Thursday, December 29, 2011

Going Loca for Espania!

OK so I'm ready for that big move to Spain I promised myself as a 19-year-old hitchhiker.
I fell in love with the people, the land and the food, and swore I would return one day.
Well ... it's not going to happen just yet, but the temptation is even stronger after getting my Christmas swap parcel all the way from Spain today, from the gloriously off-beat queen of style, Aminta.
The swap was organised by Aminta herself and my Spanish heart throb, Sacramento of Mis Papelicos.
Thank you for pulling this swap together ladies and Aminta, I think I adore you more today even more than I did yesterday!!

I ripped open Aminta's parcel with glee and put the gorgeous heavy tribal necklace on straight away, as it went with the purple kaftan I was wearing this morning.
The 1970s green-blue pleated blouse was screaming "style me, style me" and how could I refuse?

 The Stylist recommended I calm down with a nice hot cuppa.

But it was very, very difficult to keep still for the photos.
Bless her.

Just making sure you cop an eyeful here ... at the VW Melissa Temptations II I picked up half-price in the Melissa Australia two-day sale just before Christmas.
Hey, so who doesn't love a shoe bargain?

 Just in case you missed them in the previous four pics - haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

 Zambesi shorts - flea market
1950s cardigan - Christmas gift from The Phoenix
All bangles, earrings, necklace and teal tights - thrifted
White fence net tights - eBay
1950s cocktail head piece and leopard-print bag - Dandelion Vintage sale
Shoes - Melissa Australia

I already have this cute little guy jammed between the pages of the book I'm reading right now:).
Thank you so much Aminta!!
Oh and I've got a pic feature on the Brazilian, Plastic Fantastic blog  ... what a wonderful surprise!!  Thank you to Penny for putting this one together ... I loved translating from Portuguese and reading the comments.
Apparently I am either loca and disgraceful or I have every right to dress however I like at my age ... I'm so happeeeeeee to have generated a bit of discussion.  
Now that's what blogging is all about ... weee heeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Go loca!!
Molti abbraccio e baci,
Desiree xoxo


  1. Ahhhh those shoes are devine!! Your parcel of goodies are pretty delish too. Lucky you!!

  2. Turquoise looks soooo good on you and whatever you're doing differently make-up wise is utterly gorgeous, I love it.
    Aminta's tribal choker is perfect and I'm swooning over those cheeky culottes and killer shoes.
    The lady is your Amsterdam print looks very much like you.

  3. I LOVE this colour scheme on you, and the tights layering is lovely!


  5. Oh those darling little commenteers - they do sound rather in awe of you D ...

    Super parabéns para a senhorinha do Pull Your Socks Up! (Style and attitude, super congratulations to the lady of Pull Your Socks Up!)

    Having said that I did rather like the one that translated as "I swear I'm afraid of it" - in fact I may make that my new e-mail sig, lol.

    You look like a mischievous principal boy throughout - and your new beaded cardi is divine!!

  6. You always give me shoe envy and that ring the big square colorful glass one I love! What a killer pressie you got that turquoise looks so sweet and soft on you and your smoky sexy eyes, meow!!!!

  7. You're loca in the best way. Love the top on you, the colour really suits you. I agree about Spain, I moved here a year ago and still in love with it xx

  8. I adore you lokita mia!
    Your make up looks so bonita, love you in blue and I am going to steal your rose veil hat.I am super jealous (in a good way) of your new Xmas Melissa red hot shoes.
    I almost bought some yesterday on sale but all the sizes left were for duckfeet sizes.
    luv ya

  9. My swap partner never sent anything, and she's closed down her blog, :-(

    Love your fabulous new shoes!

    Happy New year!

  10. OMG smokey eye Senorita of Spunkiness!!! My heart is aflutter for you,looking so uber delicious is this pretty,pretty blouse!That tribally necklace is rather fab,too!Go Aminta!Jaysus,I love those shoes!!!I'd be very surprised if we got anything as fabulous in little old NZ!That pose on the couch has me moister than a moist thing!EEEEEEK!
    O,and freakin' poke my eyes out with a stick,your round up of 2011 fabulousness is TOO DIE FOR HAWT!!!
    I reckon I might have to make a calendar of all that inspirational joy!!!Whatever "it" is,you got "it" in abundance,you sexacious beast!
    Love and lustipops!

  11. I seriously love this outfit you have put together!
    I also love your eye makeup in these pics.
    Your new shoes are divine.
    And what a sweet parcel from Spain.

  12. I loove your tights and oh how I envy your shoes!

  13. Desiree, you look just beautiful and soooo naughty! Which is pretty much your trademark look, I think! I adore the photo of you next to the Christmas tree with your double bags and SUCH a cheeky look on your face!
    Lovely swap goodies. Lovely you. Loca? Of course! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Ooh, suits you sir!! Must get me some more tights, you're always inspiring me.xx.

  15. Love that aqua colour on you!! Happy holidays!

  16. Beautiful woman how do you do it?

  17. woooow Desiree you look so beutiful and perfect only you could put all this pieces together and make it look so good!! I seriously looove you <3 , Im so happy to have my blog for the amazing people I have known through it... Please come to Spain... Sacramento and I would be very happy to have you here <3

  18. That blue blouse is great and your styling is stunning. Those shoes! I love buckles. Your tights are always so creative. And you look great wearing a veil.

    The Stylist is quite the excellent photographer.


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