Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Made Big Pants!

Have you ever made your own knickers?
It's dead easy.

Lily (thinks): Smug git.

I made a pattern by tracing the front and back sections of a favourite pair of knickers ... in this case, a pair of wonderfully huge granny pants.
I cut the fabric on the fold.
Don't worry about seam allowances, it's a minute measurement and if you choose a fabric with loads of stretch, they'll still fit.

I bought a large remnant of gaudy green ocelot-print lycra from Aid for the Blind for a buck.
The gusset was cut from one of #3 Son's old t-shirts.
Ignore the patterned crotch piece.
I didn't need it after all because the original pants only had a gusset inside and I wanted to copy them exactly.

Sew the front and back together at the crotch using zig zag stitch.

Pin the gusset in place and zig zag only down the sides.

This is what the pants looked like before I stitched the side seams and added the elastic.
By this time I was getting so incredibly excited at my stupendous big pants-making abilities, I forgot to take pics.

Stitch the side seams.
Make a little fold over the waist and zig zag lingerie elastic on the inside.
Do the same with the legs.

Rock those big pants HARD!!
Of course I simply had to wear them on the outside coz ... just coz.

Wig-hair boa, Manic Panic Limelight eyeshadow, Fierce eye lashes and Vampire's Kiss lippie - gifts from beautiful Suzanne
Sic F*cks band t-shirt - gift from Tish and Snooky (that's their band!)
Leggings - Black Milk
Doc Marten boots - retail

The black lingerie elastic I used wasn't very good quality.
It had very little stretch and was scratchy.
So today I replaced it with this fantastic red, stretch, lace lingerie elastic I found in a local haberdashery.
Now my big pants are far more comfy and easier to get over my ba-donka-donk-donk.

More big pants!
I made these fab flares this afternoon using the wonderful 1970s pattern dear Tamera sent me.
The pants only took two hours to make and I wore them all afternoon.
The fabric is a lovely soft cotton sheet I bought from Vinnies for a couple of bucks, the zip was 50 cents, also from Vinnies and the button was from my stash.

Gold spike necklace - gift from my dear friend Pip, who seriously needs to start a blog!
Trollz earrings - gift from lovely Tamera
Purple mesh top - retail sale
1930s white satin bralet - Etsy

Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement about my health, the worst is certainly not over yet and it will take a few weeks to settle, but your love is like a big hug.
Baci, Desiree xoxo

Monday, August 19, 2013

Live Fast and Dye Your Hair

I can't remember the last time I went out on a Saturday night.
I know, pathetic huh?
But The Stylist and I made up for a poor social life, when we travelled into the city on Saturday evening to meet up with two of New York's finest!
When the divoooooon Suzanne of Idee Fixe informed me Manic Panic NYC founders, sisters Tish and Snooky, were coming to Brisbane, my heart went all funny like.
Is it the fact they're NY punk rock royalty?  The very hands-on owners of NY's cruelty-free extreme hair dye, make up and accessories? Part of the original Blondie line-up?  Movers and shakers in the US rock scene for 40-odd years?
All of the above!
So let's get on with it ...

I was already nervy and super-excited about meeting the gals, so I certainly didn't want to put any more pressure on myself by planning an outfit.
I got ready half an hour before we left to catch the train.
I wore: 
1980s sequin top, 1950s black handbag, bangles, spike headband - second hand
Double evil eye earrings - Etsy store, Bones Couture
1940s fur cape - eBay
Leggings - Black Milk
Cat ears headband, shorts and Doc Marten boots - retail

The Stylist is more of an outfit planner and wore:
Jacket - op shop
Petti-skirt - Princess Ratbag sale
Leggings - Black Milk sale
Boots - Pumpkin Patch sale
T-shirt - Cotton On Kids sale
Bag - made by her Mama
Badges - everywhere!

We felt immediately at ease with these amazing punksters and they were so sweet, unwrapping the headbands I made them and wearing them for the whole night!
We ate at Fridays as it was near their hotel, it's so pretty near the river and although I'm usually an avid people-watcher, I only had eyes for the three fab wenches at our table.
We must have stood out a mile as people were constantly asking us what we were celebrating ... the restaurant manager was blown away by Tish and Snooky and bought them a rather expensive bottle of Australian shiraz, which they loved.

We were even moved indoors to the restaurant overlooking the river and the boats going by, probably due to the charms of "the girls" as The Stylist and I call them.
They're so down-to-earth, kind, charming and incredibly sassy!
We had a wonderful evening.

The girls charmed the pianist who had lived in NY and what with their voices still in tune as singers in their band the Sic F*cks, the restaurant was holding its breath to hear them warble.
But it was wine and relaxing time only due to their very, very busy Oz tour, so the fans will have to wait for a future visit.

Did I mention they came laden with gifts for The Stylist and I?
Suzanne put together a "care pack" of Manic Panic make up, boas, t-shirts and hair dye for us and the girls topped it up with more t-shirts, books, stickers and tattoos.

The hair dyes are called: Ultra Violet, Violet Night, Vampire Red and Hot, Hot Pink (my current colour).
There are Fierce false eyelashes, and Lust Dust eye powder in Fuschia Shock, Hot Hot Pink and Lime Light.
The lipsticks are in the MP new metal and rhinestone cases called Hot, Hot, Hot and Vampire's Kiss.

I gotta get my ass to NYC ... pronto.
Thing is, I don't know many people who leave.  Heeee!!
Thank you Tish and Snooky, for making time to meet us on your whirlwind Oz tour and to lovely Suzanne who made it possible.
Baci milione,
Desiree xxx

Friday, August 16, 2013

Mary Shelley Likes Pickled Garlic

I swear if these new anti-mental meds don't kick in soon, my brain will turn into cushion stuffing.
But I must say I do like what they're doing for my creativity.
Perched upon my head is my latest lovely, made from marvellous denim-like, faded blue roses.
I'm in two minds about putting her in the Sassy Vamps shop as the blooms are rare and I really like them.
I've christened her: Mary Shelley Likes Pickled Garlic.
Don't ask.  I simply do not know the answer.

The Stylist took these pics moments after Victor, our 35-year-old Volvo, was towed home.
He needs a new fuel pump.
So do I.
The stunning backdrop is the garage of the new house being built next door.
Oh joy, the sounds of grinding metal, tinny radios, nine-hour concrete mixer marathons, shouting and comedic burping and farting intervals.
Six days a week.

They've all gone home so now we play!
Except I'm too buggered.

The other side of the house is untainted by construction and gives me some moments of peace.
A place where I can frolic with Lily the cat, wearing a 1930s nightie-as-frock.

As I mentioned, I'm getting used to new medication and my doctor has already switched things around, after I quickly gained several kilos faster than you can say "Fill a Bag of 40s Frocks for a Fiver."
Although I'm feeling very ill and bloated here, I couldn't help admiring my new arse - hehe!!
Changing meds means changing brains and much befuddlement ... the house is a disgrace and I can barely string a sentence together, much to the confusion of everyone I speak to.

So ... I buy old, pretty coat hangers.

And tea-towels.

And sweet old sheets, of which this one will become my next pair of flares if I remember to pick up my trusty Husqvarna tomorrow following its once-a-decade service.

I'll be using this pattern sent to me by dear Tamera.
I've already used it to make this pair of sheet flares, which fit perfectly.  (Well they did when I made them in February!)

Stay loose.
Desiree x

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