Friday, December 23, 2011

Cheap Frills Are So Frockin' Friday!

I've grown rather fond of Frock on a Friday.
It's like having a pet gimp in the basement I can pay a visit once a week.
Or not.
Will I, or won't I?
I'm never really sure what I'm in the mood to wear when I wake up.
But it so happens there seems to be a never-ending supply of frocks seeping out of every nook and cranny in the house due to my tendencies toward hoarding and domestic sluttery.

Having said that, I wore this frock on Sunday to visit a tiny wee pop-up vintage market.

I showed great restraint and only bought one frock, but I was struck by the glorious beauty of this 1970s nylon jersey men's shirt which made me instantly think of Helga's G-Man.
He would look amazing in this!

I snatched this splendiferous 1960s swimsuit off the rack and carried her about with me for ages before deciding she was too expensive.
Later in the week I kicked myself after seeing Hot-Legs Helga looking utterly glorious in a vintage blue swimsuit - arrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!

How can such hotness be contained in one gorgeous specimen of a woman ... I ask you!

This little cutie is Matisse, who had a stall with her mum Glynnis.

Glynnis said she'd be going home with more frocks than she arrived with, as she'd had a wonderful splurge in the other stalls.
She's showing us an amazing 1960s evening maxi frock covered in rosettes and beads she managed to snaffle ... before me.

I wore this 1950s cotton frock I've had for about five years and decided it was time north Brisbane copped onto the double-bagging concept.

1950s frock - eBay
DIY floral headband - made by moi
1960s red vinyl bag - thrifted
1950s ostrich-skin bag - Camberwell Market, Melbourne
Red fence-net tights - eBay
Melissa Amazonia shoes - Melissa online sale

The following day I took The Stylist and her BFF out shopping and for lunch, wearing the 1960s blue and silver lurex frock I picked up at the market.

The day involved stuffing ourselves stupid on cake and enjoying general girly silliness with much giggling.

1960s frock - vintage market
DIY floral headband - by me
1970s bag and leather bangle - gifted by the lovely Erica Louise
Brolly, sunnies, earrings and bangles - all thrifted
Shoes - Melissa sample sale courtesy of the unstoppable Suzanne of Idee Fixe
Have yourselves a wonderful Friday my lovelies and don't stress about Christmas too much - it's only ONE day out of 365!
Baci, Desiree xox


  1. If I'd known you were going on Sunday I'd have made the effort :(

  2. Love both the dresses - Really enjoy reading you blog - it makes me smile every time.

  3. More gorgeus, classy and funny ?? Impossible!!!!
    I wish we could have vintage markets here ...
    Happy Holidays <3

  4. You're Glorious ! Fabulous! Love the silver vintafge frock !

  5. Cakes, your legs, those frocks, Helga in a swimsuit, vintage frockery, retro vinyl, crazy shoes, fishnet tights, floral headbands and Melissa shoes...I don't know where to start. You look bloody glorious, oh for a bare leg and to go out coatless just for a day!!!
    I can't believe Glynnis got to that chartreuse frock before you did and then went and showed it to you. Has the woman no shame?
    You're dead right, Xmas is one day, why all the fuss? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Oh I do love that frock! Well, I love them both, but the 50s one is my fave, the colours are gorgeous.
    And so are you!
    How do you manage to stuff your face with cake and still look so bloody wonderful? (Btw, is that a Basic Instinct moment occurring on the cake-stuffing photo? Hahahaha! You naughty girl!)
    Will not be stressing here - we take it all in our stride, no great schedule, and it will be FINE.
    Much much love to you and your family this Christmas. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. (OOOOOHH God I love that swimsuit. I would have carried it around too!) Love the Frock and your cake eating picture gave me a good laugh!

  8. Two frocks and two bags!!!
    Floral frock is my fave.. Lurex dress your flashing us while eating cake.
    I am eyeing your frida earrings and red bag.
    Would of loved to see you strutting your stuff in that adorable swimsuit.

    Have a great christmas amor!

  9. aahhh you look gorgeous in both frocks i love the 50's number but goodness you so rock that 60's lurex silver number ;-)) Have a fabulous xmas, dee xxx

  10. Ooh I love them BOTH so much - the 50s one is a little bit June Cleaver on acid (with those fabulous nets and Melissas) and the 60s one is a little bit SEXPOT! Love the usual suspects - the FABULOUS headpieces, the bags, bracelets... well, just everything... You are spectacular and I NEED A POP UP VINTAGE MARKET!!!

    Happy xmas, gorgeous. Love, Sarah xxx

  11. That lurex dress is killer! I absolutely love it. I wish I'd come across amazing vintage shoes like those blue and red ones... that's one of my favourite colour combination...

  12. How freakin'fabularsole you are in your scrumptious frocks,double bagging it like a pro!!!And eeeek, a little bit of moi gracing your page!!!The thought of sharing such intimate space with you makes me feel faint,the reality makes me want to squeal and squeal and sqeaul with joy!!!
    I do think you could have beaten that woman with a stick for beating you to that heavenly frock!!!But I do rather fancy the blue/silver number you did pick up!!I could do with a nice little vintage market right NOW!AND a taste of Desiree.....phwoar!!!
    Love and Lustipops!

  13. D ~ I really love that 50s number you've got on AND by the way, what gorgeous legs!

    Hope you are enjoying the holiday with the family.

    xo, Bonnie

  14. A glorious holiday season to you! Every festive look is a delight!

  15. You are style on legs Desiree, and now I am double bagging as well, so you are a trendsetter too. Thank you so much for your blog, its a joy to read. Wishing you and your family a fabulous holiday season.

  16. Yeaay - not just one fine frock, but two doses of fabulousness. Can't decide which is my favorite...uuummm...possibly, by a thread, the 50s number. Hope you are still reclining somewhere in splendour after Christmas.


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