So when this psychotic little number popped up in the Black Milk shop I just knew I needed a bit of Jack and his lunatic smile in my life.

Oh, and guess what?
It's a dress.
Which means it qualifies for Frock On A Friday.

Kids!  Dinner's ready!

I've layered the dress with an old children's kilt, vintage cardigan, Black Milk leggings, a 1930s cocktail hat, 1980s snakeskin clutch and 1960s men's patent leather shoes.

I love the big buckles on these super comfy shoes.

Oh my stars I can't believe it's a dress!

Little Johnny will take one look at me and hide.

Yesterday I decided to wear it with this Edwardian silk petticoat and 1940s fur cape.

I'm sure Jack would pull this old frozen-in-ice trick if he saw his face on a dress!
The lovely Vanessa of Nessbow interviewed me earlier this week about personal style - she's a darling and asked some very interesting questions.
Thank you Vanessa!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ms Shiny-Pants Dreams of Helga and Vix

If I was remotely interested in Poison's 25-year anniversary tour, I might consider this an appropriate concert outfit.
I'm happy to say I won't be clamouring for tickets but I'm pretty sure these pants are a dead giveaway that I never quite made it to the shiny-leggings stage in the 80s.
Never quite got that one out of my system.

Better late than never - these Black Milk Blueberries are just the thing for the ageing 80s rocker in me.
Hmmm ... the 80s are getting quite a work out here these days aren't they?

I'm wearing them with my new patent Docs, 1970s cotton shirtdress I got at a vintage fair for $5, plus thrifted fur jacket ($3), Indian necklace (about a buck), bag ($5) and belt ($1).

The usual trollop-y junk hanging off my wrists and fingers.  
Speaking of which, I dreamt of Helga last night.  
We went on a mad shopping spree where she magically appeared in a different outfit every time I looked at her.
I woke up exhausted from keeping up with the mad trollop!! xoxoxo

I've had a dream about Vix where I visit her house and we have feasts and I walk around her house mesmerised by her pin-up gorgeousness.
Have you had any dreams about bloggers?
Desiree xo

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Super Extra Gravity

Ever hit the wall large style?
It was my turn last week so I switched my brain off, slept and read news updates.
In my PJs.
Today I finally got it together to do the Paper Doll Project.

I was paired up with the gorgeous Kelly of My Orange Stilettos, from Wellington, New Zealand.
I asked her to help me style this top and the little honey didn't fail to impress me with her choices.

I bought the 1960s lurex shell top from a flea market for a buck one month ago.  What's special about it is it's lined in cotton which is rare.  Most of these garments are lined in nylon fabrics which is the equivalent of wearing a sweaty electric blanket.  Not ideal for the Queensland climate, even in winter.

 Kelly asked me to try out the green kilt with the top and I had one of those "duh why didn't I think of that?" moments.
I had a play around with tights and shoes and decided on thrifted purple tights layered with purple fence-nets and my new VW Melissa flat three straps that the beautiful Suzanne of Idee Fixe picked up for $20 (!!!) at the NYC Melissa sample sale recently.

 I couldn't find my leopard-print bag recommended by Kelly, so I chose the gorgeous velvet hat Nelly gave me when she came to visit.
I cannot believe how often I reach for this hat - I love it so much!
The 1930s Persian lamb cape was just right for keeping out the chill:)).

You can hop on over and visit the scrumptious Kelly to see how I styled her beautiful 1960s blue coat.
Hug yourself today:).
Desiree xo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gold Digger

I have never worn this jacket before.
It's hard to believe I know, as it ticks all my boxes.
1950s - check.
Turquoise - check.
Silk - check.
Fur trim - check.

Finding this insane 1980s gold spotted skirt at an op shop two weeks ago was just the thing to get the jacket raring to go.
I love op shopping with The Stylist - she has a short attention span, but we have a laugh like when I grabbed this 80s gold nasty off the rack at the West End Vinnies' retro outlet.
Me: Is this too crazy?
The Stylist:  Well you are crazy, soooooooo ...
Me: I'll just get it then (thinks: the cheeky bugger knows me).

Feeling like an ageing rocker with messy peroxide hair, black t-shirt, trashy jewellery, evening jacket, thrifted tights and VW Melissa Temptations to clash with the gaudy gold.

Miss Camel Toe makes a reappearance to flash her bits at us.
Hey check out my neck-crepe - I'm seriously loving it today. It's the softness.

This skirt really was quite a challenge to style and I love a challenge which means you might be seeing a bit more of it;).

Number Three Son and The Stylist had an impromptu outdoor dance party just before sunset.
I rugged up in my $3 fur jacket as it's been frigidly cold as soon as the sun disappears.

Close up of this "top quality" garment with it's black velvet spots.

This outfit makes me so happy - isn't it a shame so many workplaces (except for, at best, fashion writer, DJ or muso; at worst, hooker) don't allow wonderful freedom of expression?
Check out the fabulous post by Veshoevius on Taxonomy of my Wardrobe on appropriate work dressing.  
When I worked in an office or newsroom, I ALWAYS injected some humour into my outfit with a vintage piece or manic pair of shoes.
Veshoevius critiques Grazia's advice on wearing shorts, thigh-split skirts and t-shirts to the office.  Good reading! 
Desiree xo

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hoarding is Heavenly

I ask you, are there any drawbacks to hoarding?
That's a rhetorical question and you're not expected to reply because the answer is NO.
I realised this for the billionth time when I reached for a1940s slip, let my fingers do the walking and discovered some wee delights to give it a lift.

If I wasn't such a sartorial magpie, picking up bits and bobs that catch my eye with little or no wardrobe planning in place, I wouldn't have had the pleasure of going spotty here.
I scored the 1950s orange and silver jacket off eBay for around $5 a few years ago.  
It's a hard-working little sweetie that seems to "go" with everything and it's helped me pull off a variety of dressing emergencies in a flash.

The black and silver spotty tights are a much-loved gift from Vix (check out her amazing new header!) and the shoes, velvet cocktail hat and bag were thrifted.

I picked up the leather and glitter belt from a pop-up vintage market a couple of weeks ago and used a couple of lengths of ribbon from a gift to use as a choker.

I thought I'd add a bit of chola again with my red bra, just for my favourite Mexican muchacha, La Dama.
Proudly, everything is vintage/second-hand and what I love most about dressing from a collection of mish-mash is how bits and pieces seem to "find" each other.
And oh god, have you SEEN Sarah Misfit's treasures from her vintage fashion fair haul?
Now that's one amazing woman with a collection I would love to rub up against!
Desiree xo

Monday, July 18, 2011

Struttin' Like a Peacock

It's nigh impossible to avoid flouncing and strutting about while wearing an enormous 1980s  poufy skirt.
So why not just go with the flow?

I blame the "come to India" vibe I'm feeling these days.
And the ladies at the Sunday flea market who threaded my eyebrows yesterday, which naturally led to this mendhi design.

As a kid growing up in Fiji I longed for mendhi and couldn't believe such beauty could be painted free hand.

Style lesson for today:
1. Wear leopard-print tights at any age.
2. Treat yourself to a garment or beauty product you longed to wear as a kid.

The neighbour's cat joined me to love up against my leopard-print tights.
The skirt is the bottom section of a Studibaker Hawk dress I found neglected and forlorn in a suitcase at a flea market.
I recognised the metallic, bronze, hand-painted design and dived in to give it the kiss of life.
I sewed on a 2-inch wide piece of black elastic to make a waistband.

I'm wearing the skirt with a leather top I thrifted for $10, peacock feather headband from a local chemist and VW Melissa Three-Straps.
The multiple taffeta layers have plastic cord threaded through the hems which aid much ruffling and rustling action.
This was the signature style of Studibaker Hawk's hand-painted cocktail dresses so coveted in the 80s.

Which reminds me, isn't there a saying that "if you wore it the first time, don't wear it the second-time round?"
I have some very choice phrases for that theory.
The Stylist demonstrates quite clearly what I think about that one.

She doesn't really know what this sign means but oldies like me do.

Grab some bean bag time and get your head straight for the week ahead:))
Desiree xo

Friday, July 15, 2011

Frockin' It

It was a dark and stormy night.
Oh, wrong book.
It was a cold and gloomy morning.
What better way to brighten up a cloudy day than by popping on a 1960s, orange, lurex, evening gown for Frock On A Friday!

One of the last charity shops in my local area to offer fairly reasonable prices had a half-price sale yesterday.
I bought this gown and a matching cape for $10.
It was cold enough for a fur so today I wore this jacket I bought for just $3 from the same op shop three years ago.
Yes, I got some odd looks but I'm used to being stared at like a zoo specimen - which I guess is to be expected as early as 8am huh?
You know, the Indian and Sri Lankan school mums and the Indian family that runs a local petrol station are about the only people who don't bat an eyelid at sequins and glitter that early in the day.
Isn't it great?  I want to live in India and wear silver false eye lashes and shoulder-length earrings everyday.

I can't wait to wear the cape with other outfits - I mean, it's ORANGE!  And SHINY!
I picked up the silk scarf for $2 this morning and decided it was just what I needed to wear immediately, plus the African beaded bracelets which were 50 cents each.

 I spy with my little eye, something a little bit animal!

Ooh leopard-print tights go perfectly with orange lurex don't you think? hehe!
Cheeky no?  
The shoes are Nine West green velvet wedges I scored on sale a few years ago.

Vix's pendant had another wearing and the 1950s, metallic, grey, granny beads and velvet bag were just screaming for a day out. 

Have you got your frocks on yet sweeties?
Desiree xo

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Go Duchess!

Y'know I think it's great the Duchess of Cambridge is getting so much lurve from fans of the Royals 'n all.
But I went through the pics of her recent North American tour and I'm afraid I really did yawn out loud.
Her clothes are just sooooooooooo frickin' boring!!!!
Bless her, she's got a huge role to fulfil and what with being of non-Royal blood, I guess she feels she has to really reign it in, y'know, being a commoner an' all;).
I mean, the Duchess could easily get away with the crazy schmozzle Princess Beatrice wore on her noggin to The Wedding.
I can't wait for the royal halo to slip a little and we get to see her in a feather mini skirt and maybe one day some studded ankle-strap platforms.  
OK that's not going to happen.
Cut the wee dear some slack though, I'm sure she'll loosen up with time and her commoner roots will hopefully start to show and she can start having some sartorial fun.
I can't see the poor love going the full-on Pull Your Socks Up! madness, but I think this could be a wee start.

I hear the Duchess is a keen supporter of British fashion.  
You couldn't get more English than Vivienne Westwood and I think the Duchess could do with some help from a real Dame in the shoe department with some VW Melissa's.
Made from recycled plastic, the Lady Dragon's send out the twin message of "I'm being eco-friendly" and "I'm a sex bomb".
Well, Dame Viv certainly is that's for sure!

If the Duchess is lucky, she might snag a bargain from the flea markets like this Collette Dinnigan sheer lace dress I bought for a buck!
I'm wearing it with a 1930s rayon slip I bought on eBay for $9.

Excuse me dear, your slip is showing.
The 1960s silver, plastic and metal bag was a buck and so were the pink gloves.
The delectable Suzanne of Idee Fixe snapped the shoes up for a bargain-ous $50 at the Melissa sample sale in NYC. Gah!!
I think the Duchess could do well by introducing some blue or green nail polish into her life too.

Yes that's a red bra.  I'm afraid I can't do head-to-toe lady-like.
Go on, let yourself off the hook Duchess.
You're welcome.

The clip-on earrings and the 1950s head piece were both eBay bargains.
Oh, and my lippie of the moment, Ruby Woo by MAC.

 If in doubt, pull a face and all will be forgiven.

One can only hope the Duchess reads screwy fashion blogs.
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