Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sometimes I'd Like to Cut Your Head Off Just to See the Look on Your Face

I'm feeling very queen-like today.
Well, from the waist up.
Cardi, three-string pearls, silly hat, fluffy hair, dopey-looking face, oh and granny bag ... it's all there.
Except I think the last queen to show off her rack so disgracefully may have been Marie Antoinette or Elizabeth I.

I threw this on to dash out and pick up The Stylist after her sleepover.
It started with the leggings and then things kind of went from there in the following four minutes I had to get ready.

Off to the library to shatter any delicate nerves that may have been lurking in the bookshelves, but no, I think everyone ran away because I scared them off.
At least I got to the head of the queue in a jiffy.

Then off for coffee and a milkshake with the wee hen, who jumped at the chance to snap off rather a lot of pics - "Mum, EVERYONE is staring at you."

Say hello to my rack.
I love a bit of hook-and-eye wickedness.

This is the first time this darling Vivienne Westwood cotton corset has been out to play.
She's been hanging around waiting patiently and today she finally had her glorious debut.
I was worried about popping out of it, but the nert-pipples behaved and stayed well put.

Vivienne Westwood corset - eBay
Leather cut-offs - Bitching and Junkfood
Leggings - Black Milk
Cardigan - Camberwell flea market, Melbourne
Necklace, earrings and bag - thrifted
Hat - Etsy
Shoes - F21
This outfit makes me feel half-Queenie, half-Edmund Blackadder.
Gosh, I'm full of good ideas today!
Baci, Desiree xo


  1. Your leather shorts are FAB YOU LUSS! I've been wanting a pair for a while now, but I just don't know if I would wear them. Don't know how they would work on my hips! Hugs to you girly! You look beautiful!!!! ~Serene

  2. I am loving your hair Desiree! I am seriously thinking about taking your picture to my beauty shop and trying it myself. The girls need an airing now and again, no use having them if you can't show them off. -T

  3. Hi, you look amazing in the leather hot pants and corset. I am very very jealous of the corset.....I wish I could look as fabulous as you in four minutes LOL.

  4. O,hellooooooo rack!!!
    Fark me,what an assortment of fabulousness put together in just 4 minutes?!OMG!Stupendous!
    Everyone is looking at you cos they are dazled by your sheer genius and delicious rack!I'd quite like to unhook just the top hook/eye.....just for a little peek!
    Love and Lusitpops!

  5. 1. Adore your rings!
    2. Love the juxtaposition of the corset with the very lady-like sweater~
    3. Great tactic for getting to the head of the line--maybe i should try it for The Christmas Lines at the mall....
    4. You go girl!

  6. You are fabulous - I love your idea for cutting to the front of the line too : >

  7. when i "grow up" i want to BE you. you're awesome

  8. Meow! Love the leather shorts & corset. And of course the tights. You're just all-over fab darling!

  9. See what kind of crazy beauty can be achieved in four minutes. Nice rack babe.....WEET WOO I'd whistle at ya for sure! Love you and the stylist in that one picture....LET THEM STARE!!!!
    Bigs kisses~

  10. Cheerful and charming person with you. Leather pants are super. Very nice shoes. ...I greet...

  11. Looking at gorgeous YOU, I have the urge of hugging you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Perhaps one day.
    You are so lovely

  12. Oh wooow!! I love the shorts, bodysuit, sweater, headpiece.... oh my GOD!! you always left me speechless.... <3

  13. Oh Fark! So Much To Love!

    The fluffy hair! cardi! RACK! striped leggings! RINGS! HAT!

    I'm feeling a bit faint... you are SPECTACULARLY FABULOUS, amor!

    Sarah xxx

  14. If the people stare, let the people stare; I really don't know and I really don't care!
    You look bloody gorgeous, it's an inspired mash-up of ladylike elegance and sexy naughtiness - essence of Desiree! xxxxxxx
    PS. Rack of glory. And well done girls for staying put!

  15. Amor,
    Show what yo mama gave you!
    Loving your amigas, cant believe you hid this gem from us.
    Stripey leggings paired leather shorts...priceless.
    I am oogling at all your wondorous rings.
    Of course the were staring at yoy, you were the coolest gorgeous mama in that library.
    Besos to you and the stylist bella magnifica

  16. That's one brilliant creation for a 4 minute outfit! I love that short, leggings and sensible shoes combo, it's just genius. That corset? Wowser!!!
    Queenie is the best. If she was really our monarch I might develop a smidgeon of interest in the royals. xxx

  17. Hi Desiree! those leggings of yours to cool, to fierce plus with the leather shorts fabulous - The cardi is great, love those kinds of cardis, i am always on the look out for them - You look fabulous lady!


  18. Well, of COURSE everyone was staring at you - in swiped-sideways, slack-jawed admiration at you sheer gloriousness.

  19. I wish I could run into you on the street. i bet we would both scream like monkeys and become bestest buddies! You know, you had me at the title....

  20. You do crack me up, you're looking good and making me laugh, love Vivienne Westwood and love you.

    I said to Ben the other day that if we ever have a girl I'm calling her Queenie. Well, probably Elizabeth as a full name, but Queenie day to day.


  21. It must be so much fun having you for a Mom. I want to be little again so I can adopt you as my Mom.

  22. Love the way you style these leggings. Your grandkids must have so much fun spending time with you. I hope I can be as daring as you with style in my 60's too : )


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