Saturday, August 6, 2011

On Location

It's a rare thing for me to get outfit pics taken while I'm out and about.
The opportunity just doesn't present itself all that often.
I love to see blogger pics of a grand day out so I finally get to share a couple today.
The Stylist and I went to a monthly pop-up vintage market in West End.
It's becoming a tradition that we really love.

 Comfort plus in a 1930s lingerie onesie I refashioned into a much more wearable top; Black Milk Leg Bone leggings; 1970s jacket from a Melbourne market; thrifted black lace scarf, feather earrings and necklace.

 Time for brunch ... mmm.

 Coffee, orange nails and green rings.

 Chorizo with asparagus, spinach and eggs ... damn fine!

 This chap caught my eye from the next table.
He was more than happy to be photographed and relished showing me his huge gold rings; necklaces and hat decorated with enormous crocodile claws and teeth, plus his massive croc skin belt.
What's in the bag?  A two-metre rolled up pelt - eek!!!
Turns out he's a crocodile farmer - no surprises there!

 Almost time to go home.

The Stylist bought herself some cherry earrings and was happy to show off her early morning multi-colour manicure where she used nearly every colour I own.
She's inspired me to do the same.  Thanks sweetie!
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend too:)
Desiree xo


  1. Gorgeous outfit, I love the lingerie made into a top!


  2. That looks like the most delcious dinner EVER. I love the leggings and Mr Crocodile man.

  3. Aw,The Stylist is making a name for herself!! LOVE the cherry earrings!! Foxy!
    Lovely to see you out and about and looking damned saucy in the process!
    Brunch looks tright up my alley!
    But what did YOU buy,hmmmmmmmm?!

  4. Haha, the crocodile man is brilliant! If he's an example of the people who visit there, you should definitely do some street style photography.

    Did you buy anything good?

  5. Vintage? Fresh produce? Eggs + chorizo? This is my kind of day. Must get out there and enjoy similar!!! You rock the 30s lingerie as day wear like no other!

  6. Well I know one thing for sure! I bet I will never get to have lunch next to a crocodile hunter.. I don't imagine there is many of them in Canada... Now a Beaver hunter.. *wait* uhmm Nevermind.. *lol*
    You look gorgeous Des and that market looks like so much fun.

  7. The market looks like such a blast! As a city-mouse I have to admit the croc man frightens me a little bit - he didn't bite anyone, did he? You look grand.

  8. Those leggins are dope, seriously))

  9. I'm very envious - I want to go to that market NOW! Lovely photos. Your rings, in particular, took my breath away!

  10. Those leggings are brilliant, Mr Croc looks like such a cool character!

  11. 1930.s lingerie is always elegant. Love the orange nail polish!

  12. I love the unexpected in your outfits: the 30s lingerie with those amazing leggings. I just wish I could pop halfway round the world with my camera and spot you wandering around looking so fabulous.

  13. I love it! Love those stretchy pants :). If you get a chance, check out this 40's top I found today- gorgeous!

  14. You know you are rockin' that outfit like no one else hun! delish. xx

  15. Holy crap - everything is so fab! Those leggings rock my world and your rings are so fab. The Stylist's manicure is truly inspired and crocodile farmer looks such a character - I'll bet he has a few stories! Glad you girls had such a lovely morning out!

    Sarah xxx

  16. The stylist manicure is rad! I like a bit of creativity! That jacket of yours is also rather covet-able.

    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
    Enter our $200 Giveaway Here!

  17. Love those awesome leggings! And how cute is herself, love her manicure! Your orange nails are excellent too. Also, the guy's style is just brilliant! xx

  18. What a great post! I love seeing people out and about, and the Stylist is taking after her mum with her glam ways!

  19. Isn't it lovely to introduce the next generation to the delights of vintage and individuality! Your gorgeous Stylist is a honey, with a fabulous manicure! I have taken my 2 girls to a vintage fair recently and they enjoyed a rummage as much as me!

    You look stunning as always, you are the 30s top'n'leggings Queen at the moment! And lunch looks as delicious as you xxx

  20. adorable outfit! i love markets :) that dish looks so yummy. hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    love, M

  21. Looks like you guys had a blast. I love the cherry earrings and your clever combo. Your lunch pix have inspired me to try to make the same. Thank so much for sharing your outing!

  22. You two are just too cute! The stylist has your smile...and how fun to take us along with you. Love crock man.

  23. You look lovely, I especially love your jacket and bag. Thanks for taking your camera with you, it was fun to see the croc man :)

  24. their must be a lot of vintage markets at your country... i'd love to have them here too.

    i really love your green leather jacket. everything about it is just great.

  25. Love the out and about shots, you look divine and those rings and nail polish are perfect together.
    The stylist has perfect style, just like mum. xxx

  26. What a fabulous outting! You guys are both so sweet!

  27. How fun!
    I am dripping over that middle ring!
    I love flea markets, too!
    Isn't it nice to have a photographer?
    By the way, you are one of the most lovely women i have ever seen, what is your secret?

  28. Love the skelly leggings and the croc hunter! What stories he must have!

  29. Desiree,
    love your leggings amor, so fab.
    ah the stylist is loving her blog spotlight. cute earrings, I was given some like those for my necklace fotos. loving all your green rings.croc hunter looks like one of my uncles with that gold.

  30. I had to order a pair of those leggings! So fabulous. EEEEK!

  31. eeekk! those leggings are so cool! I want some!


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