Thursday, November 3, 2011

She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain When She Comes!

Yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaa!
Not sure where that came from but there's always something special about a mountain-top so I can't help yelping that one out.
Melbourne Cup Day is kind of a big deal here in Oz.
Everyone gets frocked up, has a bit of a flutter and if you're within sniffing distance of a track at closing time you'll spot quite a bit of stuff you wish you'd never seen - a bit like Ascot y'know?
There were no such drunken high jinks at Kitty and Sue's MCD Vintage Fashion Parade on Tuesday at Mount Tambourine, with its panoramic views of the Gold Coast and hinterlands.
It was the show guests came to see and I don't think Kitty and Sue disappointed the packed house.
I was one of the seven models they selected to wow the crowds with a mere smidgeon of their INCREDIBLE vintage collection from The Shop Time Forgot.

Ooh spots and stripes!  That stunning creature doing her magic on my hair is Chrissy of The Lindy Charm School for Girls.  What that woman doesn't know about vintage hair and make up - wow and she works so fast!

 You can tell Mikey the professional photographer took this - mmm neck crepe!
What a gentleman, averting his eyes and rushing out the door when some of the gals *cough* would strip without warning.

Hot sticks in my hair, I was a bit nervous about doing my own make up surrounded by so many experts.
It got Chrissy's approval though and she just added eye shadow and a cute little beauty spot.

 No spiky bob allowed!  I'm sold on the 1930s curls now and I'm scouring eBay for hot sticks.

 It's easier to check out the running sheet with your pants off.

 A bit of irreverent disgracefulness always breaks the tension.

 A stitch in time saves your negligee falling off.

All ready for the show - look at Kitty's amazing 1940s suit with it's incredible detail - that woman knows how to sizzle!

I could have walked out in this 1950s crepe frock and hat, never to be seen again!  In the background, the scrumptious and so sweet Shannon in her 1960s leopard-print night wear - very James Bond!
On with the show ... 

Chrissy introduced me to the room as Tilly Devine, infamous real-life 1930s brothel madam, her story retold in television's Underbelly Razor.

 Ooh butter wouldn't melt.

This was the most fun outfit to walk in, the 1930s bias cut satin negligee is mine.  I'm carrying a bone-handled vintage fly-swatter and any misbehaviour from punters resulted in a heavenly swatting from me ... got the crowd in a bit of tizz there ... oh yeah I'm tellin' ya!

 Tit's out, shoulders back ... I even kept it together while my petticoat was falling down.

A big hand for the awesome two-some!

Some very hungry and thirsty poseurs! 

 Comin' back down the mountain, I drive so Kitty gets to kick back and make paw prints on the windscreen ... what a day!  
Thank you for including me in this incredibly fun day Kitty and Sue!
Desiree xo


  1. I am grinning from ear to ear, your curls, wow!!

  2. I love the curls, what a great look for you! Amd those frocks were scrumptious on you, I don't know which I would say is my fav.... The black is very film noir, and of course you know my weakness for bias cut gowns... The green was amazing on you to. Looks like you had a grand time, I'm happy you did!

  3. O,ajysus,what I would give to have been sniffing around your satiny bits!!! What FUN! You look totally FABULOUS of course,in every outfit!~!My faves would be your negligee,the black number and the deep green that your petticoat was trying to slip out from under!!! Yay for splendid posing,swatting ans general laciviousness!

  4. Woo hot mama! That black number looked like it was made for you! You all looked lovely. I love the disgraceful pic lol

  5. Ohh-la-la! I kept thinking you looked like Tilly Divine in Underbelly with those curls, you lucious lady!!! EVERY outfit looked fabulous on you, and you most definitely should have run away the with 1950's black number! Xoxoxox

  6. LOL, Bahahahah (that's 21st century kid speak/computer language for laughing out a loud or just spontaneous raucous laughter - see I'm keeping up with the times) You are one funny lady. And I love the curls! xx

    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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  7. All of your looks are great but YOU in that black dress and hat!!!!! - picking my jaw up off of the floor! Looks like you had a fantastic day!

  8. Oh PU-LEASE start curling your hair - it looks amazing! You are just beautiful in all of the outfits - I especially love the black hat and the AMAZING green frock - what a SPECTACULAR day!

    Sarah xxx

  9. You are just so pretty!
    I love your hair that way

  10. What a fun thing to be part of - you are a natural for the camera.

  11. You look absolutely stunning in all of those outfits. Beautiful! X

  12. You look amazing i just adore your vintage classic beauty looks. That black frock your in just blow me away. You should really model more your a natural. dee xx

  13. *Ahhh* You are simply divine Des!
    And I must say you look incredible with your pants off. *Woops I forgot you are now married* "Wait so am I!" *ehhahah*

    Hot stix! I love them.. I went crazy once and ended up with 3 sets.. then realizing my obsession I sold a set to a lovely woman at my garage sale. And now I have a set upstairs and one down stairs. ALTHOUGH mine are not black & silver DAMMIT!

    I gotta say i love your hair hot sticked you look FACKING FABULOUS. AND YOU rather delightful in every dang thing you had adorning your body.

  14. What a day I read Kittys post earlier and was so proud I actually know you .You looked so gorgoeus and yes can see you doing your hair like that alot now.

  15. Oooh I didn't see those pics from your camera, woo hoo, they are the funniest :) thanks so much for being part of our day, we had a blast...and yes, the next one is already pencilled in!!! Talk soon darl.xx.

  16. That black dress and hat looks amazing on you! You shoul've walk away wearing them)))

  17. You were just born to be a STAR, Delicious Des!
    You look just fabulous in everything, from your cami and your leggings getting your hair done, through irreverant disgracefulness, to full on fly-swatting naughty glamour!
    The black frock and hat, and the green tits-out-shoulders-back dress are probably my faves, but you couldn't look anything less than sex-on-legs if you tried!
    Wish wish wish I could have been there cheering you on!

  18. I had seen you in Kitty´s blog already. gorgeous!!!

  19. You look fabulaous. You must do your hair like that again. You were meant for the stage girl! M x

  20. You are a friggin GODDESS do ya hear me WORLD!!!!! You ooze glamour and dare I say grace :) I love your hair with the soft curls, HOTNESS!!!!!! That lil black number is spectacular, I hope you did run off with it.

    What a killer event and what a beautiful bunch of women!

  21. You looked frigging amazing! I loved your curls and your beautiful smile. God, you are so much fun. I'd love to meet you in person one day. xxx

  22. You are a vision in every outfit! The hats are spectacular.

  23. Desireesita,
    You are breathtaking in all the outfits amor.
    utterly gorgeous modelo, my fave is the niglee of course and the grey dress and green taffeta dress.
    Aye your curls frame your face so beautifully. You need to do your hair for us in curls. I found a few sequin boleros for you let me know if you want them.

  24. oh wow desiree you really have an amazing figure!!! how gorgous you look in this amazing black 50´s frock, and also this hat and bag, this is really perfection. and your hair is pure glamour!
    love and kiss,mary

  25. You just looked totally stunning D. What a sauce pot. Glad you are going for the hot sticks, your hair looks brill in that style xx

  26. I love you in the golden dress--although you look fantastic in every one! Hope you had fun--it looks like you did--as with the crowd!

  27. lovely curls and you're so pretty!!!, whou, that wonderful dresses and hairstyles and makeup!!
    besos & fun

  28. Look at you! I was enjoying the curls and all of the outfits then I saw the 40s suit and swooned.

    What a fun day!

  29. Lady you are smokin'! You are an "IT Girl" I mean woman if there ever was one. WhowzahZZZZ!

  30. Now I've collected my jaw from the floor can I just say how absolutely stunning you look in these photos and these outfits! Your hair, the lippie! Swoon!! You completely brought all those hollywood starlets to mind looking through these pics - Mae West, Marlene Dietrich - lady you should model all the time xx

  31. Stunning Desiree! Wish I could have had the day off work and come and met you! Next time :)


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