Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Haven't a Square To Spare

My wardrobe choices are dwindling.
And it's not only because I've been having a relentless sort-out to separate the worn from the unworn in my sprawling wardrobe.
I've banged on 10kg in the past three months and I have very little to wear anymore.
I simply don't have a square to spare!

The situation is under control.
Ditching Lithium from my medication regime and getting back to three classes a week of Bikram Yoga has been the most wonderful thing for my brain and hopefully soon, my bodeh.
But you know what?
I've realised I have loads of things I absolutely love wearing to bits.
And the things I'm not bothered about, well, I never really was bothered about them too much and selling or passing on things I can't see myself wearing again has been wonderful therapy.
I'm on the LAST hook of this shiny rainbow skirt and my Der Kuss-print swimsuit is a little bigger than my others, while the bed jacket is pretty much something I can wear anytime.
Shoes?  Jewellery? Bags? Well you can wear or use them at any size.

Vintage bedjacket - Etsy
Klimt swimsuit - Black Milk
Skirt and bag - Aid for the Blind op shop
Pink spike bracelet - gift from babelicious Vix
"FREEK" necklace - custom made by Bones Couture
Green vintage earrings - Christmas present from hubby
Shoes - Melissa sale

Number Three Son snapped these pics off before I took him to get some Saturday night fish and chips on the waterfront.
No, Mama didn't have any. 
She had her homemade Magic Soup, a vegetable soup with a whole bulb of garlic in it, a delicious, warm concoction that I put The Phoenix on to help him successfully lose 30+kg in 2012-13.

Sic F*cks tshirt - gift from the Manic Panic chicks
Flares - DIY using a cotton sheet and a pattern from sweet Tamera
Pink skull bracelet - gift made by delicious Krista
Granny beads and green necklace - op shops and market
Creepers - Dolls Kill sale
Globe earrings - eBay

The Stylist had savings burning a whole in her pocket and I took her shopping today wearing nuns on the top and ballerinas on the bottom.
I had a gift voucher and used it to buy a diary, part of my resolution to write more journal scribblings.
It started in the new year when I bought a little book called A Sentence A Day, which is part of The Happiness Project, where I answer a new question every day for three years.
To compliment the book, I've got small paper A5 journals where I expand upon my sentence-a-day thoughts.
I'm really enjoying it and along with hot yoga at 38 degrees, it's helping to control some of my Bi-Polar Disorder swings.
Oh I had a shed-load of sun spots zapped this week, eek!!
The backs of my hands are a mess at the moment but they're healing nicely.

Did you make any new year changes and how's that going for you?
Big hugs, 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Faded Hair and Elastic Waists

No clashing cymbals, no big announcements, I've snuck into 2014 through the side door.
That's probably because I don't want to jinx myself or my intentions, just quietly chip away.
I had to don my thinking crown to survive Brisbane's recent heatwave, which has thankfully passed.
Lots of cold showers, baths and swims to cool off, dripping, fading hair and preferably little or no clothing.
Waistbands and shoes? Ugh!  Too, too much.
Now the heat has abated, I can revisit some of my trusty old summer frock friends, firstly this cotton number called Dorothy, which I bought at a market about six years ago.
It's the first time it's ever really fit properly as it's always been far too big, dropping off my shoulders and wot-not.
Local bakers should thank me for necking so many fruit mince pies.

Spiked headband, vintage square dance dress, 1960s beauty case, fruit necklace, bangle - second hand
Pink star earrings - gift from dear Tamera
Paper bead necklace, rose headband - DIY
Shoes - Melissa

I'm wearing the green eyeshadow in the centre of this beautiful palette, which I bought during Lime Crime's 30 per cent off Cyber Monday sale ... bargain!
The palette is called Aquataenia and the colours are saturated and I'd say medium-long lasting using an eye primer.
Manic Panic's Lust Dust, which darling Suzanne gifted me, are more stay-fast and incredibly intense!

The Stylist and I made our first trip to the local op shops in a quite a while and boom!  
This fantastic early-80s Praktica camera leaped out at me, a bargain at $15, I had some unused film in the fridge at home, found the manual online and now it's my new toy.
I enjoy learning how to use it and I love the sound of the shutter clacking away.

I also found DVD treasures, patterns for $1 each and fab plastic jewellery for 50 cents a piece.

Oh what the hell, let's start 2014 with a bit of a lurk ... some of my goodies.
I had a bit of a tidy of the sideboard I call my dressing table and The Stylist squealing-ly scored loot galore.  
The remaining necklaces ended up neatly arranged on my cork board, earrings hanging off old hangers with crochet covers and other bits and pieces in sweet dishes.

Bowls of sweets.
More necklaces, mostly my vintage granny beads.

An Avon powder-puff bowl full of hair clips.
(Did anyone EVER use those powders?)

 More candy ... some of my brooches.

Happy days!
Desiree x
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