Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm So Hot, My Fuses are Blowing!

Aussie summers are the tourism board's best kept secret.
Last week it was 38 degrees in Tasmania and 24 here in sub-tropical Brisbane the same day.
Floods, power cuts, sweltering humidity, closed surf beaches, extreme UV danger, mosquito plagues and wild storms.

Meh!  After almost 22 years living in Oz, I consider myself a hardened Queenslander - bring it on!
These pics were taken one sweltering arvo (Aussie for afternoon) after I picked up the scalliwags from school, we grabbed something nommy, then took to the water.
It's become almost a daily routine.
We always emerge from these escapades happy, sweat-free and feeling like we've blown the cobwebs out.
These afternoons are precious and we're making the most of them before ice bergs start forming;).

Number Three Son always has time for Where's Wally?  Where's the flippin' water I say?

Frida badge and vintage dangly brooch - gifted by the goddess Helga
Headband, red hat brooch, 1960s pink lace make up bag, sunnies and bracelet - thrifted
Blue dice earrings - gift from Miss Danni-Long-Legs
Barry M green nail polish - gifted by the foxy Vix
Skirt - homemade
VW Melissa Wedges - Melissa Australia sale
Swimsuit - Black Milk

 I caught a giant, lanky squid which made delightful squealing noises and demanded ice cream.  
How could I resist?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Turban-ulance Expected

There's something rather fabulous about turbans isn't there?
I don't know, they make me want to cover my body in faraway galaxies and leather.
And beads.  And stuff.

I was a turban virgin prior to my brave outing in torrential rain.
I feel a turban collection coming on.
The popping of the turban cherry is thanks to Number One Son's beautiful girlfriend, Miss Danni-Long-Legs, who sent The Stylist and I a jumbo package of thrifted treasures from the Melbourne op-shops.
Oh Melbourne, how I adore thee!  
If I lived there, I would be chasing down the lovely violin-toting Miss Claire, Erica Louise and the abso-frickin hilarious, Tralala, who doesn't have a blog and really should because I just think she needs one.

I have been very naughty and neglectful of my double-bagging habits lately, resulting in bag strain of the strap-snapping variety.
Never fear, the highly offended bag has been mended lovingly with a stitch or two, a kiss and the promise to return to double-bagging.
Oh woe is modern life with it's ridiculous paraphernalia.

Do not overload delicate old bags with too much baggage.
That includes old bags like me.

I have fixed my much-loved Madeira bag and she is happy once again.

 1970s turban - gift from Miss Danni-Long-Legs
1960s turquoise beaded cardigan - Camberwell Market, Melbourne
Catsuit - Black Milk
White crochet bag, leather shorts and bangles - thrifted
Pink skull bracelet - gift from super-hair-woman, Krista
1950s leopard-print bag - Dandelion Vintage
Shoes - F21 sale
Marcasite and pearl cross, 1950s granny necklace and earrings - Etsy

Close-up with Helga's fabulous brooch added to the turban - I'm finding new ways to wear old brooches.
I have to justify buying so many.

Uh-oh, there's that look again!
Oh dear, yes, it's the "I-think-I need-to-drop-my-pants" stare.

It's too late, they're on their way down south.

Well, I shall have to go pant-less for the rest of the day - so much more scope for my carnie routines.
Fact or fiction?  The Phoenix just told me visitors are not allowed to fart in the Louvre.  Is this true?  I need to know.
Have an awesome Monday you glorious beauties!!
Desiree xo

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let's Draw Some Funky Shit!

Oh I'm sure you want to know what the hell I'm wearing here too ...
 Vintage costume, purple tights and bangles - thrifted
1960s silver lurex bag - birthday gift from the glorious Vintage Vixen
Leopard-print bow tie worn as bracelet - DIY'd and gifted by sex beastess, Helga
Neon pink fence net tights - eBay
Scrabble "D" ring - gifted by the wonderful Nelly
Pink skull bracelet - gifted by soon-to-be international jet-setter, Krista
VW Melissa 3-strap heels - Amazon
1930s earrings - Etsy
Lace and cameo collar - craft shop

Waiting for my hair to set in my "new" hot sticks from eBay, hoping for a 1930s style curl, coz I wanna be a travelling carnie-chick.

Thank you so much for all your kind words and support here on my blog.
I'm not lying, I wanted you ALL to win coz ... I rully, rully luv youse!!!!!!!
Winner, you know who you are, just email me your address and a parcel of huge-arse, feck-off floral headbands will be on its way before you can say "magic headband powers"!
Desiree xoxo

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So This Is Life on Mars?

I found Carmen.
She was lurking on the Salvos shelf among the discarded electric pie-makers, coffee percolators and video players.
She begged me to take her home.
What kind of soul-sista would I be if I just left her there, struggling to look stylish surrounded by tat?
Would my childhood dream of having hair like the girls in Seventeen magazine, circa 1973 finally come true?
Would I get my chance to join the Soul Train line?

Meet Carmen from Scandinavia ... the friend of oh so many 1970s, flat-haired, disco queens.
Just plug her in, wait 10 minutes and she's ready to cook your hair and a couple of fingers.

The occasion called for a beauty love-in with a fabulous old 1960s double-sided, hand-held mirror (for eyebrow perfection), a copy of The Blind Assassin, a pink chunky bracelet and a very heavy tribal necklace, all thrifted on the same day.

The rollers are in - I had to use regular hair pins to keep them in place - I couldn't find the special wide ones used for curlers ... I guess people don't buy them anymore.

Rollers out, a gentle flicking action with the tail-end of a tail comb and a heavy-handed shhhhwish with good old Cedel hair spray ...

et voila ... ready for my audition as an extra in Car Wash!

Check out that awesome flick action!  Reminds me of ... oh my it is ... lady copper Annie in Life on Mars!

Hair twins!
Kind of but not really but you know what I mean.

I am certain that blonde and brunette hair twins would have gone down a treat in Studio 54 ... 'cept I was five in 1973.

Gratuitous shot of the Gene Jeanie.
I don't know how he managed to get a look-in here, but his souped-up Ford Granada* with the eight-track player adds to his raw "mystique"... oh and he's a genuine "hard bastard".
* Ooops!  Ford Cortina GXL according to The Phoenix thank you very much!I

I'm a few decades late for a Studio 54 appearance, meeting the Gene Jeanie and gettin' on down in Car Wash, but it's the thought that counts.

1970s red satin flares, necklace, earrings and bangles - thrifted
Peach lace bolero - gifted by the beautiful and talented Claire
Swimsuit - Black Milk
Wedges - Target
Thank you to all you lovelies and gorgeous new followers for entering my Funky Shit Giveaway ... I am lurvin' your lurve!!!
There's still plenty of time to enter, there's nothing to it ... and you may win a swathe of life-changing floral headbands!
Stand and deliver honey!!
Desiree xoxo

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dead Ants are Good Ants

I gave them run of the house for close on three years.
I was fair, patient, rather bemused, yet believed they would just move on one day.
But no, the day a sparky informed us it was "the ant plague" that had caused a blow out of the house's entire socket power, it was time to say "Guys, you gonna DIE".
So the executioner was called in and we have peace at last.

In other breaking news, I'm wearing a fabulous 1970s cotton maxi skirt I purchased from the big-hearted, beautiful Nelly.
Perfect for the sweltering summer days we're having.
The embroidery is mesmerising and it was the deep frill that took my heart away.
Soooooooo ... I'm happy coz, no fecking bitey ants infesting every nook and cranny and I finally have a frilled maxi skirt to swirl around in!

I've had this 1970s Australiana kitsch beaded handbag for a few years but it's been hidden away and I forgot about it until I bought a 1940s sideboard to take the dressing table/wardrobe overflow.

The wood veneer of one of the doors has a wee chip in it but I think the fabularsehole vintage carnivale costume is distraction enough to hide it until I daub it with some poo-brown stain.
Is my ploy working?

 There's even a mirror so one check out one's awesome dance moves from the kitchen!

 Spot the dead biatch.

Laser gun and 1970s James Bond Hot Wheels car ... remember it was an amphibious Lotus?

Gratuitous purple chola slut bra peekaboo shot especially for my beautiful Mexi Queen La Dama.
1970s embroidered maxi skirt - purchased from Nelly's shop, Vintage Wishes
Hologram eye necklace - by Liv of Original Seed
Crappy purple tank top - from under my pillow
Red rose headband - handmade
1970s beaded bag, beaded necklaces and bangles - thrifted
Leather bangles - gift from the delish Erica Louise
Blue dice earrings - gift from Miss Danni-Long-Legs
Red VW Melissa Wings - Amazon

Nelly squirrelled in a couple of cheeky pressies - this perfect "D" Scrabble ring (2 points!) and cane bangle ... so sweet:).
I hope your week goes off with a massive bang my gorgeousnesses!
Desiree xo

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cheap Skater

Now that's what you call hysterical laughter, Desiree-As-Circus-Freak style.
I'm laughing at The Stylist's description of the staff and clients of a busy hairdressing salon we'd just sauntered past.

I'm pretty sure they would have offered me multiple free treatments if I'd asked them, judging by the slack-jawed stares until we were out of sight.
She mimicked much eye-balling, sideways-banana grins and dropped scissors.
One of those beautiful moments for her to treasure.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments about my sartorial/daughter dilemma - a parent dressing for one's own pleasure and mood can be extremely embarrassing for kids, judging by some of your wonderful tales!
But hey, peer pressure is going to exist in some form and none of you discouraged my individualism for anyone's sake, so I'm sticking with what I know.
Like the Black Eyed Peas sing, I will continue to "free your inhibition, follow your intuition" - but I might have to be careful with the "R" word;).

Yesterday I snaffled this awesome sparkly, organza costume for five bucks from my favourite thrift shop, Aid for the Blind.
Today I went back to snatch up a huge pink tutu skirt for the same price, after many palpitations during closing time as to whether it would still be there this morning.
Sweet relief, it was and you'll see it soon while I'm in this carnivale mood.

I'm really not sure what this frock is for: ice-skating, ballroom dancing or bare horseback-riding.
I thought it perfect for picking up some cheap milk and the busy supermarket shoppers went home with a story of a bona-fide mad woman on the loose.
I figure I'm doing the poor bastards a public service.

It's not worth holding back on your creativity and suppressing your inspirations.
Trust mama and wear your frilly chonis on the outside.

Mad costume frock, bangles and 1960s crochet bag: thrifted
Rose headband: made by me
Leggings: Black Milk
Dice earrings - gifted by Miss Danni-Long-Legs
Happy days!!
Desiree xo
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