Friday, December 30, 2011

I Have Always Depended on the Kindness of Strangers

The irony of Blanch DuBois's famous line in A Streetcar Named Desire is I've never depended on such kindness.
But what I've learned in 2011 is there are very kind and generous people, many that have never met each other in the flesh, who have been just so.

What has this thing called blogging unleashed into the stratosphere?

A cacophony of supportive voices, cheers of encouragement and shrieks of delight at the miracle that has been born ... 
Thousands upon thousands of personal style and fashion bloggers who have discovered the joy of camaraderie, friendship, sisterhood and love.

Today I wore gifts from two bloggers, just two among many who selflessly think of their blogger sisters they've never met, or met just once or twice.
The bonds of friendship forged through blogging take place at the pace of the writer.
Nothing is forced, we each own our private space: our blogs.
Blog as the medium.
Blogger as the instigator, holding out the hand of friendship.

Yes well, enough of listening to me talking out of my arse.
Today I gave yesterday's shorts/culottes another whirl when I took The Stylist out to spend a gift card she'd been given.

 Just.  Have.  To.  Pick.  Up.  That.  Stick.  Oh jeez ... my back!

I really felt like I was about to take off in this pic!

Yeah suckers, move outta the way coz mama's got precious cargo on board and she's armed to the hilt against the suburban scourge to defend her wee hen.

The headband is so big it brushes the roof - now that's power!

The Stylist quite enjoys a bit of on-board entertainment ... Haaaaaaaalelujah!!!!!!

DIY top and 1970s bag - gifts from the lovely Erica Louise
Tribal necklace - from the unstoppable Aminta
Zambesi shorts - flea market
Red headband - me
VW Melissa's - Amazon
Sunnies - Melbourne
Are you with me?  Have you been gobsmacked this year at the kindness and generosity of virtual strangers?
Desiree xo


  1. I am with you alright.
    I am so rich by having you in my life.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear Desiree

  2. Just discovered you and I think you're fabulous! Really need some winged heels xx

  3. Yes!! We are all happy to have you... every day I show your blog to my husband and tell him: - please make sure I´ll be like DesireĆ© in the future - you rock!!!!

  4. Yep!!! Too right, I'm amazed at how wonderful and generous my gorgeous blogging buddies are, you included! They often seem to "get" us more than our real-life pals!
    Those culottes are sooo great on you, I'm inspired to dig some of mine out (with the obligatory tights!)
    Happy New Year, you fabulous creature!!!xxxxxxxx

  5. I am with you sister DD My bloggy friends are AWESOME!!

  6. Yes I am with you! You said it all, better than I could. And you look like a billion bucks. Happy New Year!

  7. Blogger love! You expressed my sentiments perfectly. You continually brighten my day with your outfits, your humor and your courage.

  8. Haha - you crack me up - lovely post and it's so true! I'm amazed at how supportive everyone is in blogland. You look awesome - those red wedges are to die for!

  9. I agree wholeheartedly - the generosity in both word and deed of bloggers worldwide is really rather extraordinary. Gobsmacked is the word indeed.

  10. aahhh i so agree with you ;-)) I think we all empower each other and help to bring out our confidence etc It really is a great inspirational place to be and be part of ;-)) You look so dam cute as always love the hair piece today and those shoes are super. Happy new year sweetie see you in 2012 well in blogland that is ;-)) dee xxx

  11. The couple of years I have been blogging have opened up a whole new life to me. It's encouraged me to be more daring fashion wise, more crafty, more thrifty and I've had the joy of making some wonderful friends. I'm so glad I did it! Happy 2012. xx

  12. Well said darling Desiree! This past year has been rich with new friends made via the blogging world ... and I don't blog - yet :)

  13. I agree with you 100%! I have met so many lovely people through my blog and a few of them have been so kind and generous in the gift department!

    My new years resolution is to simply meet more wonderful people and hopefully form a few more friendships!

    I must add that you are looking magical in those winged wonders. I bet the stylist had a brilliant time shopping with her mad as a hatter mum! xxx

  14. I totally love mi blog amigas. I am amazed how much gifts I gotten from them that I dont need anything well except for Morrissey but thats another Oprah show. ;)
    You are on fire wearing those red Melissa winged shoes.
    I love you,I'm trying to catch a glimpse of your undies in that lovely skirt. look at that magical red rose headband! hope Bella bought loads of nice things.
    Happy New Year to you, The Bella stylist and family

  15. God I love those shoes! I am pretty sure I tell you that countless times... BUT DAMN it's the truth!
    I love your silly photos you always crack me up and have the type of personality I love! *Goofy*

  16. It is so true...these virtual friends can lift you up when you're down, surprise you with an unexpected gift, and make us feel less strange in this crazy mixed-up world.

  17. Yep, those blogging sisters are the best!
    You are one of the biggest inspirations out there in blogland, so be proud!
    I'm so glad I joined in the fun, I'm loving the friendship, support and generosity bloggers offer one another.
    Keep rockin', Desiree, and have a happy new year!
    PS. Haven't even mentioned the outfit - it's fabulous. Of course! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Hi Desiree!
    So glad that i have found this year, you crazy over the top stylish, colorful Lady!
    Happy New Year to you
    Ariane xxxxx

  19. You said it sweet blogging sister, hallafeckingluya!!!!!!My heart has been touched and spirit lifted at the connections I have made here in blogland. Not only are these women generous with thoughtful gifts they also give up their time to have a lil read and see what I'm up too. I hope these relationships get stronger over time, I feel special for even being in this kick ass crowd of hot ass biatchs!!!!

  20. Talking out of your arse in the BEST possible way!!! Yeah,blogging and blogging biatches rock,and have been responsible for me soaring to greater heights than I ever imagined!!!
    You hornbag,I wanna tuck you into my handbag and have you available for pawing at every moment,just like my very own dolly of delight!!!
    Muchos hairy gal love to you all and splendid new year wishes of more more MORE!
    Love and lustipops!

  21. Sooo true! In the past year I have "met" the most awesome dames through blogging, including Vix, StyleCrone, the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, etc. and it has been a revelation to find kindred spirits all over the world.
    Wishing you the happiest of New Year's!

  22. I took a blogging break and missed all my bloggin buddies--and have also realized how much I cherish their friendships--you are among them!

    Best to you in 2012~

  23. I know exactly what you mean! People in blog-land have been so kind to me. I would have been lost without them this past year!

  24. Yes Yes YES! As Krista says, you are all my tribe - and such generosity and thoughtfulness and spirit and whimsy - AND SUCH PARCELS OF JOY!

    You look so spectacular - I LOVE the beaded bracelets and your sheos and earrings and culottes... and just EVERYTHING, as always.

    You and The Stylist are so lucky to have such wonderful times together - it's a beautiful thingand does NOT bring a teat my eye ever.

    Sarah xxx

  25. Desiree, you are so adorable, I love it that you're out there, sharing your passion for vintage and your infectious sense of humor. I wish you and your family many blessings in the New Year and do consider you a friend. You inspire me! xoxo

  26. I'm so with you! I've already received more than one package from "strangers" on the internet. Ladies who's blogs I read, who read mine... I consider some bloggy ladies as more my friends than folks I know IRL.

  27. oh my god you are so cool. I'm seriously obsessed with your viv kicks. not going to lie.


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