Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'm Big in Russia

Just ten minutes before the photographer was due to arrive, it came to my attention I wasn't actually supposed to be having an afternoon kip in the niff.
A silent but deadly scurry ensued and voila I think I managed to look vaguely "done" and oh so disgraceful.
Why the panic?
Earlier in the week journo, Mike Bruce, from Queensland Newspapers had interviewed me at home, interested in the force behind Pull Your Socks Up!
He arranged a photographer, who also happens to be a friend and ex-colleague's hubby, to "take a few pics".
Three weeks later, I certainly did not expect to see my mug on the front cover of the Sunday lift out.

Given it's Easter Sunday, the cover pic is probably spot-on, with mad shimmery colours making me look a bit like an hallucinating chocolate bunny.
As the publication isn't available free online, I thought I'd share all the juicy stuff with you here.

I'm extremely honoured to have been featured in our state's major Sunday newspaper and I love the words and the layout.
Thank you Mike!

The outfit I wore for the interview was this cheeky one, which I ended up wearing for the rest of the day, with a few bangle changes along the way.
I did a bit of a naughty jig for you in the day's post here.

Here's that shimmy again and for the record, I had 65 hits from Russia in the past week.
Huge. **snort**.
Happy Easter Bunnies to you!!
Desiree xoxo

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jesus' Mum Digs Vintage Nighties

I had very little warning I would be Jesus' mama last night.
No daubing of his bloody brow or teeth-gnashing would be required.
I just had to make sure #3 Son arrived at school on time to turn water into wine, heal the sick and enjoy a lovely supper, before being carted off for crucifixion.
Moments before I took he and The Stylist to meet their "fate", I decided a vintage nightie was just the thing to blend into the crowd.

Here's the wee laddie spreading the love ... oh so solemnly, before he was left holding up his cross.

It so happens that's the local cop shop in the background and they didn't intervene so I guess they weren't too concerned about children "nailing" each other to crosses on school grounds.

Oh yes, a rather see-through nightie, but what is underneath?

Vintage nightie, watch and 1950s purple beaded cardigan - Etsy
Rose headband - Sassy Vamps!
Catsuit - Black Milk
Doc Marten boots - too ridiculous to pass up Solestruck sale
1960s black handbag and white bead bracelet - thrifted
Cross earrings - craft market
Speaking of other-worldly pleasures, I thought I'd treat you to a peek at my vintage nightie collection.

None of these darlings get a glimpse of a sheet-set, they're way too lovely to hide away so I wear them as dresses.
I can't date them all precisely, but they mainly originate from the 1930s.

I started my collection about three years ago, snapping up bargains on eBay and Etsy before the prices got out of hand and too silly for my small budget.

I love the silk and rayon fabrics, the smocking, tucks, covered buttons, frills, lace and embroidery.
And of course the bias cuts.
Everything I love about clothing, all in a small selection of much-loved nighties, bed jackets and glamourous pyjamas.

I continue to marvel at the hand-stitched embellishment on this silk cape.
Imagine the hours it took to make it!

The 1930s silk teddy is in perfect condition, while the silk Edwardian blouse is tissue-thin and wearing it feels like a thousand fairies kissing my skin.

That's it for today, would you like me to treat you to a tour of my slips and scanties in a future post?
Oh I'm sure you would!

I hope you're all planning a wonderfully relaxing long Easter weekend.
It's #3 Son's 12th birthday tomorrow, then I'm planning on having a blog catch up, doing some sewing and scrounging as many choccie crumbs as I can!
What are your plans?
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo

Monday, March 25, 2013

They Run For Fun in the Hot, Hot Sun

Wha'? Wha'? Wha' happened?
Summer came back.

OK fine then.
I'll just strip back to my undies again.
On Saturday I slipped on my massive cotton bloomers to take The Stylist to ballet and scare the natives.

Blue rose headband - more at my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Pink skull bracelet - from Kaleidoscope Krista
Pink sunnies, squashed 1930s satin bra and cotton bloomers - Etsy
Dia de Muertos necklace, cross earrings - craft markets
Bangles, necklaces and bag - thrifted
VW Melissa shoes - Melissa sale

During the wee lassie's lesson I did a quickie around the op shops and grabbed this vintage  cotton sheet and books for a buck each.
The sheet has been turned into a curtain for #3 Son's room and the girly book will be put away until I need to read it - ha!

I was very impressed with the sheet, I've never seen one like this before.
I love the Australia-specific signs showing our largest east coast cities and koala crossing warnings.
Yes, to the non-Aussies, we have koala signs warning motorists to slow down at night when the little darlings tend to party, get high on eucalyptus leaves and go hump-happy.
Can't allow traffic to get in the way of a good night out can we?

After a sweaty dance class, The Stylist and I shared an ice cold frappe.

Oh c'mon who are we kidding?
It was a beautiful, hot day so we went for a cool dip.

We live up the road from this salt-water wading pool built during the Depression-hit 1930s as part of the Unemployment Relief Scheme.
It's only hip deep and was originally built for holiday-makers to race their model boats and splash around in.
The installation of a modern filtration system means we can swim in freshly pumped salt water from Moreton Bay, a couple of metres away, without any jellyfish and nasty stingers chasing after us.
It's not as good as the surf, but it sure beats melting and I love that the kids can cool off and enjoy a bit of local history on hot days after school.

King Tut swimsuit - Black Milk, birthday gift from The Phoenix
Cute kid aka #3 Son - homemade
Thank you so much for your wonderful, interesting comments on whether reading blogs or blogging has changed your self-image - you're all such fascinating wenches!
Desiree xo

Saturday, March 23, 2013

More! I Need More!

Do you surprise yourself?
I know we're constantly amused, shocked or outraged by the actions of others, but do you enjoy giving yourself a bit of a fright?
I did a double take when I saw the pics of this outfit. 
Yesterday, Australia's Salvo's Stores celebrated Vintage Tee Day in support of sustainable fashion and my choice for the day was this London Underground t-shirt I picked up a few years ago for four bucks.

The last time I wore it, my outfit wasn't so busy and I certainly didn't wear piled on jewellery and have a pink-tailed silver bird shoved in my hair.
Or carry a colourful woven bag.
Or even worn a spotty mini skirt.
I feel so much better in this get-up.
More certainly IS more!
In March, 2013, allowing my kitsch t-shirt to grab all the attention just doesn't feel right to me.
I need more colour.
I need more patterns.
I need loads of tack piled on.
Otherwise I simply don't feel "right".
Think back to when you started reading blogs, I'm sure many of you are taking more "risks" than you used to.
For others, well they always had the fabulous thang going on and blogging was just the next step to sharing the love with the world.

I might look like a crack-pot to some, but honestly, what gives my day some zing?
Dressing to impress me.
It's a way to blast some sunshine into my day.
This t-shirt (now with coffee stains dammit) will be washed, put away and pulled out to wear another day or another year.
I get goosebumps at not knowing how I'll be dressing when I reach for it again.

No chocha to see here.
But is that kaka on my shoe?

According to the Salvos, it takes 2700 litres of water to make one t-shirt.
I'm happy to report this outfit is 99% thrifted and the shoes are made from recycled plastic.

T-shirt, bag, bird ornament, all jewellery - thrifted
Spotty skirt - DIY from thrifted fabric and 1970s pattern
VW Melissa Wing shoes - Amazon
Sunnies - shop in Fitzroy, Melbourne

I know.
They're awesome and they come with us if the house ever burns down.

How has your style evolved in the past year or so?
Desiree xo
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