Friday, September 28, 2012

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

I think I've managed to convince anyone who sees me in public I have a social life.
All it takes is a shiny maxi frock, in fact anything bright and shiny, lots of baubles and something plonked on my head to look like I'm actually Going Somewhere.
This is what I wore to visit the doctor and chemist, stocking up on Griffins biscuits (New Zealand's speciality) for scary movie munching this weekend (the little rascals are away for a couple of nights) and a flying op shop visit.

I'm wearing the exotic black lace scarf because it's school holidays and The Stylist has been painting my hair pink and yellow.
Aaaaaaaand it's not washing out.

1960s lurex maxi (with matching cape), bracelets, granny bag, scarf, 1970s sunnies - thrifted
Glass beads - eBay and gifted by Miss Dani-Long-Legs
Glass bead earrings - handmade and gifted by Heather of By the Sea
Rings - craft shops and thrifted

I'm wearing some nail decals from Cha Cha Covers.
They're a bit fiddly as you have to trim them to size and dunk them in water like temporary tattoos before applying, but I love them.
Today I'm wearing a mix of Virgin of Guadalupe and Day of the Dead sugar skulls.


Another quick outing earlier this week.
It involved a shock of yellow, a coffee and milkshake break, The Stylist and a camera.

Ooh there she is!
Beaded kaftan - flea market
Shitty tank top - who cares?
Leggings - Black Milk
Docs - Solestruck sale
Earrings - craft shop
Silk scarf and bag - thrifted

And there she is again, in school holiday mode: hair pinked up, Princess Leia plaited buns, temporary tattoos, black nails and the remains of scrubbed-off eye make up (only allowed at home).
Damn I wish I'd taken heaps of pics of The Stylist as her outfit was extra amazing, especially for a wee lassie recovering from a snot-fest.

These pics were taken a few weeks ago, I'd just forgotten about them and as they reminded me that good hair days are possible, they deserve an outing.

Oh RULLY?????

Military blazer, silk camisole, handbags, bangles, heart ring, domino earrings - thrifted
JPG mesh and rubber top - Zambesi, Auckland, NZ (in 1995)
Velvet shoes - Nine West sale
Creepy "Day of Judgement" leggings - Black  Milk
Camera mirror necklace - borrowed from The Stylist
Granny beads - Etsy
I'm attempting a record for scaring the pants off myself this weekend.
I've already watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose (it's fantastic!!!!) and I've got a wee selection lined up: The Haunting in Connecticut, Sinister and Insidious.  
I'm feeling all Halloween-y already.
What are you up to this weekend?
Molti baci,
Desiree xo

Friday, September 21, 2012

Shattered, Patched, Loved And Worn

I'm pretty sure this morning's snap outfit was my sub-conscious at work, after some serious late-night perving over Vix's patchwork curtain tutorial.
I woke up and simply had to get some patchwork on me!

These trews are part of a 1930s two-piece set.
The matching top must have been made for a small child, I can't even get it over my head, so I think I'll pass it onto The Stylist who is sure to rock it.
But the pants ... oh the pants!
Each piece of silk is hand stitched to the next with embroidery thread and attached by hand to calico lining.
I was pretty sceptical about them being from the 1930s, as the colours are so vibrant.
But on inspection it's clear these pants are pretty ancient: the silk is shattering, the elastic is disintegrating and there's one blue patch on my arse that sheds constantly ... sharing the love.
They're very high-waisted so I've hitched them up with a belt.
The pants are so delicate and I'm glad someone had sense to line them, otherwise they wouldn't be here in 2012.
They were probably made for some stage show.

One woman in the street today (???) told me I should cover up the shattered silk with brand-new fabric.
Cover it up?  
Err no!  What's the point?

I treat these pants with great care and respect as I love the beauty and history of old clothing that's damaged and falling apart.
To stick a label on it, I guess it's all very Miss Haversham-Steampunk. 
But to me it feels like the fabric is telling the story of its life, I'm just the voice.
You can see in these pics how much these pants have lived.
Oh and who doesn't love a pair of flares?

Do you wear old shite you love that's falling apart?
Where do you draw the line?

1980s sequinned top - gifted by the beautiful Heather of By the Sea
1930s patchwork pants - eBay
Leather bangle - gifted by sweet Erica Louise of Recycled Fashion
UJ ring - gifted by Miss Dani-Long-Legs (happy birthday sweetie!)
All other jewellery and 1960s handbags - thrifted
Melissa VW Wing shoes - Amazon
I hope you get to mix it up a bit and have an utterly fabulous weekend:).
Desiree xo

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sealed For Your Protection

Gracious, the circus is back in town!
Which means delighting or shocking the public and causing a wee ruckus ... yes, this was today's outfit.
The delicious pin-striped jacket was a gift from Toronto-based artist and mistress of all things dandy, Georgie of Retro G Couture.
She makes top hats, tail and bustle coats and snazzy fitted jackets ... and she's just wrapped up a show touring with the Canadian National Exhibition.
You can check out pics of the amazing outfits she dressed carni performers in at Dickensian Dandy.
Yesterday a parcel of joy turned up from the delightful Georgie and in the true spirit of a travelling carni-gal, I simply had to put an outfit together today in her honour.

Hot pants - gifted by Jayne at Boodwah
Bodysuit and leggings - Black Milk
Doc Martens - Solestruck sale
Earrings - Etsy
Granny beads - flea market

I nearly passed out in ecstasy when I unwrapped this beautiful cotton jacket with its wee bustle, gorgeous patches and ribbon trims.

I snaffled the patent leather Doc Marten boots for a bargainous $68 in a Solestruck spot sale where I also scored some JC's for a song.
Doc Marten eight-hole boots go for around $200 here in Brisbane.
Oh and free postage from the US to Australia is not to be sneezed at either!

As for the hot pants, GAH ... they're so soft, frilly, shiny and oh I dunno ... fabularse!!!

Judging by some of the comments and looks this outfit garnered today, I'd say I scored 100% for sparking outrage and recommend sensitive types start wearing shock absorbers or dark glasses.
Careful now ... down with this sort of thing!
Desiree xo

Monday, September 17, 2012

I Like 'Em Jumbo

Mondays don't have to be all doom and gloom.
Huge-o flares, platforms and hair bows should be extra wide, high and large to take the focus off the misery and on what matters.
Size baby ... it's a Monday thing.
Sparkle, shine and generally wake up your work mates by making it a Massive Monday.
Make it count ... large style.

 I feel so good, if there was a limbo pole nearby I'm pretty sure I would try to tackle it.

 Many moons ago I gnashed my teeth to stumps over these shoes ... then two weeks ago, Solestruck had a one-day sale and thanks to my jumbo feet, they had my size at a quarter of the price!

 1970s lurex flares, t-shirt, 1960s beauty case - various flea markets
Harlequin bow - Jubilee gift from the darling Em of Vintage Sweetheart
Bangles, domino earrings, metal necklace, rings - thrifted
Glass granny necklace - De Mille Vintage
Shoes - Solestruck sale

It's amazing what you can you with a cool filter.
This is the first time I'm linking up to Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

It Really Doesn't Take a Crystal Ball

I can't predict the future, but looking at The Stylist's outfit I'm fairly sure she's got some fascinating sartorial adventures ahead of her.
I just KNOW I couldn't have put an outfit like this together when I was nine.

The occasion?
The Stylist competed in an op-shop challenge, the inspiration of the lovely Sarah at Op-Shopping in Wynnum, as part of Saturday's first Bayside Art and Music Festival.
Each competitor had to come up with a creative, inspiring outfit from our many local oppys for  $20 or less.
The Stylist was dead keen to compete and I just stood in the middle of Aid for the Blind like a goose on Friday while she whisked about and snatched up her supplies.
One proud mama.
She came up with this fab African-themed outfit (thanks for the inspiration Mma Precious Ramotswe).
Cotton tunic - $10
Red belt - $1
Leopard-print scarf - $3
Shell necklace - 50 cents
Gold-frame "pimp" sunnies - $3
Hoop earrings - $2
Total - $19.50

I wanted to enter too but was invited to be one of the judges so how could I say no?
I felt extremely honoured:).

Headband - more at Sassy Vamps!
Aeroplane earrings, crinoline, 1960s sequinned top, embroidered bag, Indian necklace, bangles - thrifted
Pink and orange sparkly necklace - gifted by UK's Most Fab Tourist of the Year, Krista
Leggings - you-know-where
VW Melissa shoes - shopped by fabbo Suzanne

My fellow judge, the very gorgeous Sarah, snatched up this fab t-shirt from Vinnies ... hey, we oppy-challenge judges have to walk the walk don't we?

Gosh, this judging thing is a terribly serious business!

We decided it was a draw, this very gorgeous wee laddie in his all-thrifted outfit with the t-shirt slogan saying "The Rockstar just arrived".
He brought along his own guitar as a prop.
Oh and he was the only boy entrant ... c'mon lads!

And look at that, yes The Stylist was the other winner.
The look on my face?
Well maybe I'm trying to disguise my glee ... I had to rely on Sarah to make the final decision because I didn't want to be biased and really, the wee lassie had made such a fabulous effort on her own.  
The only help she needed from me was to tie her scarf for her.
Congratulations sweetie!

Then it was time to let our hair down and make lamingtons, spend lots of time crafting with stencils, screen-printing, making jellyfish and fabric jewellery.

Actually The Stylist did all that, I just kicked my shoes off and lazed around in the sunshine watching her and the scenery.
People-watching can be ever so relaxing.

I hope you've had a cracker weekend:).
Molti baci,
Desiree xo
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