Friday, December 9, 2011

Well Frock Me Sideways with a Pitchfork!

It's about time I wore this frock.
The poor wee dear, who really deserves a name, has been in my mending mountain for way too long and she's finally received the new zip she needed.
So she spent Frock on a Friday, out and about with The Phoenix and I.
Let's call her Betty Blue eh?

There's nothing quite like a 1950s wiggle frock and heels to make a gal feel a million bucks.
Take my advice.
Keep it tight at the knees, crank up the heels and you'll always have plenty of wiggle room on the pavement - gawpers and gaspers alike will simply part like the Red Sea.

Of course, accessories and a bit of 'tude help along that feeling of nothing-can-catch-me-but-a-crack-in-the-pavement.

1950s frock - Etsy
1950s straw beret - Madame Virtue, Melbourne
Faux-fur and lace brooch with vintage button - made by the cunning hands of Helga Hotness 
Earrings and sunnies - Fitzroy, Melbourne
Other jewellery - thrifted, Etsy and leather bangle from darling Erica Louise
VW Melissa's - eBay
Leopard bag - Dandelion Vintage
Ostrich-skin bag - Camberwell Market, Melbourne

Oh what have we here?
1940s sheer black and lace knickers.
I'm feeling very Black Dahlia!

Ooh let's kick the weekend off with a lovely big bang in pale blue fishnets and six-strap garters.
I swear the six-straps are the shizzle - no dragging, saggy stocking tops like I get with the four-straps.

I also snapped up the fishnet stockings from Sock Dreams for a piddly five bucks but I'm sure you could make your own by cutting the pants off a pair of fishnet tights.
All this talk about snapping, I think The Phoenix needs to get strappy-snappy pronto!

I swear Young Moira is giving me ideas - are you watching American Horror Story?
If not, why not?

Betty Blue baby wishes you a happy weekend and a jolly good pounding.
Desiree xox


  1. jajajajajjaaja.
    Wonderful in blue, my dear Desiree.
    Love u

  2. Betty blue is beautiful! I really want a garter belt it's on my must buy list. Had to double bag when opping today thought of you.


  3. Well Betty blue is adorable just like you ;-)) You look gorgeous and im loving those shoes and stockings you really know how to dress with beauty. Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  4. Oh my gorgeous Desiree!! You allways make smile.... LOVE your personality...

  5. Looking gorgeous my lovely, heart Betty Blue xxxxx

  6. I always know I'm going to click onto your blog and feel sunny-bright and uplifted. Wow, what a feel-good, fabulous frock. I think I probably use the word 'fabulous' rather frequently in response to your fabulous attire - but hey, it's the best word there is!

  7. LOOOVE this gorgeous frock (that's the colour I want to paint my house!) and I ADORE that fab hat (orange + blue = Perfection!) and of course, all of your fabulous accessories are delectable. And HUBBA HUBBA... Hottest legs in town!

    Sarah xxx

  8. I LOVE IT when you bring out one of your gorgeous wiggle dresses, you always look so incredibly glamourous!

    I've never heard of baby blue fishnets before, but they look awesome - shall have to hunt down a pair for myself :-)

    And finally, that hat has put a big giant smile on my face! So cheerful!

  9. How are you getting on with the Christmas Swap parcel, gorgeous???

  10. I am DEFINITELY watching American Horror Story! I love it!!! It's very rare that a REALLY good new television series interests me so much that I will watch it every week! In fact there are only 3 that I am watching at the moment and The Walking Dead season 2 is soon to finish leaving me with only 2 :(

    Love your naughty Moira stocking pictures and the hat and huge leopard flower brooch are too cute! xxx

  11. You wiggle so well! Love the bright mix of colours and I want that beret!

    American horror story is fabulous! Jessica lange is
    The stand out for me.


  12. You ae killing me with these wiggle dresses! The ice blue is fabulous with the pop of red/orange, and of course a bit of leopard to vamp it up even further!
    And ooh la la, some suspender and stocking action too. You are spoiling us this Friday!
    Have a sexy weekend, darling! xxxxxxx

  13. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

  14. Tiffany blue and red are such a lovely couple. I mean color combo. I just bought towels and sheets in those colors and have been mixing them up.

    You look delish in your wriggle frock. Red sea parted indeed!

  15. You're spoiling us and The Phoenix with that knicker flashing action...phwoar!!!
    Love those dresses on you, you could have given Marilyn Monroe a run for her money. That hat's pretty damned fabulous, too.
    Have a brill weekend! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. you have no idea how badly i want a garter belt now !! GORGEOUS, woman!

  17. How perfect is that fit??? I've been wanting a pair of garters for a while now! You've given me IDEAS! Wickedly glorious ideas!!!!! Hugs to you! ~Serene

  18. I agree with Vix about you giving Marilyn Monroe a run for her money. Betty Blue looks beautiful with your carefully selected accessories, especially those black and lace knickers.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  19. I was going to say something about your outfit, but your shoes have totally distracted me. they are gorgeous!

  20. HAT
    You have just revived my need for stockings - I can't bear the 4 strap slicey string suspender thing - but that deep one looks simply marvy and comfy (and wildly grown-up sexy). Hmmm - MUST find one ....

    You look (as always) divine - wiggle-on xx

  21. Great dress - its such a lovely colour. A bit different for you, I think, and I really like it. As always, you accessorise so well. Looking lovely as always.

  22. I'll give you a bloody snap'n'slap next time I see you young lady, phwoar!!! Love that first pic of you lifting your sdkirt, damn near dropped coffee all over my keyboard, LOL!!!

  23. OhBetty Blue - great name choice. Gorgeous shade of blue and loving more when put with those shoes. Ticks all my boxes. :)

  24. Miss Betty is divine on you!!!!!
    Just love that handbag, pussy cat perfect.
    Love V

  25. Desireeita,
    I love you in Betty blue dres you saucy biatch!
    I am eyeing that vintage new hat of yours. reminds of orange sherbet ice cream. Ooooh te amor for us your lace chonis and garters. I been looking for that show sadly I cant find it anywhere.
    loving your ostrich beautiful bag. I almost used another bag today ,but forgot.
    I been asking for ostrich heels. I had a pair of ostrich boots that I wasted in my Mexican howdy clubbing days.
    oh click on the photos for a bigger version.

    Mmmmmmmmmm,cool blue,hot vixen mama!!! I can just imagine you shaking that ASS!Wish I was following you down the street,I'd be gasping with delight and just gagging for a grope!!!
    Love and lustipops!

  27. The dress is just perfect and my favorite accessory? The HAT! SO cute and love the poses~

  28. Great dress! You look uber hot! I love the hat :)

  29. Love a sexy dress, you are working it all! It looks perfect with that hat and amazing bit of Helga haberdashery. I'm sure I have an orange and pale blue Christmas bauble somewhere (obsessed, me?) and I always liked it as an unexpected combination. Getting more and more covetous of your leopard bag every time it makes an appearance too.


  30. Fabulous as always but look at those legs!!!!!! Woooh A-mazing!! I had better get my lazy self off the sofa & working out! xxx

  31. you are so divine and radiant in blue! fabulous leoprint bag! and these shoes oh gosh i think it´s love, such pretty babies they are from vivienne westwood right?
    love and kiss,mary

  32. Found your blog through the Vintage Vixen and am enjoying it thoroughly. You have such deliciously wicked style, and a sense of humour to match! I love garter belts and stockings, especially seamed or fishnets. Soooo glad to find someone else who is watching American Horror Story. I'm loving the show(the credits are brilliantly creepy) and Jessica Lange.

  33. You're looking very foxy! But my favourite thing is the hat!


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