Saturday, April 30, 2011

Don't You Know I'm a Lady?

There's nothing quite like trawling through pic archives and discovering little treasures that have slipped through your fingers.
I took these on the train station platform a wee while ago on my way to hospital for a "lady's medical appointment".

We all hate visits to the lady doctor and on recent visits to get my "bits" seen to, it seems I've been giving the staff a bit of a turn.
The staff now know who I am when I arrive and on my first visit my favourite, Nurse Jenny, raced out and rounded up the others so they could gawp at my Vivienne Westwood Wing shoes.
Yeah, I can see their point, I guess not many people waiting to shove their feet in the stirrups arrive dressed for a cocktail party.

So on my next visit I decided to take my camera and pop off a couple of shots for you.
It was a hot day and the ever-present 1960s frilly brolly helped me keep my cool.
I'm wearing an early 1940s black, rayon frock that has self-covered buttons down the back and no zip, just big hooks and eyes down the left side.
Plus thrifted, 1970s shades; my Miss Rockabilly pin-up girl hairclip; granny knitting bag and platforms.
No other make-up, just red lippy for bravery.

A close-up of the embroidery that wraps around the back of the dress.
Don't you love the details that people worked into their clothes back then?
I mean, this baby is home-made but they've hand-embroidered it!

Yes!  There's a hole in the armpit.

Love these shoes, they're so comfy.
I decided against wearing any jewellery, as last time I ripped off all my rings and bangles and flung them around the room during a vasovagal seizure.
Cue: Nurse Jenny scrabbling around the floor trying to recover my precious lucite bangles.

It's a bit windy and my hair's a mess, but surprisingly still smiling, despite knowing what's ahead.

(Unfortunately I don't escape an op soon, BUT I'm sure there'll be sartorial delights for the staff to enjoy when the time comes).
I hope you're all having a right royal after-party this weekend.
Desiree xo

Friday, April 29, 2011

Is There a Doctor in the House?

I suspect my meds are either: 
A. Working
B. Not working
C. I need to review my dose.
'Coz despite Nasty Gal's declaration that these shoes have pledged their allegiance to the Mile High Club (WTF?), they're are sucking me into the Just No, But I May Have to Buy Them Anyway Vortex.
Is this a place you have visited before?
I'm not talking the Mile High Club here.
I'm talking that weird vortex where you spot a pair of weird Jeffrey Campbell's, you feel the wind on your face and the pull of the shoe is strong.
Then they start talking to you, whispering sweet nothings about bell-bottoms, denim flares, body shirts and Soul Train.
Just take 2.35 minutes to view the birthplace of my dilemma, help a sister in need and treat yourself!
I need to know if I'm mad.

PS: OK I'm buying them anyway:).

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Take it Lying Down

There's nothing quite like a gold frock to inject some energy into the late stages of a marathon five-day long weekend.
Yes, here in Oz we had Easter and ANZAC Day rolled into one.
Between dodging downpours of rain, I thought it prudent to risk a soggy botty and have a bit of a frolic in the sunshine.

The evening frock is an early 1980s Studibaker Hawk I thrifted a few years ago for the price of a couple of espressos.
The team behind the Sydney label were a crafty lot in the early 80s, creating limited-edition "art-clothes" that many a party girl coveted and saved hard for, to show off in shiny nightclubs.
Studibaker Hawk's iconic handpainted, boned, strapless, multi-layered frocks came in a myriad of colour palettes and prices started at around $400.
That was quite a bit of coin back then!

I'm not trying to show you my knickers here, I'll save that for another day.
The dress is high-cut on the sides - wow, cool and breezy at the same time eh?

I think this frock has just the right amount of trollopy-ness (thanks Helga!)  for a windy day;).
The full layers are aided by plastic coated wire threaded through each hem so they stick out and swish when you walk.
The skirt is cut long in the front and back, while on the sides it's daringly cut to the top of each leg.

Notice anything?
I'm not wearing any jewellery.
Just a thin, black ribbon; DIY fingerless leather gloves and Vivienne Westwood shoes.
Gosh, I'm almost naked!

I cut my hair a couple of days ago.
I've given up on hairdressers.
I look like I've had an electric shock but I think it's just right for my vintage mash-ups.
Do you cut your own hair?

Having a bit of a lie-down.

I shed a wee tear today when I learned I had won my first giveaway.

This little darling bag is winging it's way to me from the ever-fabulous and incredibly stunning Sarah of Misfits Vintage.
She is my Queen.
Thank you so much Sarah, you know how much it means to me.

Today I also found out the beautiful, artistic Cry of Thru My Mind's Eye is gifting me the utterly gorgeous dress she wore to church on Easter Sunday!
Isn't she simply exquisite in this little number?  

I've promised Cry to come up with one of my little frock stories for this baby:)).

I hope you can take some of the glow from Easter and all its choccy goodness into the week.
Desiree xoxo

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Swing High, Swing Low

Nancy has been screaming at me from the back of the closet for the past two weeks.
She's been banished to the dark as I'm terrified she'll fade away to nothing if I have her on show.
From the condition of Nancy I'd say she's been around the block once or twice.
An original 1920s silk cocktail dress, she's got more than a few champagne stains and one of her sleeves has a tear in the elbow from all the wild table top dancing to hot jazz on long, sizzling nights.
I saved her from herself and she's been in rehab for nearly a year.

I love Nancy's sheer-ness and don't want to spoil it with a slip.
Hello AA silver leggings.

Just the right ensemble for a windy day;).
I've popped on my 1950s purple/blue head piece, Miss Rockabilly red feather earrings and my darling green Vivienne Westwood shoes.

Check out the ecru-coloured lace.  
It looks like a bow, but it's sewn on.
How about that pleated silk detail?

Still mulling over how I'll mend the small tear in the front ruffle.

More lace and pleated ruffles at the back.

Yes, Nancy's got her flaws but she's my swingin' ole gal and I adore her.

Have you ever bought a flawed vintage piece but worn and loved it anyway?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Java Jive

There's so much more to Easter than chocolate and hot cross buns.
There are Easter bonnets!
As I write to you, The Ink Spots and Ella Fitzgerald are crooning to me, yes I'm still hooked on those gorgeous guys, and they're singing about topping up their cuppa in a swingin' speakeasy.
Making the most of today's jazzy mood, I thought the 1920s and a nice bit of a hat the order of the day.

My snazzy little Easter bonnet is a 1930s velvet skull cap that shows signs it once a veil, but I'm happy with it as is.  
I mean, it's green!!!
Look, the Easter bunny is disguised as The Stylist!

A bit more hat detail for you.
I had so many women sidle up to me today saying "I just love your hat".

Number three son snapped this today as I took a load off over a coffee at the end of a marathon day.
The 1950s beads had to be put away as they were in danger of breaking what with all the manic Easter crowds going nuts all around me.
Chill people, chill!

The rest of the outfit is a 1920s super-slippery silk slip with an ecru-coloured trim and ribbon straps.
VW wedges, Mona Lisa earrings, random metallic bangles and big green glass ring.
Oh and my floral knitting bag;).

Slow down and take it easy this Easter gorgeous gals.
Desiree xoxo

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If I Didn't Care

I love to imagine the original owner of this 1940s suit getting out and about trying to squeeze in some good times between air-raids and long hours working at the ammunitions factory.
My musings are due to a tiny worn patch at the edge of the jacket's third buttonhole.
Maybe she used to button and unbutton it nervously, chain-smoking while waiting nervously for her man to turn up at their regular table in a dark, wartime pub.
A couple of buttons were missing when I bought this 1940s suit and I figure those buttons popped right off at the sight of him, or maybe they were pulled off when he didn't turn up at all.

Meet Betty, a hard-working suit for a gal about town.
I bought Betty from Savage Threads Etsy store for a modest $40 and have been drooling over her daily.

Since Betty came to stay, she's had a wee makeover with some vintage rhinestone buttons that are very close in style to the original lone single top jacket button it came with.
I love Betty's unusual collar, which was cut out as part of the jacket front, not added as a separate piece.  Wartime fabric savings.
I love the jaunty cuffs too.
And what about the two horizontal stripes in a co-ordinating grosgrain fabric?

This baby is screaming out for a lime green floppy rose clip, 1950s beads, crystal drop earrings and a 1940s snakeskin handbag.

Oh, and the modern touch?
My Black Milk swimsuit printed with the famous Times Square V-Day photograph.
Just right.

 Blood-red Payless shoes;).

Oh Betty, you've still got it baby.

I'm sure Betty's original owner spent her very rare nights in washing and rolling her hair, browning her legs and listening to The Ink Spots.
Here's to all the Betty's in the world, waiting to be rescued and taken out for a night on the town.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Girl Who Wanted to be God

It's cool enough here in Brisneyland to wear a cape - yippeeee!
I'll need to get a daytime shot of this one as I think it's pretty spesh.
Do you ever daydream about a piece of clothing you haven't worn for a while?
I've been thinking about my 1950s pink girdle and decided it was going to be friends with my Black Milk Galaxies.

It all came together for me tonight.
The blouse is from my local Salvos - 1960s in pure cotton for $1.
I still pinch myself whenever I reach for it.
The 1930s cape is a heart-stopper from Regina's eBay store.
Like most black clothing, it looks better in real life or in the daylight though.
It's an astrakhan fur in mint condition, with a massive collar that stands to attention when ordered to.

Now for those tut-tutting and whispering "she shouldn't be wearing a black bra", well I think it needs a non-beige colour to give the pastels some texture and oomph.
Or maybe I was just too lazy to change;))).

A surprise hit of colour with the bright red 1960s handbag (about $3 from memory) and my 1950s purple/blue gauze head band from Dandelion Vintage.

The necklace is a 1960s super-sparkly purple number.

Tsk, tsk, she's wearing her knickers on the outside again.
Today it's a 1950s girdle I bought from Etsy that I also wore here.
 It was about 4 sizes too big for me so I sewed a couple of side seams and voila instant skirt!
TIP:  If you're thinking about wearing a girdle as a skirt, get one a few sizes too big as there's more length so it feels more like you're wearing a skirt even though clearly you're not!  You can always adjust the width to suit you.

Sorry you can't really see the shoes all that well, they're Forever 21 stiletto-heeled lace-up booties.

I'm on a roll this week folks. 
Vedivi domani!
Desiree xo

Monday, April 18, 2011

How Now Brown Cow?

I don't think I could get any more demure than this.
I shall have to do something about that pronto.
I'm wearing another 1950s cotton "secretary" frock.
I love these and they're perfect for nearly any occasion; by today's standards they're rather formal and conservative.
I wore this out for shopping and lunch with The Stylist last Saturday.

I do love a bit of a frock.
Especially with a cheeky pair of shoes.

These homemade frocks are always a marvel to me, there's so much attention to detail.
Here the belt has been lovingly handmade by the dressmaker and the box pleats are a generous size.
I've added my 1950s ostrich-skin handbag and a mish-mash of plastic and lucite bangles.

I know brown frocks aren't everyone's cup of tea, but this old girl has retained her rich colours and detailed patterns for more than 50 years.

These cheeky VW Melissa wedges spice things up a bit;).

Enjoy your week sweeties.
Desiree xo
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