Friday, July 29, 2011

What Do You Do With a Lad Like Jack?

Give him a Friday treat, that's what.
This is really only a treat if you fancy horror movies, which I'm not a big fan of ... except for The Shining.
So when this psychotic little number popped up in the Black Milk shop I just knew I needed a bit of Jack and his lunatic smile in my life.

Oh, and guess what?
It's a dress.
Which means it qualifies for Frock On A Friday.

Kids!  Dinner's ready!

I've layered the dress with an old children's kilt, vintage cardigan, Black Milk leggings, a 1930s cocktail hat, 1980s snakeskin clutch and 1960s men's patent leather shoes.

I love the big buckles on these super comfy shoes.

Oh my stars I can't believe it's a dress!

Little Johnny will take one look at me and hide.

Yesterday I decided to wear it with this Edwardian silk petticoat and 1940s fur cape.

I'm sure Jack would pull this old frozen-in-ice trick if he saw his face on a dress!
The lovely Vanessa of Nessbow interviewed me earlier this week about personal style - she's a darling and asked some very interesting questions.
Thank you Vanessa!


  1. Ohhhh I am a big fan of Jack hehe. My hubby does a good imitation too lol
    If you get chance drop by my Dezinaworld blog today to grab some freebies and see the new prize challenge for the month
    Have a fabulous weekend

  2. Oh DD not my type of thing arhhhh you know I have never watched that movie and never intend to I am not a horror film gal way too scary for me lol.I was actually thinking DDs not doing FOF and you did lol.xx

  3. That's such a cool frock! I want one! X

  4. Would you look look look at those fabulous pins?!
    You and Jack make a fine pair!
    Those shoes are men's? They look amazing. As do you, you insanely crazy style queen!

  5. Oh too cute 4 wordsmy darling, oh how inspired you are ?!!!

  6. I bet Jack'd be thrilled to be emblazoned on your chest! I love your expression whilst wielding the fish slice, too brilliant. Those buckled shoes are just divine.
    Apart from The Shining I love Jeepers Creepers but usually the whole horror genre doesn't do much for me. xxx

  7. Holy crow, that dress is killer! (bad-dum-tsh!) I must look into getting myself one...

  8. RED RUM RED RUM RED RUM! You are so cool for first wearing this but secondly for what you pair it with! I love this dress on you and wow you have quite the rocking bod my dear. Those witchy shoes are sublime with that buckle.

    You own your style everyday!

  9. Brilliant as dress and top! Love Jack! Have you ever seen the Shining trailer recut as a romcom? Hilarious stuff, I've pasted the link! xx

  10. AHAHAHAHA That second picture is the craziest one of you I HAVE SEEN. I love it Des, you look positively MAD. I love your cardigan and the jewelery.

  11. Teehee, I just love the pics where Jack seems to hide in your cardigan and tries to bite the top of your skirt... *growl*

  12. you are so cute (first pic) and funny

  13. Those shoes are fabbbullouus as is your new frock! Have a great weekend. xx

  14. I can't even tell you how genuis pairing that with the pettiocoat/fur stole is, but it is GENIUS. You look awesome.

  15. You crack me up! I could not wear that dress - I find him quite scary! Bet your kids behaved themselves.

  16. Oh wow the second picture is just amazing!

  17. I have to admit that dress is a little terrifying! But, it also looks incredible, and I love the way you've styled it!

  18. You look amazing, as always - your combinations are always so inspired and inspiring! I LOVE Jack and I love that dress!

    And - it must be warm up there. it's currently minus seven here... not a chance in hell of wearing short sleeves for months yet!

    Sarah xxx


  19. I love your post and blog so much!!!.))

    I need your help. I spend another survey but this time with another question.
    "Where do you prefer to shop? What is your favorite shopping center?"

  20. Great outfit combos as usual. Love the cocktail hat. I stayed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO several years ago in THE room that 'The Shining' action took place. Had memories of that weekend as I viewed your blog this morning!

  21. Love that dress and the leggings, the combination with the mini kilt and the cute hat is perfect.

  22. love them shoes and that skirt
    that hotel (that movie was made in) is here in Colorado, we stayed in that town for a few days one summer, didnt stay there but someday we will. Big hotel.
    Thats a place to go if you visit here.
    did you ever see the 2nd making of that movie?
    i didnt like it as much as the first

  23. This is one of the best, and funniest, outfit posts I have ever seen! Hilarious with the 'Kids, dinner's ready!' I can't stop laughing. Thank you for getting my Saturday off to a great start. You are the best Desiree!

  24. Whoa, that shirt is amazing! I especially love the outfit with the maxi skirt, and fur. Lovely! You will looooove the LMS soundtrack- there are some really beautiful 'Devotchka' songs on it- and I usually don't care for instrumental songs too often :). I love food blogs too! But feel the same way about the pics, haha. I'm sure noone would even notice if we did though :).

  25. love the whole outfits you've worn, and how you layered the dress under some pretty skirts!, so great idea!. You're fabulous with your tartan skirt and leopard cardi!
    Love your shiny leggings, black or blue, they're gorgeous!, and also love your shoes (I'm a huge fan of patent shoes!!)

  26. How absolutely amazing is that dress/top! What a marvellous find!

    I'm loving that sumptuous Edwardian silk petticoat. I'm so glad you wear it as an actual skirt as it's much too gorgeous to be worn beneath a skirt!

    I love your outfits - you are the grooviest mum in the world! xxx

  27. I'm not sure I'd come to dinner if my mother was wearing this dress! It's a cool frock...

  28. Gosh, this dress is scarier than the movie (of which I've only seen the first half or so because I got bored by bad special effects?)! Which is to say it's awesome but I wouldn't dare to wear it myself. Also, the accessories and other clothes items you paired with it are equally awesome. That Edwardian petticoat...!


  29. That is highlarious and awesome.

  30. Where the FECK have I been?!
    I've missed several posts of your deliciousness,not least the one where you had a dream of me!!!! OOOOOER! And it wasn't a saucy dream?! I'm a little disappointed.....Still,I'm thrilled to have made an appearance!!!
    Every damned outfit you put together just makes my head whirl with desire and envy!YOU ARE JUST TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!
    O,and I probably wouldn't be too bothered going to Poison,but I'd love to go to a Motley Crue gig.Crassness indeed!
    I'm gonna go check out your interview now-no idea what happened to my one with the Turd,maybe she realised I ain't as cool as I could be! Cool schmool!
    Slurps! XXXXXXXXX

  31. oooh I love Jack, thats one of my fave movies amor. You look so cute your Jack top made me smile today.
    I love the picture of you wearing it with petticoat and fur cape.
    I am going go check out your interview.

  32. I love Jack too and the dress is genius! I love your Shining face and the way you've styled it both times but the Edwardian petticoat and fur is my favourite xx


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