Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dressing Room Dramas

I amaze myself sometimes.
There must be a scientific law for the process, but somehow I manage to pull together daily outfits that defy the illogical way they're stored.

This outfit was put together from pieces stored in four rooms, hanging from door handles, curtain rails and kitchen shelves.
Cue: Mad woman in tights and blouse races out of bedroom to snatch up a skirt from the "office", bursts in on Number Two Son to raid his closet for a cape, casts eye over ironing board for recent favourite trinkets on display, then scrabbles around under a bed for shoe boxes.

Don't I look amazingly cool, calm and collected after all that rummaging?
So what did I scrabble together for this overcast, chilly day?
Both the 1960s gold and green brocade blouse ($12) and black brocade pencil skirt ($13) were Etsy bargains; 1930s Persian lamb cape from eBay (around $30); fishnet t-shirt ($7); 1960s bag thrifted for $1;  lace-top hold-ups (raoww!) from Sock Dreams and VW Melissa Temptations from Amazon (on sale!!!!).

 The fur collar gives a bit of extra warmth - bargain from Dandelion Vintage for a buck.

 Close-up of this lovely soft fabric - I really like the flat mandarin collar and bound buttons.
So back to the wardrobe problem.
I think it's simply the accumulation a vintage collection with triffid-like tendencies.
One day it will grow to suffocate everyone who enters the house and my collection will be banished to the garage, where I will erect a camp bed and spend long hours talking to my clothes.
First sign of madness?  Talking to shoes and vintage evening gowns.
Well, pop me in a strait-jacket coz I'm already there.

 I talk to my tops.

 I have deep and meaningful chats with the wee lovelies I'm currently coveting as they hang about my bedroom or clutter the floor.

 Suits and dresses have their place - barely.  They're surrounded by storage boxes belonging to all and sundry.

Coats, jackets and capes have a loving home - shame the home is called my son's bedroom closet.
Clearly I need to address this problem of clothing storage.
At least I do have some sort of storage order in the chaos:  tops and blouses - bedroom closet; skirts, dresses and suits - dodgy portable racks in the "office"; coats, jackets and capes - son's room.
It just means I have to race from one room to the next to put an outfit together.

 I'll bet this baby doesn't get into a tizz over dressing. 

Sigh ... oh for a dressing room of one's own.
How do you organise your wardrobe chaos?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cocktail Hour in the Waiting Room

I'm sure the receptionists at my doctor's surgery half-expected me to hand out a tray of martinis when I rolled in late yesterday afternoon.   
Can't say I blame them, I guess not many people attend their appointments in a 1940s beaded cocktail dress.

I snapped these off quickly before I dashed out before dark, as I haven't shown you this little number before.

This black rayon frock has held it's colour well.  That's what I love about rayon fabrics made between the 1930s-50s.  They appear to be in the same condition as when they were made, unless of course, some fool hangs them in direct sunlight.  
Oh, but this one just wouldn't be the same without the blue and purple beads would it?
The outfit actually started with the purple tights and shoes ... then I looked about for a (un)suitable frock to pair with them.


The frock was bought years ago from eBay, I can recall that it was a steal at around $15.
The vintage silver, leather, dancing shoes were thrifted for $4, the feather earrings were something like a buck.
Tights - Sock Dreams.
1960s handbag - gift from Nelly.

The coat is part of a 1960s three-piece woollen suit I thrifted a few years ago for the grand price of $20.
I was standing at the shop counter waiting to pay for some earrings when someone walked in and donated the suit to the lovely volunteer.
I spotted the jet-black, bobble-design fabric and froze.
The vultures started swooping just as I managed to pop the question: "Would it be OK if I had a look at that please?" **Just frickin' hand it over lady, it's coming home with me before these bitches tear my hair out!**
There was much audible gnashing of teeth and baring of claws by the gathering audience as I slapped a crumpled 20 on the counter and got out of there before you could say "collectible early-60s vintage".
The suit is made up of a lined shift dress, a long waist coat with green lining and the coat, which I wear the most.
I didn't realise until later that I'd walked through a spider web and it stuck on the bottom of the coat - hope I gave the spider a thrill, not a scare;).

Back to the frock, it's beaded front and back and has self-covered buttons both on the sleeves and at the back, which I choose to leave open because I'm not double-jointed.

Nearly 70 years old and not a bead missing.  Ha!

A big arse-squeeze to all you bloggers out there who spend precious moments popping in and saying hello - so many kind people and new visitors too - you are my sunshine:). Mwahh!
Desiree xo

Monday, June 27, 2011

What Would Wilma Wear?

If Wilma Flintstone were around today, I'm sure she'd be a shoe queen.
In fact, the prehistoric glamour puss might even approve of a bit of animal print worn with clashing colours.
Like these naughty VW Melissa Temptations.

I'm wearing a late 1940s rayon dress I bought off eBay many years ago for about $20.
The 1960s wool and leopard-print fabric cardigan is so cozy, also from eBay.
I'm developing an addiction to old cardigans.  I have a couple of 1950s beaded ones and could do with about 10 more.  How can I justify that living in Brisbane?  I can't.  Ha!

The leopard-print pony skin belt was thrifted, as well as the layered tights, bangles and eel skin clutch.

 I really like the panel feature on the front of the skirt.  It swishes and swings about when I walk.

 I gave myself a haircut last night.  There are a couple of bits that need tidying up but I like how my Mona Lisa earrings get to show off again.

 Now you can see where Wilma Flintstone comes in.  This leopard-print vintage half-slip always reminds me of her.  See the scalloped hem?

 The cardi has two faux-fur panels - super warm!!

 These shoes have been screaming at me since they arrived a week ago - "Goddamn it, just wear me!"
Have you tried any daring colour or texture combinations lately?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Casual Saturday

Famous last words and all that, but at this rate I can't see myself bothering about denim jeans ever again.
Earlier in the winter I decided to challenge myself by avoiding jeans this season.
I declared I would ban the booty and stick to frocks, skirts and proper trousers.
I sought your suggestions for keeping warm and one piece of advice that stuck, was to try maxi skirts with layers of tights and long socks as the temperature dropped.
One reader even suggested a flannelette long half-slip to trap warm air in.

I can report I haven't cheated at all and have been piling on the layers to keep warm.
I'm not even tempted to wear my jeans!
Hmmm ... I wonder what the future bodes for my old denim friends.
The only pants I've worn are trousers or leggings, either on their own or under long skirts and dresses.

So, my quick-but-lazy uniform for knocking around in ie. flopping about the house, picking up kids, grocery or op-shopping, mainly consists of 1970s cotton maxis.
Like this patchwork dress I bought for $1 with a denim jacket I bought at a flea market, also for a buck.
I thrifted the bag this week for a whopping $5.  I just had to have it because it's 1970s green upholstery velvet!
It's been hanging off my arm all week.

The necklace is a gift from the scrumptious Vix, while the earrings are from Etsy and the rings and brooches are a mish-mash of old and new from all over the place.
As you can see, I haven't completely ditched denim.
I pinch myself every time I wear this Jag jacket.  
It's tailored to the waistline and has nice long sleeves for my orangutan arms.
It's the perfect jacket for cool-not-cold days - it's not too bulky, so I can wear a cardigan under it as well as a long-sleeved top, plus I can add a long furry coat when I need to rug up.


My latest "It" bag - come to mama!!

Shoes for knocking around in are these leather, metallic, silver lace-ups from ASOS.
I bought them because they weren't too shiny.
They looked like they'd been rubbed in the dirt and they're looking even better and grubbier with use.

Sometimes my casual uniform consists of 1930s nighties and fur capes, but this is what I've been rugging up in for the colder weather this week.
Do you have a casual "uniform"?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Frock 'n Leopard

Moments in peaceful green ease my tired eyes.
The end of a long week means frocking up, slopping on plenty of leopard print and slipping on some saucy shoes.
Instant energy boost.

I bought the 1950s two-piece lace wiggle suit on Etsy last year.  I love the way it fits and the details are charming - rosette on the jacket collar and rhinestone buttons, plus gentle pleating around the dress neckline.
A mish-mash of jewellery - some costume from the 1940s, the rest thrifted and loved just as much.
Leopard-print tights are from eBay and the shoes are VW Melissa mock crocs from Amazon.

The temptation to snatch forty winks in the glorious winter sunshine is overwhelming.  I have a strange relationship with sunshine - in the summer I hide from her, in winter I court her.

I mix up my animal prints ... oh yes I do.

Enjoy the last day of the working week my lovelies and if you're feeling a little contrary, pop on a frock and enjoy your Friday in style:).
Desiree xo

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lets Dance ...

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues ...

1940s black lace dress - Etsy; 1940s blue slip and 1930s bead cap - eBay; jewellery - mostly thrifted; VW Melissa Lady Dragon Heart shoes - Amazon.
Inspiration to twirl - the delicious Dusk.

1940s Black Lace from Desiree on Vimeo.

Happy Sunday! xo

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