Thursday, July 14, 2011

Go Duchess!

Y'know I think it's great the Duchess of Cambridge is getting so much lurve from fans of the Royals 'n all.
But I went through the pics of her recent North American tour and I'm afraid I really did yawn out loud.
Her clothes are just sooooooooooo frickin' boring!!!!
Bless her, she's got a huge role to fulfil and what with being of non-Royal blood, I guess she feels she has to really reign it in, y'know, being a commoner an' all;).
I mean, the Duchess could easily get away with the crazy schmozzle Princess Beatrice wore on her noggin to The Wedding.
I can't wait for the royal halo to slip a little and we get to see her in a feather mini skirt and maybe one day some studded ankle-strap platforms.  
OK that's not going to happen.
Cut the wee dear some slack though, I'm sure she'll loosen up with time and her commoner roots will hopefully start to show and she can start having some sartorial fun.
I can't see the poor love going the full-on Pull Your Socks Up! madness, but I think this could be a wee start.

I hear the Duchess is a keen supporter of British fashion.  
You couldn't get more English than Vivienne Westwood and I think the Duchess could do with some help from a real Dame in the shoe department with some VW Melissa's.
Made from recycled plastic, the Lady Dragon's send out the twin message of "I'm being eco-friendly" and "I'm a sex bomb".
Well, Dame Viv certainly is that's for sure!

If the Duchess is lucky, she might snag a bargain from the flea markets like this Collette Dinnigan sheer lace dress I bought for a buck!
I'm wearing it with a 1930s rayon slip I bought on eBay for $9.

Excuse me dear, your slip is showing.
The 1960s silver, plastic and metal bag was a buck and so were the pink gloves.
The delectable Suzanne of Idee Fixe snapped the shoes up for a bargain-ous $50 at the Melissa sample sale in NYC. Gah!!
I think the Duchess could do well by introducing some blue or green nail polish into her life too.

Yes that's a red bra.  I'm afraid I can't do head-to-toe lady-like.
Go on, let yourself off the hook Duchess.
You're welcome.

The clip-on earrings and the 1950s head piece were both eBay bargains.
Oh, and my lippie of the moment, Ruby Woo by MAC.

 If in doubt, pull a face and all will be forgiven.

One can only hope the Duchess reads screwy fashion blogs.


  1. You look fabulous, loving the dress and oh my that bag is to die for :o) Scarlett x

  2. I'm so glad that someone else came out and said it first but like you Kate Middleton's wardrobe bores me to tears - the poor girl is 28 but dresses as if she is going on 50. I know she's a princess and she is very elegant and all but geez - lighten up love!
    Now your outfit is a stunner! Collette Dinnagan for a dollar!! Bet you could teach the duchess a thing or five about style.

  3. Your outfit is great! I wish I had more vintage slips and the courage to wear them... I think the "commoner" background is over-rated, her family is as upperclass as it gets, and I think her conservative style may come from that. Franca at Oranges and Apples wrote a smart analysis of the phenomenon just yesterday:

  4. She should really take some style tips from you ;-) You look gorgeous as always love the dress and those pink shoes are lovely. You just seem to wear headwear so beautifully to. I am so pleased i am also able to comment on your blog to ;-) Ejoy the rest of your week, dee x

  5. You are just so scrumptious DD Love your style.Cant believe you got a Collete for a buck well done you.xxxx

  6. Thats the cheapest I've ever heard of anyone buying Collette Dinnigan-amazing!!!
    hilarious post, you are such a funny bunny.xx.

  7. Beautiful! I love the gloves and the dress is so pretty. The whole look is sort of eccentric elegance :D

  8. THANK YOU for having the courage to type what many of us have clearly been thinking regarding Kate's style of late. I agree with one of the commenters that she really doesn't seem to be able to dress for her actual age. You've offered some great suggestions on how a duchess could liven up her look a bit. Judging from you amazing outfit, she would do well to listen to your advice!

  9. Perfection again! The hat is exquisite and the gloves and shoes are bloody gorgeous. YOU are GORGEOUS! It must be a LOT warmer up there!

    Sarah xxx

  10. This is such a sweet outfit! That little handbag is so beautiful and I love this lacy number on you. Kate's style is rather dull, maybe she is just a lil plain jane and that's ok too. We can't all be fabulous!

    Stay beautiful!

  11. You are fabulous and glam and fun unlike Kate with her "nice" hair and frumptastic outfits. She is as dull as ditchwater but that's the Royal Family for you, I never got Diana either. Posh people make for poor dressers, too much money seems to make for an unimaginitive wardrobe.
    That dress is glorious, what a find. x

  12. Wow! I love your style. I found you through Helga Von Trollop, and I'll definitely be back for more!

  13. Love this outfit! Those shoes are to DIE for! I have a matching jacket, in case you're ever thinking of parting with them. :)

    I'm hoping Kate sees your blog and gets a little more creative with her outfits, too. Girlfriend could start a fashion REVOLUTION. Now wouldn't that be fun?

  14. I love gorgeous Mamas who show their bra.I am looking for more Melissa shoes amor. I'm stealing that fab hand and gloves.
    You have the hot sexy legs hun.

  15. Love the pink gloves & shoes :).

  16. Diva, that slip came right in handy. It works flawlessly with that lace dress you scored. I'm loving the look from head to toe!

  17. Amen sister! I too feel the same way but then... I'm also like that about Pippa's ass. WTF is the big deal?

    I'm not a royalist and not in to princesses unless they're Amazons slash superheroes but if I was in to royalty... I want to see them like this... like you... bold, one of a kind, awe inspiring and ever so fabulously eccentric. Aplomb and ceremony my dear Desiree... you have a royal flush!

  18. thanks for leaving your kind comment on my blog
    love your style and attitude,
    very inspiring

  19. LOVE the addition of the veil with this shift dress! And I LOVE the VW shoes :)

  20. All I can say is thank god you're not a duchess and we get to see your wonderful, wild style in all its glory!

  21. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Kate shopped vintage or a car boot sale?

  22. I'm going to sooooo remember to pull a face! LOL I adore this outfit! The dress with those kick butt shoes? You. Are. Tha WOMAN! Big hug! ~Serene

  23. You are sooo right - Kate is a pretty girl who could wear anything - and she picks beige...

    She will be terrified to be experimental, I suppose, and lots of folk with money don't dress very imaginatively, so perhaps we should feel sorry for her, poor love! She needs a touch of Desiree magic!

    YOU - on the other hand - look amazing. Cool. Classy. Original. Imaginative.

    Kate? Are you watching? THAT'S how it's done!

  24. Ugh, yes she is sooo dull & don't even get me started on her flippin' eyeliner! She totally needs to take some fashion tips from you! xx


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