Friday, September 2, 2016

I Am One of Your Biggest Fans

Tonight I gave Phrynne's arse a virtual squeeze goodbye at the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition volunteer thank you drinks.
As an enormous fan of 1920s design I wasn't alone in feeling a wee bit melancholy about the exhibition's end this Sunday, where costume design genius Marion Boyce, and her team together with the National Trust Queensland, gave fans a chance to get very, very close to the exquisite works of art sported by Australia's infamous TV lady detective.
I put my hand up to holler and harangue visitors at the interactive exhibition, but largely succeeded in causing a number of near-death experiences.
I've lost count of the number of times when visitors approached me, thinking I was a statue.
Then I'd move.  Cue screaming.

Volunteers were asked to wear all black or white, or dress in period costume.  
I picked out some bits and pieces that sort of fitted the look of the era and no-one seemed to notice or care that I wasn't dressed in head-to-toe authentic 20s gear.
I found the 1930s green scalloped dress above at a huge antiques barn in Auckland, NZ, earlier this year ... it was lying on the floor and they asked $15 for it.  
Don't mind if I do.

The exhibition's costumes were chosen for their various attributes in purveying the fashion fantasy that most audiences have of the 1920s ... fine craftsmanship, the principles of haute couture, exotica and of course, glamour. 
Many of the pieces were much-loved original antiques, but largely, the costumes were made from scratch.
In fact, many pieces were once mere fragments of garments where some buttons or lace were salvaged, then the garment remade from scratch and lovingly reproduced.
It occurred to me that the design team not only needed bespoke tailoring and costuming skills, but they were also responsible for restoring glorious works of art, so that we the audience could fall in love with these exquisite treasures.
Armed with this information, one confused-looking patron still sidled up to me about ten minutes after she entered the exhibition and stated loudly "these dresses are all made in China aren't they?"
Me: (goldfish impression).
Aside from this stunning display of confused ignorance, it was a remarkable crowd that have passed through Phrynne's doors and I've never seen such an incredibly stylish and knowledgable crowd of gorgeous people gathered in one hot spot.
It's the first time any of the three season exhibitions have travelled to Brisbane and considering Miss Fisher's breaking hearts in 120 countries now, I thought it only fair to share the beauty of this exhibition with you.

I snuck a selfie in Marion's workshop before morning crowds poured in and most probably before I rapped some poor dear over the knuckles with my steel ruler for touching something she oughtn't have (kidding jeez).
I tell you they're a brazen lot our friends of advancing years - I should know!
Best question: Is that your own outfit or have you just borrowed something off the mannequins for the day? (not kidding)

I decided that the thing missing from the exhibition was a proper knicker-fest.
So I decided to oblige.
My invitation to colleagues to "cop a feel of the fabrics" went down very well and I'm still smarting from a pinched arse.

'Scuse miss, your fly's undone.

 Fishnet sisters with Suzi and her holster.

Oh dear I seem about to stab gorgeous Pam in the chest. 

Goodnight sweet friends. xoxoxoxoox

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