Thursday, August 11, 2011

Glorious Girdles

Lots of things used to scare the willies out of me as a kid.
That's normal right?
But for some reason, the vestiges of womanhood were some of the scariest of all.
Such as huge, flacid, beige bras flapping menacingly on the clothes line alongside enormous granny knickers resembling chopping boards.
Or my nana posing for a photograph outside wearing a white all-in-one girdle.
Eeek to an eight-year-old!

This is the type of thing my Nana wore.
I thought it was a torture device. I mean really, why couldn't she wear Holly Hobbie undies like a normal person?
Since the passing of those frightening childhood memories, I've worn girdles as skirts.
I love the way they fit and the feel of the gentle pat-pat of the clips against my legs as I walk.

They're fun and a wee bit risque, which is actually rubbish when you consider how many women wear camisoles, bra and corset-style tops as outer wear.
You can just see the girdle's metal clips hanging below the jacket.

 During last weekend's vintage and designer pop-up market I fell in love with a navy, red and gold brocade jacket.
It seemed just the thing to go with my latest vintage girdle purchase from LaMeow Vintage's Etsy shop.

  I'm wearing the jacket with a 1960s beaded and sequinned wool top from a local flea market, Black Milk Liquids, F21 booties and thrifted Glomesh earrings.  And yes, I'm double bagging it again today.

 The headband was handmade by a really lovely girl at a suitcase rummage The Stylist and I spotted on Saturday.
We made a bee-line and bought a floral headband each.  I've worn mine everyday this week.

 The top's an orgy of beads!

 I love to do a bit of a shimmy in this top.  
How could you not shimmy with all those beads just hanging there?

 A close-up of the super-comfy girdle and leggings.

Two happy, purring cats:)).
I hope you're enjoying your week my lovelies.
Desiree xo


  1. I think I need a girdle now! I wouldn't have thought of wearing one that way, how clever. And I do love that spangly top and pvc leggings, you are such a genius with combinations D xx

  2. Gorgeous jacket. I love that sort of styling, and red, blue and gold is always a winner. Fab. X

  3. I suddenly really need a girdle, that looks amazing! The combination with leggings and the top is fabulous.

    When I was a child I watched "Scenes from a Marriage" on tv, it scared me so much I decided to never grow up.

  4. FAAABULOUS combo as always - that jacket is AMAZING! I have also been known to wear girdles as skirts - they are comfy and I love the feeling of them, especially over leggings. Your liquid leggings are incredible.

    I want to know why your Nan was having her picture taken outside, in her girdle!

    Sarah xxx

  5. The things that you make work on you always amaze me! This is just GREAT! I really can't imagine wearing a contraption like that UNDER my clothes! In fact, I really don't like shapers anyway. Even modern ones...they tend to make me claustrophobic. So I have a bulge here and there? so what?! It's me! Big girdle squeezin' hug to you gorgeous! ~Serene

  6. Wowee, Desiree, this look is kinda 20s-flapper-meets-punk-sex-kitten!! It's SOOOO you!
    That jacket fits you to perfection.
    Can we have a film clip of your shimmy please?

  7. Check out those legs!! Wow. Cool outfit - as always!! xx

  8. soooooo sexy, I love this outfit post. I would have never ever even thought about a girdle as a skirt it looks fierce with those liquid leggings. I also love that flower headband.

    You are BEAUTIFUL!

  9. You are DIVINE!! and wonderfully eccentric!! Ohhh please come to Sydney and let's get high on life (and absinthe!) and giggle at a burlesque night!

  10. Oh you sexy mama! I do love your girdle, it looks bloody amazing, even the cat's giving you the eye. My Grandma's undies used to scare the bejesus out of me, too. xxx

  11. Love the jacket :)

  12. MEOW!!!
    OOooo,Vera would be proud!
    Love the jacket,fecking cool as! G'll be drooling over that,sigh...!
    Girdles are wonderful,aren't they! I haven't the guts to wear them as you do-nor that hot bod-but I do have a couple I wear under frocks that require a little extra foundation! It's a totally glorious combination that you're wearing,as usual!I LOVE how you come up with this fabulous looks!EEEEK!
    O,and I can't stop thinking about my wonderful parcel!You've so read my mind,as I've been fancying Sarah Sophie Flickers style this week,and low and behold,shoes and a hat that'll be just perfect! gawd,I love it all.You and The Stylist are mega sweeties!
    Arse gropings!

  13. those garters up against those shiny leggings--too good.

  14. You are going to set the next trend GF! And I want that headband!! That is so cool; its like a cloth tiara!!!! You are so much fun~

  15. OMG! Babe you rock! I just found your blog and I'm loving it! Your style is awesome! :)

  16. I love girdles! I love them as underwear, they make me feel sexy and feminine. And I love to wear them as skirts too. You look fabulous.

  17. Amor,
    You can chimmy sham me anytime, love your beaded top, I am eyeing your flower headband hat. Your jacket is so cool and quirky.
    I thought of wearing my girdle as a skirt once but my girldle is too short.

  18. omg.
    you are absolutely amazing. <333333333333 in every way possible
    ah!!!!! you are so beautiful!!!!

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