Sunday, December 11, 2011

Robot At The Silent Disco

After The Stylist spent the other night draping 100m of blue fairy lights around the house, I've decided to call her work of art, Silent Disco.
The Phoenix stumbled into the kitchen at 2am and exclaimed "they're fluro, everything's glowing!"

I think the lights go really well with my new "robot" pants (named by my styling team here).
Maybe I could do a Marchesa Luisa Casati, wrap myself in lights and go partying!
Note The Stylist's touch of her daisy headband on the tree - hehe!

When you're nine, you need to twirl.
A lot.
And it's better with a flashing Santa hat.

These pics were taken a few nights ago by The Stylist after I curled my hair.
I loved this outfit so much, I wore it the following day with a huge floral headband instead of the top hat.
I had two incidents of women leaving their shops to chase me down the street and compliment my very shiny outfit.
And there was this darling old lady talking to herself while walking down the street who interrupted the conversation she was having with herself to say "oh goodness those are nice pants".
I hope I talk to myself in a very loud voice in public when I'm an "old lady".
That way I can share my disgrace with the world.
Now that's love.

Men's vintage top hat: De Mille Vintage, Melbourne
1970s lurex tunic: opshopped
Silver leggings: Black Milk
Shoes: F21 (on sale)
Earrings: craft stall
Rings: Etsy and a shop in Melbourne

Remember this guy?
He's the really cool robot, T-1000 from Terminator 2 who did some really bad shit.

So yeah, I kind of feel like running like him - he is a robot-thingy after all.

No that's just way too exhausting.
Time for something more relaxing.
I bought a gorgeous baby mouse for The Stylist - she's so cute, I want to just keep her in my pocket.
I discovered that she fits perfectly in the cups of my bright purple chola slut bra, which I'm ashamed to say I haven't photographed yet for that amazing slattern, La Dama.
I'm happy to say the wee mouse loves playing in big headbands too.

What's hiding in my headband? from Desiree on Vimeo.

Hope you're all having a jolly fine Sunday!
Desiree xo


  1. Hehehe! Little mouse you are so cute! And you look super spunky in those leggings, my god woman! I want those legs! I especially love the running poses. Xoxoxox

  2. No one can rock an out fit like that better than you xx

  3. Tee hee you gorgeous gorgeous poppets, I have been sitting here giggling at the mouse in the floral transport headband. The universe is a happy place when a mouse gets to do that!!!! Love V

  4. Mini massage!!! I giggled like a halfwit and watched it again.

    Oh also please tell The Stylist that is also important to twirl when you are 41.

    Aaaannnddd... holy guacamole those leggings are IN-FRICKIN-CREDIBLE! You look amazing in them and I totally see the resemblance - they are almost like mercury! Big hugs to The Stylist - she rocks my world.

    Sarah xxx

  5. I see you have all the Christmas deco ready, and the gorgeous fashionistas Twirling around. So nice to hear your voice, desiree.

  6. You are both mad, ahhhhhhhhhhh a mouse in your head, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. So much love for those tights! They are AMAZING, and you do shiny so well. No wonder people were stopping to comment on your outfit, you look incredible!

  8. Those are really ace pants, I am after a tin foil coloured pair although Ive no idea where I might find some, the only shiney pants we seem to have over here are jeans!

  9. Those pants are awesome! They fit you like a freaking dream, I'd be all over you like a rash if I saw you out and about.
    Love the twirly picture and I really want to see a bra dwelling mouse, too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. I think you may have the loveliest pants/voice combination ever.

    Not sure how to test this I wont.

    The award for Loveliest Pants/Voice goes to *drumroll* Desiree!!!



    Oh you made my friggin year with those wee vimeo clips! I need a mouse masseur - never mind those feet-chewing fish pedicures. To slip into a flower headpiece and have a mousey massage will be SO 2012. You know it.

    Also - The Stylist has twirl action perfecto - and I need to twirl a lot at 53 - it's an eternal need.

    Thank you for cheering up a VERY dreary Sunday - not even donning 30's evening wear and faux leather leggings for a morning coffee shop run was making it go away ... I need to eBay up a tiara. Or crown.

  12. I LOVE THESE PICS!!!! them leggings are so outta this galaxy

  13. I love the image of women chasing you down the street with compliments. How wonderful is THAT?

  14. I love the 'Robot' pants! Everything looks so shiny and silver and discoteque.. in fact I can imagine the tune to your night could have very well been Crying at the Discoteque by Alcazar hahaha!

    The Stylist is so cute! Her dress is gorgeous! She must get her style from you!

    I used to have two white mice when I was about 12, they were the cutest little things. I had to have them both put down due to the fact they got mites from the saw dust and they literally were scratching themselves to death! It was very sad :(

    The T-1000 used to scare me when I was younger! xxx

  15. Very festive outfit, from shoes to hat. And I have to say that it must be a wonderful and fun filled adventure to have you as a mother.

  16. Correction, when you are awesome, you twirl a lot. I twirl a lot. You should twirl more :p Those are some totally killer leggings though, I'd chase after you to compliment you on their awesomeness too. And wee, a mouse! They can make great pets if you spend enough time with them. My mom kept a pet mouse and it lived for 3 years and it would hang out on her shoulder as she did housework.

  17. Well all i can say is you rock gorgeous lady ;-)) And with the tree there leads me to sing...rocking around the xmas tree la la la la la ala ;-)))) dee xx

  18. Dear Father Christmas,

    This year I would like shiny leggings, a home disco (I have the mirror ball bit) and a bra mouse.

    Love Lakota xx

  19. I want you and bella to rock around in my christmas tree with a cute mouse in your bra. Would of loved to see that.
    Your such an inspiration, i wanna touch your shiny leggins.
    The top hat is the cherry on my pie.
    Lookat beautiful bella twirl, twirl amor.

  20. YOOOOOOZZZZZAAAA!!!!! Wow too much hotness for one post, you are a scorcher in this stunning metallic slinky sexy traffic stopping get up, yes I said GET UP! You look incredible!

    The video at the end..HAHA I wanna mini head massage. You two are adorable!

  21. Great scott! Those are some badass pants girl! The Stylist is a chip off the block look at her twirling gorgeousness, I want a dress with stars! I miss when my little girl was 9 having a girl is such a blast!
    Mine's 22 now :(

  22. You are so funny! I love the photo of your daughter twirling with the flashing Santa hat. Is it like no-stop fun at your house? Can we move in with you guys?


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