Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Female of the Species ...

... is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more deadlier than the male.
Oh yes-siree it's true.
I just know it as I continue to age oh-so-disgracefully.

You can't see it, you can't touch it and you can't always feel it in your heart.
But let me tell you, a woman's invincibility is always waiting, ready to pounce.

So when things get dangerous, your super powers are restored and ready to go.
I have fought many baddies with my bare heart.

And next month I will celebrate 44 years of kicking arse and fighting farce.

 It doesn't matter if you're a blond, a brunette or a redhead.

 But it helps to have fellow female deadly assassins on your side...

 ... plus some fighting flares and a killer vinyl jacket.

You are a female with a deadly-huge heart and soul who must trust her instincts and sniff out the rotten apples.
But treasure the sweet and true.
Listen to mama talking here.

Amen sister.
1970s vinyl snake-skin jacket and shoe earrings - been in my wardrobe for 20 years.
1970s navy pin-striped flares - eBay
Swimsuit - Black Milk
Shoes - Camberwell Market, Melbourne

I admit I'm not so invincible when it comes to changing the parental controls on my laptop from settings for a nine-year-old.
That's why I haven't been over to see you for a chat.
But I still love ya's!!!
Baci, Desiree xo


  1. o for goodness SAKE!!!!
    You are so dangerously sexacious you should be illegal!!!
    You may be over 40 but you are far FAR from over,you delcious speciman of womanhood!SQUEE!
    I can't believe I haven't seen that film,it's right up my alley in more ways than one!You're the blonde,I'm the redhead and I guess Vix and Saraj will have to shar the brunette role!
    PHWOAR,BABY! You've perked up my arvo no end!

  2. I friggin love your ass whipping, tongue splitting, jaw dropping, no shit giving, deadly side kick, hot swimsuit wearing, occasionally swearing, sass for miles and legs to go with it hot BITCH self! They didn't just break the mold with you, they blew it the hell up. Here's to getting old together!

  3. You can kick some ass in this killer outfit!
    My ipad blew up when i clicked on the close of your dangerous bathing suit.
    I never watched this movie either.love your kick asoses amor. All the hot mamas are over 40 didnt you know?


  4. thanks for reminding us that Kicking Ass is a verrrrrry important part of life! It's that sass that makes you so darn hot (and those bedroom eyes). (-:

  5. Wow! You are sooo kicking arse! I'm smiling from ear to eat! Wow!

  6. That swimmming suit is sooooooooooooooooo gorgeous for your PERFECT body, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I hug you tight, my dear Desiree.

  7. Awesome.

    Just totally awesome.

    But Helga has left me out, boo hoo ;)

  8. Omg the swimsuit... That's the coolest swimsuit I've ever seen! Xx

  9. You are black milk queen!!! Im so Jealous ... I want all your stuff !! GOD!! ... you are perfect Desiree!!!!!

  10. Fuck yeah! Can you hear me hollerin' from up there?? You are AMAZING and FABULOUS and DIVINE! That swimsuit is incredible and so are you... are Black Milk paying you to be such a frickin AMAZING supermodel for them???

    Sarah xxx

  11. Have your legs got even longer? Feck me woman you look phenomenal in that glorious swimsuit. If Black Milk don't snap you up as a model they need their heads looking at.
    You're younger than my little brother and I still call him "our kid". xxxx
    PS Remember this song by Space http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1NBpVKWh_c&ob=av2e

  12. My face at seeing the first photo: :D HUGE GRIN and I just knew it was gonna be a good one. That snakeskin jacket is awesome! AWESOME. And that bathing suit... lady you smokin' hot. Like holy crow. It's a wonder the screen isn't melting...

  13. Wow!!!!!! There are ladies half your age who wouldn't look half as good as you do in that swimsuit!!!!!! Amazing. V

  14. WOW and double WOW you are one amazing women ;-)) Who looks bliking fabulous in that swim suit ;-) You have an amazing body and figure and your skin tone is hot ;-) I loved you post today with the warm thoughtful deep meaning words to. Have a wonderful christmas and a fab new year. Thank you for all your beautiful comments and support this year, hugs, dee xxx

  15. You're a force of nature, Desiree, you totally ROCK!
    You are working that amazing swimsuit like crazy, and I am LOVING your killer moves!
    I'm with all the others who think Black Milk should definitely be paying you, there couldn't be a better model promoting their stuff.
    You are PHENOMENAL! xxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Love the funky pinup girl swimsuit and those statement rings! =)


  17. Ha! I wasn't prepared for that last shot!! You're looking good...and I kept thinking its Lara Kroft or Diana from the Avengers!

  18. Love, love, love! That swimsuit is amazing, and so are the flares. You sexy thing you!

  19. Desiree, your curls are to die for - And those legs - I think I'm in girl-love!

    Quentin Tarantino is calling you to be his new Aussie superheroine, Snakegirl! Grrroooowwwwlllll - Sending you and yours festive greetings for a happy, healthy and wonderful 2012, too - Fhina x

  20. We sooo need to get Black Milk paying you for this modelling shizzle - you have the body of a woman half your age!

    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas if we don't 'speak' before then


  21. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S

    following you !Love the swimsuit !

  22. Oooooh I love the snakeskin mac and it looks fab with the pinstripe trousers!

  23. ahhhhh ! THOSE PANTS .... that i could never fit into !
    haha.. they look marvellous... and the deadlier swim is great.

    happy new year to you, awesome lady.
    if youre in melb.... im doing some markets this year. shall i keep you posted?
    & ive still got some stuff here that you have first dibs on, though......

    talk soon
    Ms Mink

  24. Right, like Terri said, Diana from the Avengers. No wonder you look so fantastic, you're a young one my friend. Enjoy it, it goes fast :).


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