Thursday, August 25, 2011

Miss Hospital Corners

Finding a mound of unopened mail is such a fulfilling experience isn't?  Like hell!
Lucky I tackled the job yesterday though, as I discovered I was due for a hospital appointment in two hours. Oh woopee.
I really cannot face going to potentially invasive appointments looking like I just got out of bed.
Call me vain, a drama queen, whatever!
So I got tarted up as usual, plus it helped take the edge off the panic.

As soon as I got there, who should start yelling the ward down but my favourite Nurse Jennie: "Arrrggghhhh I saw your shoes going up the stairs and just KNEW it was you!"
Dear of her:).
***Just so you're not worried, I'm in the peak of health and the lady-bits are in top shape especially for a woman who has had four natural births.***

It's been a bit wintery lately so I grabbed the chance to wear my 1960s tweed and fur suit, since spring is only juuuuuuuust around the corner.
The 1970s spotty silk blouse was from a vintage fashion fair and yes, my double bags are rammed with essentials.

The skirt has an interesting feature.  
It's fitted all the way down and has no back vent or pleat to aid walking.
For those who haven't worn "wiggle" skirts and dresses, the hem clamps the knees and it actually helps to walk if one is wearing heels.
But it also means one must wiggle the butty in order to move forward.
Those designers back then knew exactly what they were doing.
So duh, that's why they're called wiggle skirts - be warned: essential saucy wiggling = uproar.

A bit of hatty goodness in the form of a 1930s cocktail hat.  

Among several rather hilarious reactions to this outfit, most of which involved the words, traffic, glazed eyes, near dangerous accident and momentary loss of concentration, one poor man at the hospital nearly feel off his crutches and into the gutter - I felt very sorry for him, poor thing.
I mean, I didn't think I looked strange, but apparently I'm "a sight for sore eyes".

Dunno, must be the shoes.


  1. the green hat is awesome

  2. With each post I love you more =]

    Also, I had to get my lady bits checked out recently for the first time and all I could think before it was 'WHAT DO I WEAR?!?!'
    I mean, do you make sure to wear nice knickers for the nurse? Is it common courtesy to wear easy up and down tracksuit pants?!

    Terribly confusing altogether =]


  3. Naww it's not the shoes Des! It's your pretty face amongst a flock full of beautiful accessories and clothing. OH AND THE SHOES!! But mostly your face! =P

  4. Indeed you are! (A sight for sore eyes) Love the tweed suit and I'm sure you cheered up everyone in the hospital in this outfit especially doing the wiggle!

  5. Hahahaha,I'm getting my lady bits waxed tomorrow and have already planned what I'm wearing...the girls would be disappointed otherwise! Anything to do with lady bits requires special dressing,I feel.
    Jeez,if I spotted you out and about looking this delicious,I'd be arrested for public indencey....ahuh......mmmmmmm
    LOVE this outfit,as per usual!

  6. I bet you made evreyone at the hospitol just a little bit happier today!!!!
    Aand how happy are you with that hat? ITS GREEN! I love it~

  7. That hat and those shoes are made of happy.

  8. Desiree,
    I adorar all your vintage suits!
    Green vintage hat is divina like you.
    Your outfits are always so beautiful and eye catching.
    The nurses must love your visits.
    Keep wiggling...

  9. Ohh, those shoes! They make my heart yearn!!!! Pretty blouse, and you pull it all together so well, as usual! I've never worn a proper wiggle skirt but feel I have to try it out after that description!

    Xoxoxo Claire

  10. Love it! Those shoes and tights are fantastic!


  11. Looking divinely gorgeous as usual! The shoes are just fantastic. M x

  12. Fab as always. Glad your lady bits are in top shape, now I can sleep at night ;) x

  13. Great news about the lady bits! I'm not surprised they're in geat shape, look at the rest of you. Effing gorgeous! I'd love to follow you down the street watching you wiggle your arse in that tight skirt, shame I can't wolf whistle. xxxxxxxx

  14. FABULOUS as always - the suit is divine and the hat, blouse, tights and shoes combination just INSPIRED!

    Congrats on your lady bits' good health, amor!

    Sarah xxx

  15. How do you always get the shoes I have in my head, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. We definitely are connected.

  16. your purple shoes are simply appealing and look so wonderful with leopard tights, you're awesome wearing them!!
    Love your great style and elegance, as usual!!

  17. Hurrah for healthy lady bits!
    I'm a bit behind on commenting, loved your rings post.
    And I love this suit, you look stunning in this film noir-y style, I bet you have got the most amazing wiggle. No wonder you turn heads, you sexy woman!

  18. You look fantastic! Love the collar on that suit.

    Don't forget to enter my Coach purse giveaway!

  19. Fantastic suit. Perfect with the yellow polka dot blouse.

  20. You are indeed a sight for sore eyes. I would love to see your effect in the hospital. LOVE the outfit. The teal tweet with the sunshine printed blouse is perf, as are those amazing purple shoes. You are a super-heroine, mah lady, and stellar in your wriggle skirt.

  21. Ha,Ha!
    Poor fellow!
    You are always a sight for sore eyes!

  22. Very bold and elegant! Love it!


  23. love the fur and heels :) adds a fun quirk to the outfit! hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    love, M

  24. I always know I'm going to start smiling the minute I begin reading your posts - I love your humourous asides. So much to admire here, particularly the leopard tights and purple shoes combination. Just wish there was an accompanying video to demonstrate the wiggle!

  25. Glad to hear your lady bits are doing well, Desiree! Nothing like looking fabulous for a doctor's appt. I'm loving that blouse.

    xo, Bonnie

  26. I love your sytle!! I bet you a hilarious to hang with.

  27. I'm so relived to hear that the lady bits are in top condition! I adore that wiggle suit and it wasn't the shoes it was your glorious self that got everyone going!

  28. I love this! Everything - your shoes, leopard print tights and fur collar)) It's a great and a very confident outfit <3

  29. MY GOODNESS I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!!!! So glad I spotted your blog link on some other blog I was on - You're CUTE!

  30. Love the suit you look very chic and the hat is darling.


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