Saturday, July 9, 2011

Odds 'n Sods

Digging around my pic files, I found these from a textile and art fair I took The Stylist to a few weeks ago.
All part of her education in the joys of the tactility of fabric and fibre.
There was so much to delight both kids and adults ... like delicious foam chips and stuffed fabric dagwood dogs! Yum...

I rarely wear red except for my lippy and one of my few red pieces of clothing is this 1950s wool coat with a jumbo-sized collar, buttons and pockets.

The Stylist in disbelief at the work that went into making this pom-pom circus costume.

Her sneakers were painted by a local tattooist we met at a flea market recently ... so colourful and happy for a wee lassie.
She chose neon-pink tights to layer under her skinnies.

Did you know you can commission people to create decorative sewing machine stickers out of your original art?  Imagine this sweet little face peering up at you saying "c'mon you can do it, it's looking great!"

Flower brooches fashioned from Japanese kimono silks ... how to pick just one?

And beautiful, enormous badges.

The Stylist was photographer for the day and I gave her free reign of the camera ... she found such cute handmade crafts to snap away at.

What's that look?  I dunno ... maybe I'm jealous of the dummy's shoes.
I wore Black Milk tights; thrifted vintage silver, dancing shoes, leather shorts and gloves; and an Edwardian, pink silk blouse from eBay. 
The sheer blouse is incredibly delicate and I have to be aware of my movements as it's wearing away ... it's like being wrapped in fine downy feathers.
I hope you're all enjoying a splendid weekend!


  1. Oh look how gorgeous you, what a treat for the eyes! ounds like your young lady will be a complete vixen by the time she's a teenager, she'll be running rings around the lot of us.xx.

  2. The stylist is as gorgeous as her mum.I love her tatooed shoes and that machine how cool is that.YOu are looking as wonderful as ever too DD xx

  3. What a fun day! I am loving your coat and that great looking handbag. The Stylist looks to have had a great day as well.

  4. Whoa look at those costumes! I would've had the same reaction as the Stylist! You look so lovely in red, brightens your gorgeous face! I also love the Stylists sneaks, too cool! You both look like you had a fab fun day! The Stylist is a good little photographer! Heehee the Punk Glam King is no where near as good as the Punk Glam Princess who takes my photos (you can always tell the ones the PGK takes, heads cut off, off centre, etc!)

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  6. What a lovely post, Desiree. Love the sawing machine.

  7. Desiree, love the food foam chips/fries.
    Your looking delightfully fashionable amor.
    your daughter is such beautiful girl like her Mama. love the sewing machine, I am dieing over the silk flower brocches, so much to see.also adorar your leopard bag.

  8. Wow, awesome :)))

    LOVE minnja

  9. OHHH MYYY The Pom Pom dress is SOOO FUN! And I love those elfish lookin shoes on the last mannequin.
    Your girl surely takes after her Mom in the looks department! You two are both beautiful!

  10. Love the kimono flowers..and the pompom skirt--and the stylist and you!!! so cute.
    Damn, i regret getting rid of my leather shorts--you are looking soooo great in yours!!!!! Love, Paula

  11. Looks like you guys had a blast!
    That red coat is GORGEOUS!!! Hugs! ~Serene

  12. Ooo,I am soooo chuffed that The Stylist loves my kitty's namTs and enjoyed looking at my blog! She's gonna be one funly miss,with you leading her!!!
    Love the pix,LOVE your red coat! The pom pom frock is a bit Romance Was Born (is that whet they're called?!) I love them,SO creative and challenging!!
    I was very imnspired by you yesterday,and have totally ripped off your look to the best of my ability!Post'll be up tonight.....I mean it in the BEST possible way!

  13. That pom pom dress is fab!
    Looks like so much fun

  14. awww what a lovely post the stylist took some great photo's bless her, loving her shoes. That sewing machine is fab what a cute idea and i really like those flower brooches. You look gorgeous in red that coat is a real beauty. Hope your having a lovely weekend, dee x

  15. That pompom dress is amazing!

  16. i love the circus pompom dress

  17. Photo number 3 is fantastic and what a fun piece of clothing the pom-poms would be to wear. Admiring the stylist's tennies!


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