Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh-Rah-Rah-Rah Darling!

"Do you think about dresses and hats all the time even in church?" - Love in a Cold Climate

I couldn't have said it better myself.
Thanks to the screen adaption of Nancy Mitford's book I decided a post inspired after watching Love in a Cold Climate yesterday, most necessary.
It really should be sweltering hot here in Brisneyland, instead we have stormy grey weather which means indoor pics with pathetic lighting.

But it also means vintage evening gowns, knickers and furs!!! Woo-hoo!

And of course, it's Frock on a Friday.
I practised using hot sticks in my hair again today ... still getting there, but I think the result is looking a bit closer to a soft 1930s curl, which is what I'm after.

This darling hand-made salmon-pink evening gown was a bargain-ous $30.
I think the frock is late-1930s to early-1940s.
All the sequinned geometric shapes have been hand-sewn and the frock has a peplum feature.
I go wobbly at the knees for a peplum.

That's for the squally weather which will just totally ruin my hair darlink!

Can you guess what's in my hair?
Mice of course!!!
These are the pretty mink mice sweater clips the divine Claire gifted me.
I'm very happy to have mice, real or fake, having their way in my locks!!

Oooh can't go without a knicker shot.
I'm building up quite a collection of vintage slips and knickers.
Yes I wear other people's old undies ... disgraceful isn't it?
These are 1930s button-up rayon and lace knickers - you really don't want to be in a hurry for the loo ... think about it.

Gown and knickers - eBay
Fur stole, 1930s leather clutch and bangles - thrifted
1930s art deco earrings - Etsy
Sweater clips and necklace - beautiful Claire
Blue fishnet stockings and garter belt - Sock Dreams
Melissa Amazonias - Melissa Australia (on sale!)

Which items of vintage clothing are you obsessed with today?


  1. I love this look!!! Fantastic gown, that luscious coral color is amazing-- what an insane baragin!! Your hair looks marvelous, too, ever so '30s movie star.

  2. Gorgeous. The color suits you and the dress is divine. Bargain.

    I go wobbly at the knees for YOU!!
    Fark ME you just blew me away yet AGAIN!!! LOVE this frock,love that hair,I just want to rumple it with my boobage!Gawd,I love every detail!!!FARRRRRRRRRK!!!
    I have been thinking of you this afternoon,as I slowly get ready for a night out.....I'm wearing and channeling a bit of you, and Vix....and I am creaming myself over it! I'm upping the ante a bit,as G said about 20 mins ago!
    Jaysus,woman,that frock is HEAVENLY!And YOU!!! OH! there are no WORDS!Just grunts and obscenely saucy gestures and a bit of panting...........
    Love and LUSTIPOPS!!!

  4. Gorgeous, love the hair and the dress is DIVINE. As always you wear the most amazing accessories, the mice are cute and the Melissa heels are awesome.

  5. Darling, your hair looks fabulous, but in addition to the mice in it, you appear to have a weasel on your shoulder. I thought someone should tell you, he doesn't look at all happy about it!

    The dress is beautiful, imagine the labour of sewing on those sparkles. Oh, and I've been lusting after some earrings like those for ages!


  6. OMG you look utterly devine. I adore your hair like that you look stunning. I love your dress and the fox you are one very beautiful women. You suit the 30's so well. Have a fab weekend sweetie, dee xxx

  7. Ps and the make up i can't belive i forgot it i love it ;-)) dee xx

  8. I adore that wonderful dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and your eye make up is fabulous.
    You are a true queen, my deares Desiree.

  9. oh God!! This look is amazing... I would love to wear it for new years eve :D ---- My goddess

  10. Oh just shut the fuck Up, right?! You're just TOO fab for words, the hot stick experiments are coming along nicely, the outfit is BEYOND HAAAAWT, right, so I might just have to hump you myself this weekend..assuming we can both make it, 'k??

  11. Lovely geometric pattern on the top, it is truly beautiful!


  12. Faint-makingly beautiful and oh my - our eBay is CRAP compared to yours. Love the hair and maquillage - now you just need a cloche hat, darling.

    Favourite NM quote ever?
    “Mother, of course, takes a lot of exercise, walks and so on. And every morning she puts on a pair of black silk drawers and a sweater and makes indelicate gestures on the lawn. That's called Building the Body Beautiful. She's mad about it.”

  13. Jaysus kerristtt! That frock, your har and those smokey eyes, I've just spilt my tea on the keyboard. How fricking sensational do you look, you've mastered those Hot Sticks like a pro!!!!
    No problem with second hand undies or swimwear here, have a machine, will wash. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. That gown is awesome! And I love your eyeshadow, very dark and saucy. The fur is a great touch.

  15. Move over Hollywood this gal is taking you by storm! You glamourus hot piece of attitude. I love you in this outfit and the hair is looking sweet! Love the undie shot! I think the vintage item I have been wanting lately is a pink pill box hat with a lil net. I almost bought the cathedral leggings but with shipping it was over $100, I backed out.
    Enjoy the storm form inside someplace warm. I plan on making you and the sweet Stylist something pretty over the next few weekends. I love sitting by the fire and making shit!

  16. Digging your smouldering eye make up my dear, and curls xxx

  17. Hahahaha, still laughing at Kitty's comment! Honestly, some people swear like troopers. Not me, Des, I'm a fuckin' lady.
    Now, on to how fantabulous you look - OMG! Total Hollywood glamour, dress, hair, eyes, mice, jewellery, shoes, Lakota's weasel, knicks. It's all working for me!
    I don't know why some people have a funny thing about secondhand undies - no different from anything else secondhand, really. You wear 'em well, love!
    PS. Trying trying trying with the hot sticks. Failing miserably. Will persevere, inspired by your gorgeousness! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. You gorgeous lady! Your hair looks divine, and I love that colour on you. Oo-er, love the undie shot! They look well worth the trouble. ;)

  19. Yeah for fancy knickers! Boooo for weather that makes curls go limp. -T

  20. Ooh divine... the frock is amazing and I LOVE your hair. Those shoes are ROCKIN and your lingerie EXQUISITE. And I'm with you - I love mice too!

    Sarah xxx

  21. You are vision of all kind of vintage starlet.
    That gown is magnificently beautiful makes you look taller.
    I love your shirley temple bad ass curls and smokey bad girl eyes.
    Gracias for choni shot, i always look foward to perving at you.i am in need of mice in my wig now.
    Luv ya

  22. Oh my god!!!!!!! I missed this! I've been so behind, sorry...the mice! they look so cute and I knew you'd find a way to wear them :) You are simply divine xxx

  23. I'm having an epiphany right now, I think I get your style idea, it's like when we played dress up as kids but now you get to choose the stuff, am I right?

    I'm trying have more fun with it myself but I'll never reach your level. You have a Phd in style.

    However, I was seriously tempted to buy some fur at the Church thrift store over the holidays. There were some beautiful pieces. But here in California someone would throw red paint on me or give me the evil eye.


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