Friday, December 30, 2011

I Have Always Depended on the Kindness of Strangers

The irony of Blanch DuBois's famous line in A Streetcar Named Desire is I've never depended on such kindness.
But what I've learned in 2011 is there are very kind and generous people, many that have never met each other in the flesh, who have been just so.

What has this thing called blogging unleashed into the stratosphere?

A cacophony of supportive voices, cheers of encouragement and shrieks of delight at the miracle that has been born ... 
Thousands upon thousands of personal style and fashion bloggers who have discovered the joy of camaraderie, friendship, sisterhood and love.

Today I wore gifts from two bloggers, just two among many who selflessly think of their blogger sisters they've never met, or met just once or twice.
The bonds of friendship forged through blogging take place at the pace of the writer.
Nothing is forced, we each own our private space: our blogs.
Blog as the medium.
Blogger as the instigator, holding out the hand of friendship.

Yes well, enough of listening to me talking out of my arse.
Today I gave yesterday's shorts/culottes another whirl when I took The Stylist out to spend a gift card she'd been given.

 Just.  Have.  To.  Pick.  Up.  That.  Stick.  Oh jeez ... my back!

I really felt like I was about to take off in this pic!

Yeah suckers, move outta the way coz mama's got precious cargo on board and she's armed to the hilt against the suburban scourge to defend her wee hen.

The headband is so big it brushes the roof - now that's power!

The Stylist quite enjoys a bit of on-board entertainment ... Haaaaaaaalelujah!!!!!!

DIY top and 1970s bag - gifts from the lovely Erica Louise
Tribal necklace - from the unstoppable Aminta
Zambesi shorts - flea market
Red headband - me
VW Melissa's - Amazon
Sunnies - Melbourne
Are you with me?  Have you been gobsmacked this year at the kindness and generosity of virtual strangers?
Desiree xo

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Going Loca for Espania!

OK so I'm ready for that big move to Spain I promised myself as a 19-year-old hitchhiker.
I fell in love with the people, the land and the food, and swore I would return one day.
Well ... it's not going to happen just yet, but the temptation is even stronger after getting my Christmas swap parcel all the way from Spain today, from the gloriously off-beat queen of style, Aminta.
The swap was organised by Aminta herself and my Spanish heart throb, Sacramento of Mis Papelicos.
Thank you for pulling this swap together ladies and Aminta, I think I adore you more today even more than I did yesterday!!

I ripped open Aminta's parcel with glee and put the gorgeous heavy tribal necklace on straight away, as it went with the purple kaftan I was wearing this morning.
The 1970s green-blue pleated blouse was screaming "style me, style me" and how could I refuse?

 The Stylist recommended I calm down with a nice hot cuppa.

But it was very, very difficult to keep still for the photos.
Bless her.

Just making sure you cop an eyeful here ... at the VW Melissa Temptations II I picked up half-price in the Melissa Australia two-day sale just before Christmas.
Hey, so who doesn't love a shoe bargain?

 Just in case you missed them in the previous four pics - haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

 Zambesi shorts - flea market
1950s cardigan - Christmas gift from The Phoenix
All bangles, earrings, necklace and teal tights - thrifted
White fence net tights - eBay
1950s cocktail head piece and leopard-print bag - Dandelion Vintage sale
Shoes - Melissa Australia

I already have this cute little guy jammed between the pages of the book I'm reading right now:).
Thank you so much Aminta!!
Oh and I've got a pic feature on the Brazilian, Plastic Fantastic blog  ... what a wonderful surprise!!  Thank you to Penny for putting this one together ... I loved translating from Portuguese and reading the comments.
Apparently I am either loca and disgraceful or I have every right to dress however I like at my age ... I'm so happeeeeeee to have generated a bit of discussion.  
Now that's what blogging is all about ... weee heeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Go loca!!
Molti abbraccio e baci,
Desiree xoxo

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Turkey Curry Buffet

I love leftovers ... food, books, furniture, clothes ... you name it.
So last night I made a pasta dish of leftovers from Christmas leftovers.
Due to their unpopularity, the leftovers are in the freezer and in future will be reheated and eaten as leftovers (by me), no doubt with some burning-ring-of-fire hot chilli sauce to distract me from the fact my leftovers are so despised by others.
So I'm heaping your post-Christmas plates with a dollop of my favourite leftovers of 2011.
If you don't like leftovers, shame on you!
Eat up slowly and I hope you don't get indigestion from my turkey curry buffet!

Thank you so much all of you lovely readers for visiting or following my blog this year.
I don't know where I'd be without your company - you never cease to make me scream with laughter or tear-up like an emotional train wreck.
Here's to more of that wonderful malarky for another year - 2012!
Love Desiree xo

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