Monday, August 29, 2011

Frock Wars

Hey you know when you get dressed to go out and I dunno ... do some stuff?
Well I got my Friday Frock on and when I came back home I didn't get a chance to snap some pics coz The Phoenix took it all off.
Oooh errrr!
I was too knackered to put it all back on again ... but since I so enjoyed Friday's frock-up and de-frocking I decided on an outfit rerun today.

 I've outed this hat-tacular 1960s, patchwork-print, cotton beret I snaffled from an expensive op shop recently for $8.
Normally they have the most insane rip-off prices but I thought eight bucks was rather generous of them as they would normally charge at least $35 for something like this.

 I'm never too busy to stroke the pussy. Ain't she loverly?

 I love the hip-tastic gored skirt on this dress.  I always feel compelled to do some extra swingy hip action while wearing it.
And of course, Rough Vera would approve of my double-bag style.
The green tights are new from Sock Dreams - I love their tights so much!!

 Why the bindhi?  Why not?

Sparkly glitter shoes have special magical powers and cause people to weep in the street.
It's was so lovely to evoke some powerful emotions again while out and about this morning.

 There are many label whores out there so here's the label of my one dollar, 1970s, dead-stock dress.

Love that hat label font.

I wonder what I have in store for me today?
Happy Monday everyone!!
Desiree xo


  1. Yes, what DO you have in store for you today?! That's a cute style of dress on you and you wear the hat well.xx.

  2. Sparkly shoes DO have magical powers- as do you! Love the whole look today- from polka dots to emerald gams to topper and magick toes. xo. -Bella Q

  3. HOLY FECK,you're just too fabulous for words in this divine frock! Bless the Phoenix,he only did what every red blooded man and woman want to do to you..........well,I know I do!!! Phwoar!!!
    So many delicous details...I'm gonna have to have another perve!

  4. Dearest Desiree,
    You look so pretty perched on top of the boot of the car!
    Fabulous ensemble and the hat is truly amazing.
    You don't need a reason to sport a bindi, they rock...I brought a few packets with me on holiday and I wore one almost every night.
    Hope you've had a fab weekend!
    Lot's of love,

  5. Ohhhh yeah green tights!! *woo woo woo*
    I love the patchwork hat is is freakin awsome JUST LIKE YOU DES!

  6. Oo-er, don't you just love a good de-frocking! It does get in the way of taking outfit photos though, doesn't it? I'm glad you gave this outfit a re-run, because I'm completely smitten with your dress.

  7. I am crazy for the green tights - they make the outfit and make an otherwise vintage outfit look modern. You look lovely and oh so stylish.


  8. I LOVE your style and your blog! Definitely an everyday read for me now :)

    And I agree, glittery shoes do have magical powers! You have inspired me to wear mine tomorrow – I totally covet yours, though ;)

  9. Loving the coloured tights, the whole outfit infact with all the accessories too, including the car! :)

  10. Good man Mr. Phoenix ;)

    The dress fits you perfectly, the tights are amazing with it, the hat is adorable and the shoes are fan-fucking-tastic!

    Good job all round m'dear =]

    Lee x

  11. love your dotted dress so much... it's gorgeous.

  12. Gorgeous, I love those bright Jade coloured tights with the navy dress. And those shoes are soooo pretty ;__; I weep!

  13. You look gorgeous and those tights are

  14. The Phoenix is obviously feeling very perky at the moment and who could blame him? You look gorgous in your ladylike frock and green tights.
    Darling Helga bought me the matching maxi skirt to that insanely fabulous hat!
    Have a wonderful day whatever you do get up to. xxx

  15. Absolutely love it all, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You are so unique, Desiree.

  16. Those tights, OMG is it St. Paddy's day? I LOVE them! And that hat, pure envy is what I am feeling. Ah, God bless the Phoenix!

    Have a great week, Bonnie

  17. That dress is fantastic. You look awesome, as per usual :D

  18. aaaww you look so cute and beautiful, that dress is gorgeous and shows off your figure so beautifully. Love those shoes and those green tights are just charm in itself teamed with the dress and shoes. Hope you had a wonderful Monday, dee xx

  19. Amor,
    I am perveing over your polka dot dress and marvelous hat. no wonder the Phoenix couldnt contain himself.
    your glittery shoes are heaven, yes glittey shoes do make special miracles happen. adorar how you paired up green tights with blue.
    You cute cheeky rascal.

  20. I can't think of a better way to start a Monday than by wearing something that makes you happy!! You glow! Big vintage hugs! ~Serene

  21. Perfect beret with the dress. Your creativity amazes me!

  22. you are just too cute.
    i love the dress

  23. Polka dots. Patchwork. Sparkly shoes. Bindi. Green tights.
    Yup, it's all working VERY well!
    PS. I have adopted your style rule "Green is a neutral colour" - and what do you know? It's genius! YOU are a genius too! xxxx

  24. Hi Desiree, what a lovely name by the way - I like your blog so much. The color combo, the green thights - génial! love it!


  25. You have such an enviable hat collection. Not only have I bought like eleventy-million more hats since I've been following your blog, but I'm finding more and more inspiration to wear them too! Xx

  26. wow u really get me hooked on your great outfits!!! especially this one, i love the polka dot dress with green tight and silver heels combi, u look so fabulous! u got a new follower;)
    love and kiss,mary

  27. Love polka dots! Love greem tights! So pretty and bright)))

  28. Desiree, you are amazing. Thanks for sharing all your sassy wisdom. So glad I discovered you through Esme and I agree with the silver sparkly shoes. My six year old daughter loves them and I love them too! Sparkly shoes are the best. I could weep over this post right now! xx

  29. Love Love the bindhi! Some great pictures!

  30. I'm a sucker for a gored dress or skirt, for that matter. So glad your s[arkly shoes have magical powers--mine lost their touch.
    You make me smile :~)


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