Thursday, December 8, 2011

Summer Chillin'

Let's get one thing clear.
I am a bit of a Christmas Grinch.
No apologies.
Just not into it in a big way ... so I let The Stylist have free reign when it comes to lights and decorations.
The dear wee hen has already done all her shopping, wrapped her pressies and festooned the house with blue lights.
Stumble out to the loo at 1am and it's a full-on disco going on minus the thumpin' beats.

I must say though, I am really enjoying the cool snap we're having here in Bris Vegas.
We've been rugged up with heaters on, sneezing with colds and I'm back in tights - weeee!!

After the Melbourne Cup Day vintage parade I've been stalking eBay for hot sticks to curl my hair 1930s style and they finally arrived in the mail last week.
So last night The Stylist and I had our first hot stick hair-do playtime.
I'll need more practice, but I thought I'd show you my virgin attempt.

I must have had heatstroke when I bought this 1950s crepe wiggle frock with this amazing fur collar from Etsy about two weeks ago.
It was on sale for $19 - bargain!!
But my, my it certainly came in handy to keep me toasty warm last night.
Anyone out there have ideas on what type of fur this is?

I picked up Gloria Swanson's autobiography from an op-shop for a buck this week.  I've added it to the leaning tower of bedside books - she sounds like one feisty lady and the pics are amaze-balls!

The rose flower clip is from Circa Vintage in Melbourne; 
earrings and bangles, thrifted; 
green glass beads from De Mille Vintage in Melbourne; 
white pearl necklace from the glorious, multi-talented and beautiful Claire; 
bag from Dandelion Vintage; 

I see you baby, shaking that ass!

Glory hallelujah I can wear tights because it's so chilly!
I'm making the most of it before the drippy, sweaty humidity returns.

Oh dear, I seem to have done it again ... Melissa Australia had a two-day 75%-off online sale last week so I got these VW Temptations II for a song - yee haa!!!!

Last week a surprise parcel arrived from the amazing Claire.

 I nearly fainted!!
An utterly gorgeous peach lacy jacket and french knickers (they fit!), a lovely vintage double-row string of pearls aaaaaaaaaaand ... MICE!

 Mink mice sweater clips ... oh lordy I'm in heaven!!

They both have their pink eyes intact.
Thank you so much Claire you wonderful, adorable, talented woman!!
Happy belated birthday to my darling Vix! What a hornbag!
Molti abbraccio e baci.
Desiree xo


  1. You are a stunner in that fur trimmed dress. Mink mice sweater clips! Life is good. -T

  2. Yowza, that dress is so fabulous! You'll have to stay cool in Oz so you can wear it lots. And those wee mice are so precious, I hope you'll be wearing them for us soon : >

  3. Oh boy, you look so fine in the woolen dress...for once Melbourne has the hottest weather in all of Australia today! Don't know how it happened. I'm so glad you like your presents!! The little mink furry mice are so precious, I'm glad they've gone to someone who likes them :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my belly dance outfit...I'm not talented, I just love making pretty things and sounds! You're lovely...

    Xoxox Claire

  4. You look damn HOT HOT HOT HOT!
    The dress, the tights your hair *oooohh oooooohhhh oooooohhhhh*
    I am at a loss for words. The Styalist sounds like me with decorating. I have been prancing around decorating like a Christmas Elf.

  5. My jaw is dropped over here. Those shoes! That dress! Those sweater clips! You astound and amaze. And I think your Grinch-ness looks rather cute on you. I spent a Grinch-y Xmas camped out in the desert with a friend one year, and it was so cold on Christmas Eve that we had to get up and do jumping jacks every 15 minutes all night long to keep from getting hypothermia... what can I say, that brought me back to the other side and now I am a whore for the music and the lights. But it's important for SOMEONE to raise a cynical eyebrow at the whole thing! (-: Sasha

  6. That dress is sooooooooooo Christmasy gorgeous.
    Love it all, my dear Desiree.

  7. That dress is incredible, thank goodness for weather cold enough to wear it but not have to hide it under a coat either. I adore the green tights and all the bling, way better than any Xmas tree baubles.
    Well done with the hot sticks, your hair is so fab with a bit of a kink in it.
    Claire's parcel is so perfectly you, those mice are amazing.

  8. Those sweater clips are officially the most awesome sweater clips ever. EVER. Unless there exists a pair that is two wee spiders heehee.

  9. You look amazing in the grey fur trimmed dress and the hair looks great.

  10. I love it that you have a leaning tower of books. I do too. Isn't Gloria Swanson fabulous? My all time favorite movie is Sunset Boulevard.

    You look great in everything you wear.

    I covet the leopard purse :).

  11. the mice will haunt me...oh yes, the mice will haunt me. (seriously? PINK EYES???)

  12. You are one painfully glamorous lady! xx

  13. You work a wiggle frock like no one else, Desiree!
    Love it, love the new shoes, the green tights and all your trinkets!
    Gorgeous gifts from Claire - mink mice clips! Who knew such things existed!
    Btw - how the bloody hell do you get hot sticks to stay in your hair? Inspired by how fabulous you looked at Kitty's fashion parade, I thought I'd get some (like you, from Ebay) but the damn things just unwind and fall out!
    Your hair looks gorgeous. Mine does not. I am jealous and need help!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Not sure about the fur, I'd have to feel it, (phwoar!) but furry bits on dresses are usually rabbit.
    And I agree, no-one, but no-one, wears a wiggle like you can, you sexy beast you!!!!

  15. That is the most gorgeous dress on you!!! WOW.
    The little mink mousie cardy clips have to be the best thing.
    I can't wait to see what you wear them on, maybe a catsuit???? Tee hee V

  16. Hi Desiree, i am always looking forward to see what you wearing, this dress is beautiful and love that your paired with green thights, i so love this combination of colors - $19 for the dress, really, wow i am dying here....

    Ariane xxxxx

  17. green tights with those shoes is just magic!

  18. You worked this go sister!



  19. HOLY SH*T you look amazing in that wiggle dress. I love all the jewelry and your hair looks SOOOO good like that! I cant believe those sweater guards omg they're effing great! I'm seeing things right?? Those arent really pink sparklie shoes with awesome large buckles?!?

  20. Desiree, move Swanson on Swanson to the TOP of that pile! I can't tell you how fabulous it is! She is my absolute FAVORITE! I've read her autobiography about 3 times and could just read it again and again. She's all about glamour and drama (the good kind) and I just ate it up with a spoon! Definitely definitely read it and let me know what you think....Old Hollywood hugs to you girly! ~Serene

  21. Amor,
    I am in love with your fur dress, you are simply gorgeouslicious. cant you wiggle for me?
    look at all your gifts, so pretty.
    eyeing the fur sweater clips.
    I want you on my Christmas tree but showing to your chonis.

  22. An older cousin had that mise sweater clip!! Love it then, love it now!


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