Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hoarding is Heavenly

I ask you, are there any drawbacks to hoarding?
That's a rhetorical question and you're not expected to reply because the answer is NO.
I realised this for the billionth time when I reached for a1940s slip, let my fingers do the walking and discovered some wee delights to give it a lift.

If I wasn't such a sartorial magpie, picking up bits and bobs that catch my eye with little or no wardrobe planning in place, I wouldn't have had the pleasure of going spotty here.
I scored the 1950s orange and silver jacket off eBay for around $5 a few years ago.  
It's a hard-working little sweetie that seems to "go" with everything and it's helped me pull off a variety of dressing emergencies in a flash.

The black and silver spotty tights are a much-loved gift from Vix (check out her amazing new header!) and the shoes, velvet cocktail hat and bag were thrifted.

I picked up the leather and glitter belt from a pop-up vintage market a couple of weeks ago and used a couple of lengths of ribbon from a gift to use as a choker.

I thought I'd add a bit of chola again with my red bra, just for my favourite Mexican muchacha, La Dama.
Proudly, everything is vintage/second-hand and what I love most about dressing from a collection of mish-mash is how bits and pieces seem to "find" each other.
And oh god, have you SEEN Sarah Misfit's treasures from her vintage fashion fair haul?
Now that's one amazing woman with a collection I would love to rub up against!
Desiree xo


  1. Absolutely no drawbacks to hoarding!

    Because you can always count on it to one day pull something out with a Eureka! triumph.. as you have ;)

  2. I'm seeing polka dots everywhere in fall's previews...Those tights are perfect. Love the little hat too! Hoarding? Let me just fill another room with clothes please.

  3. Oh yes; I'm such a hoarder when it comes to vintage garb, but at least my closet is an absolutely gorgeous mess! You look amazing & stunning, as always. I just love how you pile on the accessories; so many pretty and interesting details, oh my!

  4. Dear Desiree,
    I can't imagine what it would be like living with a sparse wardrobe of bland basics.
    A life without being able to swathe oneself in explosive colours, wonderful prints and patters, tactile textures & madcap cuts is surely but a wretched existance.
    I love your mish-mash method of styling, IT ROCKS!
    Lot's of love,

  5. I love your makeup in these pics Des!
    Your green jewelry is just jumping out at me right now. *SHEE* I need to find me some green jewelery!

  6. I love the pairing of the jacket and the tights. I've wondered recently if I've begun to hoard...there are simply things that I don't want to take back to the thrift stores.

  7. Orange and navy are one of my most favourite colour combos! I adore that slip, it fits you to absolute freaking perfection and the jacket and hat are just swoonsome.
    You cannot beat magpie shopping, who wants a wardrobe crammed full of pratcical stuff when you can have spots, lurex, catsuits, ballgowns and leopard print?
    You ARE fabulous! xxx

  8. Amazing as usual, the jacket looks just gorgeous, I can't believe it was only $5. My wardrobe is taking a long time to refill, but I'm getting there. Love your elegant henna tattoo also. x

  9. So good to see the praises of hoarding being sung for once! Haha. ;]
    -Andi x

  10. My shopping motto has always been 'if you buy enough stuff eventually some of it will match'. Glad to hear I'm not alone there!!

  11. Both me and my husband are hoarders. It's fab, minimalism is the enemy!! I adore your hat. X

  12. I love the orange and blue combo. It's a great idea to wear that slip as a dress. Gorgeous as ever! xx

  13. Ah it's a slip dress, hotness! I am loving all the funky tights you wear too :)

    As far as hoarders go...yikes I am still neck deep in cleaning out my Grandmas's house. She really was a hoarder. She managed to fill her 4 bedroom house and 4 storage units full of clothes (and not cute ones at that). I have never seen so much excess it kinda freaked me out.

  14. Gorgeous hat! Well, it's all gorgeous, naturally, because you always put your looks together with wit and style in spades. You are such a clever lady!

  15. There is only one drawback to hoarding - and that is: where the heck do I store it all?? It's a question I've been trying to answer today through another major reorganisation of my room. However, without the hoarding gene running through both sides of my family I wouldn't have the treasures I now own.
    On to this amazing outfit - love the effortless way you make 'looking fabulous' into an every day event!

  16. love your awesome orange jacket, awesome dress and tights and love specially every piece of bijouterie you're wearing.

  17. Gorgeous! You're so good at accessorizing, I love the hat, the shoes, the bag and that little ribbon around your neck.

  18. Gawd,you are SO right about hoarding!!! It should be compulsory!!!
    You look like such a lucious dreamboat,LOVE that jacket!!!
    So,Bert Munro was your Grandad?! No WONDER you're such a raunchy trollop,I've heard the stories about him!! AND seen the movie!!!Hahahaha........
    I would SO love to hide amongst your hoarding and leap out at you one day!!!

  19. FABULOUS AS ALWAYS! Oh Desiree - you are such an inspiration - you really see combos that I would never consider and that just WORK perfectly!! I love it all from top to toe.

    And thank you for the shout out!

    Sarah xxx

  20. You are so delighful to my eyes,love the spotty tights. Vixcita is a dream.
    The more hoarding the merrier amor.
    You never know when your going to need that special piece of clothing.
    lol@your chola red bra. You working it Mamas. I have a thing for lingerie perving.


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