Monday, August 22, 2011

Armed Against the Suburban Scourge

I feel naked if I'm not wearing at least one huge ring on my hand.
Preferably they number around four or five, but in a hurry, just the one will do.

For some it's a watch, for others, a special necklace or pair of earrings that have them believe in their invincibility.
For me, it's rings. The bigger, the better.

Such is the call of the ring, I've been known to leave the house only to return for my fistful of magical powers.

I need the super-powers they give me against the evil of suburban drudgery.

It works very well too.

No-one can pierce my armour when I'm fisted-up.

 Amulets to deflect the scourge of mediocrity are among my weapons in the armoury of fabulousness.

While armloads of very loud and clunky bangles give me extra protection against any attempts at brain-washing by the tracksuit brigade.
I fight the incessant battle against mediocre casual wear and the more I fight, the stronger a super-power I become.
Long live the fight against the scourge of indifference!
Desiree xo


  1. I do love your rings, I only wear thumb rings as I have never liked the feel of big rings, but I have my hands tattooed now so I dont feel bare. I wish I could wear rings as they do look so good on you, Helga and Vix, but alas not on me

  2. love your great attitude and every piece of chunky jewelry you wear, they're fabulous to fight any mediocre and boring thinking!, I love everything that make my life more interesting, specially love watching how you wear all that great rings and bracelets!!
    besos & fun

  3. You are fearless, and I want it all, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. You've got some absolute beauties there and I love the idea of amulets against suburban drudgery. I feel similarly naked if I'm not wearing earrings, but I do like a good ring too. I tend to only wear them on my right hand though, as most of mine look wrong with my wedding and engagement rings.

    My favourite fistful of yours is the fifth photo down - that middle one is stunning!

  5. Lovely rings D - I always try to wear turquoise - the stone or the colour; I know the stone is supposed to be a bringer of good fortune and a talisman.

    I love bangles - unless you clack and clank a bit - you're not really doing it right lol! I'm also a great believer in the power of thumbrings (ooh that sounded a bit cheeky).

    I like the idea of fighting mediocrity - that would be a fine super-power.

  6. Amorcito,
    I am in love with all your rose rings and bakelite bangles. I am whore accesory girl myself. your mendhi has lasted.
    if my upadates are not working. unfollow me and follow me again.

  7. I adore your jewellery, I'm going to come over one day just to rummage through your jewellery box, everything you own is amazing.
    I call my jewellery my armour. I can can go out bare faced but I need my jewels to face the world. xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. You know you totally rock my world right? You should rule it too. The world would be a better place.

  9. Fight against the mediocrity, sister! You rule.

  10. Your rings and bracelets are beautiful beyond words. I love your nail polish color and your 'fight against the scourge of indifference!' Fight on!

  11. I'm an earrings girl myself. The bigger and more ridiculous the better - you can have a hideously boring outfit but team it with a whopping pair of earrings and it's instantly classy....sometimes.
    That dried flower ring of yours is rather deadly!
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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  12. You have an amazing collection!) I love huge rings and often wear more then one of those at the same time))
    Also - lots of bracelets, and they have to ding)))

  13. Hahahaha....

    What a brilliant post!
    I genuinely laughed out loud =]

    I think I had one of the rings in the *counts photos* fifth picture from the top! The one on your ring finger. It seems really REALLY familiar to me. If I did have it, it would have been when I was only a child.
    Probably robbed it from my mam now that I think about it...

    Lee =]

  14. :) Amazing. I'm such a huge magpie for chunky jewellery, the louder the better, and I don't showcase it enough on my blog.

    Awesome slice of your collection here, and I'm loving the henna.

  15. Love all of your rings and all the more if they have powers. I will arm myself tomorrow...somehow and we will fight mediocrity together.

  16. I'm with you Desiree! Tracksuits should NEVER be worn in public. And neither should ugg boots. My red lipstick is my fight against the scourge of indifference!

  17. Love your arm candy!!! I have tagged you in a challenge...


  18. ooohhh what a gorgeous collection of rings i have to say the red rose stands out to me its a stunner ;-)) I am a bit like you i am naked without a ring on my finger but i only wear one though ;-)) Have a great day, dee xx

  19. I'm definitely a "naked without a watch" person, but my hands feel pretty bare ringless too. I have the habit of touching and playing with them during the day and if they aren't there... it feels... off! I have more than once run in for my rings before heading off.

    You have some absolutely awesome rings too. Love that middle red one, and the one with the pressed flower...

    I don't think I'll ever become comfortable wearing bangles. They always feel like they're in the way, hah.

  20. mine would be wearing a choker, I love chokers and my nose rings with little jewles in them

  21. Holy fecking shit,you have some outstanding rings and bracelets!!!
    I feel the same about rings,just love 'em and feel naked without!! I usually wear the same silver fistful everyday,but have some wonderful costume rings,courtesy of all you wonderful wenches,that I love to play with for special!
    I don't wear bracelets very often,but I do love them!!!
    Grrrr,fisty fisty!!!

  22. YEEEAAAHHHH!!! I love all of your glam jewellery but mostly I love the sentiment behind it - especially since I live in the most conservative, suburban MEDIOCRE place in the world. Every day feels like a battle to be myself here... it' so nice to know that my blog-sisters fight the same battles with the same weapons! LOVE it!

    Sarah xxx


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