Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Right Attitude to Rain

Alexander McCall Smith's book titles have always intrigued me.
I can't help thinking of one his books set in Edinburgh when I reflect on the past week, which has been yet another period of deluge after deluge of rain.

Lots of time spent indoors, cleaning, organising, making stuff, getting long-overdue shite done, I do believe I've quite mastered the right attitude to rain this week ... 
Remember THOSE vintage ballerina sheets I bought from Vinnies late last year, then the lovely 1970s pattern lovely Tamera sent me last week?

Well today they met, hooked up and spent the day giving each other pash-rash.
The thought of making a skirt or a frock out of the sheets just felt terribly wrong and I couldn't do it.

These super-pants shall be known as The Nutcrackers due to the effect they had on the locals this afternoon.
I have a modest-sized fan club of elderly gentlemen in town, who today were chasing me down the street with proposals of marriage, comments such as "I hope you don't mind me looking, but your outfit sets off your figure beautifully", to one of my "boyfriends" who stood on the street and saluted me.

I think it's hilarious and sweet ... The Phoenix tells me "you've gotta watch the old buggers, they know exactly what they're up to".

The Stylist and I have this move we do called The Grinch, from the Jim Carrey movie - he does this when he's trying to find a flattering outfit.

Tomorrow I'll take in the waistband and make a slight adjustment to the zip accordingly as they're a wee bit big in the waist, but hellz I'm happy as a ballerino (ballet dude) in tights showcasing his bulging package onstage!
Green silk scarf - gift from hostess-with-the-mostest, Tamera
Johnny Cash earrings - Create Beautiful Beads
Vintage patchwork bag - Two Squirrels Vintage
1930s satin bra - Etsy shop, Auvergne Memories
Necklaces, vintage brooches, bangles and rings - op shops and craft markets
Nutcracker pants - match-made by me!
Green velvet wedges - Nine West sale
May the right attitude to rain continue!
I hope you're all enjoying a satisfying week lovelies.
Desiree xoxo

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rare Flashes of Manic Creativity

At a creative loose-end on Friday, I got a call.
"I've got to clear out some of your old stuff in storage, do you want it back or shall I dump it?"
Errr ... can you deliver now?  If so, yes please!

A pair of hideous chairs arrived and were the first to be attacked by my cleaning cloths and screwdriver.
I unscrewed the seats, hacked off the cruddy fabric, cleaned up the vinyl then ...

Tah dah!!  I used some of the gorgeous 1970s thick cotton fabric I found for a buck at Aid for the Blind a wee while ago.
Upholstery tacks kept the fabric in place, seats screwed back on and I'm stoked.

Another piece of thick retro cotton was used for the other chair.
I don't like matching furniture sets, so these chairs make me VERY happy.

So is Lily.

Next victim, this old kitchen sideboard I found on the side of the road years ago.
It's lovely to have her back, she makes the kitchen look homely.
I enjoyed jigging about with old treasures like these Holly Hobbie framed embroideries I bought from eBay about six years ago.
You'll notice the wee speakers on the left, there's a great lumping sub-woofer under the sideboard because I seriously CANNOT cook or do anything productive in the kitchen without music.
The gun is staying.
I can't have too much twee in my life and dancing with a plastic gun and wooden spoon is kinda awesome.

This area of the lounge got some de-clutterfication treatment with this old bookcase, another roadside find several years ago.
I like its different sized compartments, but I didn't realise we had so many books cluttering up corners of the house.
At least they have a home now and I can enjoy lying on the comfy couch and admiring them from afar. 
That's all I can manage after lumping all that gear about.
The glorious tutu frock was a gift from Hotcheeks Helga and is simply too gorgeous to hide away when it's not being worn!

I created a bit of a music centre for The Phoenix using the hall table from the lounge, which had been cluttered up with board games.
Gotta find an easily accessible spot for the games now.
Finding homes for everything can be hell!

Old Russian anti-alcohol propaganda poster.
Like Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign in the 80s, I don't think it had much effect on anyone.

Unlike these naughty boys.

Oh now that's better, that wall really needed some lovely nastiness to pep it up a bit.
Too much frilly frou-frou simply will not do.

Yesterday I was all sweetness and light again and made this cushion cover.
Patchwork on one side and this seersucker cotton I bought from Vinnies.

Wanna see some party action at Tamera's virtual birthday bash last weekend?
It was a BIG night, someone left their snake behind and we lost Clare.

 On security detail, aided by a bit of Wonder Woman action gifted by gorgeous Curtise.

Oh and go check out all the clever tarts over at Tah-Dah! Tuesday.
Desiree xox

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Got 99 Problems But Bitchin' Ain't One

Has it been obvious I've been cooped up at home for a while?
For various reasons, which I have no desire to discuss here, I went out for the first time in ages on Thursday.
There were many, many chores to be done and much time management involved, but by crikey I was going to frock up!

I bought this floral frock from Vinnies several years ago for a couple of bucks.  One sleeve was shredded and hanging off, so after much careful planning I turned it into a one-sleeve frock and made new facings with bias binding.  My proudest DIY moment.

1950s sateen frock, bangles, earrings, yellow African necklace, silver Indian necklace - thrifted
Snow White headband - more at Sassy Vamps! 
Leopard and lace brooch - made by Helga's magical mitts
Frida necklace - birthday gift made by the wonderful Tamera
Anklets - gifted by lovely reader, Tra-la-la
Red rose brooch - gifted by Dandelion Vintage
VW Melissa Wing shoes - Amazon sale
Bag - craft market

I desperately needed an op-shop fix and oh yes, what a mighty fine time it was.

I found this gigantic painting from Vinnies for $8, which reminds The Phoenix of photographs of lovely ladies in Asian countries taken by his dear late grandfather, Ernest. Ernest was a true WWII naval hero, surviving countless air strikes by deadly Stukas and three sinkings, as part of operations on the Russian convoys in the North Sea and the Mediterranean and Pacific theatres.
R&R must have been so precious to those men, not knowing what their next operation would bring.

Who doesn't love a naff, but unused 1970s tour bag in perfect nick?  Two bucks thanks.
I've seen them fetch $70 in vintage shops.

I think Sarah Misfit, utter temptress and collector of Cultural Revolution paraphernalia, will be going green over this Chinese Army cap.
Isn't it amazing? Two bucks thanks very much.
Needless to say, The Phoenix took one look at it and decided he really, really needed it:).

You know that moment when you spot something, you catch your breath, look around furtively for other vultures, then spring like a cat to grab your item of desire?
That's what happened when I saw this Run DMC t-shirt.
I saw them when they were supported by the Beastie Boys at the Brixton Academy in the late 80s and at age 18, hip-hop became my religion.
Four bucks - and I hacked the crew neck off as soon as I got home.
A more flattering neckline now.

I'm also wearing a pair of 1940s mesh and lace scanties.

Then came The Mask, spotted at Aid for the Blind - three bucks.

Thank you for lifting me up, you lovely thrifting goddesses!
I really needed that slice of heaven.

Still wearing the 1940s knickers, with a 1960s bustier from Etsy.

I hope you have glorious success in all your fabulous endeavours this weekend ... meanwhile, I'll get back to my Rambo marathon - haaaaaa!!
Desiree xoxo

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cross the Black-Eyed Gypsy's Palm with Silver

I'm ready to run away and join the circus.
But it must be done in style and I mustn't be spotted for lack of talent or circus skills.

Thanks to that Maryland magician, Tamera the Menopausal Supermodel, I'm all set and ready to rumble.
Today, a surprise parcel arrived from our talented artist, who despite coping with blizzards and metres of snow, is still letting her creative streak rip!

I was in despair at my lack of circus skills and this parcel of joy has reinvigorated my desire to circus-alla-da-tings.

A beautiful handmade card with shiny, shiny circus yumminess!

Oh Frida how I love thee ...

The Dutch twins will take up permanent residence on the coffee table.

Beryl the Peril was always fond of a pair of lovely slacks (don't you just love-hate that word?) and since this pattern is spot on for size, I'm feeling an uncontrollable urge to create, create, create!
Thank you Tamera, you are an angel!!

As for my circus obsession, I think I'll be able to pass myself off as a palm-reader in this get-up.
But if my masquerade fails, I'll do a few leg kicks to distract the punters before running off with their silver.

I have to look the part to lure in and pack the punters into my tent.
So I made you a video of how I blacken up and mystify my eyes, my favourite look these days.
I'll do glitter eyes for you next!

DIY floral headband - more in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Bill Blass silk scarf and beautiful Frida necklace- gifted by glorious Tamera
Sari top, metal necklace and bangles- thrifted
Leggings - Black Milk sale
Blue flower ring - ballet shop
Vintage earrings and crinoline - Etsy

"Shut your waggily ass up and sit the fuck down!"

Don't forget you're invited to Tamera's birthday party on February 23, just get your party outfit pics in by the 22nd and rock on!
Top 'o the world baby, I'm on top o' the world!
Wishing a top day to all you gorgeous freaks out there.
Linking to Tah-dah! Tuesday:).
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo

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