Friday, August 31, 2012

Avoiding Housework and Other Domestic Sluttiness

It's spring cleaning time.
After calling in the professionals to de-mould the ceiling and walls, they promised they'd be back that afternoon to blitz the house.
All I needed to do was clear all the living and domestic-type areas.
Ring-ring ... "sorry we can't come until Saturday now".
Thanks but no thanks, you can shove your promises ... so now I smell of bleach, but the house is starting to look less like a hovel.
Oh god, I'm boring myself even talking about this shite!
Here's a pretty hat and some Friday frockage instead.

1950s cocktail hat (bought for my wedding but I wore a blue one instead) - Etsy
Silk frock, green heart ring and sparkly pendant - thrifted
Sequinned carni-gal corset - from my beautiful sweet-pea, Curtise
1950s beaded cardi - Camberwell Markets, Melbourne
VW Melissa 3-Straps - shopped by gorgeous Suzanne
1960s beauty case - flea market
Black and silver ring - gifted by Hornbag of all Hornbags, Helga
"D" Scrabble ring - made and gifted by delish Nelly
Glass necklace - De Mille Vintage, Melbourne

To further my enthusiastic support of domestic sluttery, I'll share Issue Five of the London College of Fashion's Pigeons and Peacocks with you.
It's the second copy I've read.
I have a very healthy hate-love-hate relationship with all fash mags, yet to my delight the first issue took me six months to fully digest.
I'm lying it was more like eight months.
I think this one might last me up until Christmas.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, Desiree xoxo

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quote of the Day

"You make me jealous I'm not a woman": one of my favourite local barista's response to this morning's outfit.
Bless him.

1970s bridesmaid frock (which I cut short), military blazer, leather gloves (DIY'ed) - thrifted
Headband - my latest creation, more in my shop Sassy Vamps!
1960s beauty case and sparkle shoes - markets
Frida Kahlo earrings - Etsy
Leggings - Black Milk

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweet Little Bullet from a Pretty Blue Gun

Stop laughing at my prosti hair coz I got a pretty gun and I ain't afraid to use it.
No make-up except for some smudged lippy ... I'd only been awake for about 30 minutes.
Yes, I had another nanna nap this arvo, in the same frock I whipped on at 7am.

The Phoenix and I made a rare public appearance today and it was delightful.
After school, The Stylist and I dragged him into an amazing art, vintage, craft and second-hand book and record emporium and we all had a ball!
The Dia de los Muertos necklace reminded me of my favourite putta, La Dama, as I know she's been hanging out for some gun bling for ages.
Man I'll miss that wench when she goes to California to visit her enormous family next month.

You can read the rest of this post if you promise not to look at my newly-washed hair - I hate clean hair!!
I bought this scrumptious 1970s cotton frock and the necklace from ... yep, Aid for the Blind.
The frock was originally purchased at the bargainous price of $5 for my hot Vixen, as I thought it would be too small for me.
But once I got it home I thought, what the hell I'll try it on.
Sorry Vix, this wee number with its enormous frill is staying home with mama;).

While The Phoenix was checking out the vintage Matchbox cars and having a yarn with the shop owner, The Stylist and I went a bit nuts with the camera.
We thought this coat was a lot of fun and it felt beautiful on.

That's as much of The Phoenix you'll see today.

The Stylist trying out a vest made from reeds and seeds before I set her loose with the camera.

A bit of trip down memory lane for The Phoenix and I, so The Stylist snapped away at some of the second-hand vinyl and CDS we were drooling over.

I've been looking for a copy of this CD for AGES ... reminds me of Number One Son ... missing him!
At eight bucks, I snapped it up.

While The Phoenix, who is a huge Tom Waits fan, found his favourite Waits CD.


Ooh, there he is again!

More Mexi prosti joy ... gawd I love this necklace so much but The Stylist thinks the colours don't suit me.
I think mama knows best on this occasion.
Speaking of sexy Mexi's, many of you will already know La Dama of Vintage Passions Just Like Mine and if not, you haven't lived.
I know this because it felt like I was breathing through a paper bag until I discovered her blog.
As part of Citizen Rosebud's focus on celebrating the original and fabulous, La Dama is both and more.
Pop over and say hola to a true original who gives zero fucks!
 Move over biatches for che bella!!

 And give that gorgeous woman an arse-squeeze while you're there, K?

How's your heart?
You still alive?
OK now you can go over and ask La Dama to read your cards ... 
Desiree xo

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm Having an All-Over Body Experience

Taken two days ago, these pics show you what I wore to do my mama/wife/carer/household/me jobs around and about town.
Ummmm ... I really have no words to describe or explain this outfit.
But it made me feel happy.
I should probably just shut up and leap into a giant vat of glitter.
If only I could find one.

Pink and orange star necklace - made and gifted by the pink-tastic Krista
Sequin beret, skirt (with a bit of DIY by me), bead necklace, earrings, bangles, granny bag - thrifted
1950s cardigan - Camberwell Market, Melbourne
Tights - Sock Dreams
VW Melissa Lady Dragon Ball shoes - shopped by scrumptious Suzanne
T-shirt - sale

The Stylist's 3D glasses will just have to do until I find a pair of star sunnies as good as Bootsy Collins'.

That gorgeous pocket-rocket, Citizen Rosebud, has put the call out to open the velvet drapes on our favourite, awesome, original and creative style-bloggers.
Have you met Rhia of Evil Dressmaker yet?
She made this absolutely incredible 30s-style frock from a curtain!

And what's she wearing underneath?
A romp-worthy 1930s silk slip crafted by Rhia's own fair hands!
Incredible or what?!!

How about this tunic?
Also made out of a curtain.
I think Rhia and I would have a ball hanging out, checking out the summer festivals in Finland, sewing some out-of-this-world gear and drinking copious amounts of tea.
She's a woman who celebrates her own true style at full-tilt:).

So pop over and check out Rhia, oh and give her an arse-squeeze from me!
I love this mini-revolution we're having, I think I need to share another one of my favourite bloggers next time.
Stay tuned horn-bags!!!
Desiree xoxo
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