Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ms Shiny-Pants Dreams of Helga and Vix

If I was remotely interested in Poison's 25-year anniversary tour, I might consider this an appropriate concert outfit.
I'm happy to say I won't be clamouring for tickets but I'm pretty sure these pants are a dead giveaway that I never quite made it to the shiny-leggings stage in the 80s.
Never quite got that one out of my system.

Better late than never - these Black Milk Blueberries are just the thing for the ageing 80s rocker in me.
Hmmm ... the 80s are getting quite a work out here these days aren't they?

I'm wearing them with my new patent Docs, 1970s cotton shirtdress I got at a vintage fair for $5, plus thrifted fur jacket ($3), Indian necklace (about a buck), bag ($5) and belt ($1).

The usual trollop-y junk hanging off my wrists and fingers.  
Speaking of which, I dreamt of Helga last night.  
We went on a mad shopping spree where she magically appeared in a different outfit every time I looked at her.
I woke up exhausted from keeping up with the mad trollop!! xoxoxo

I've had a dream about Vix where I visit her house and we have feasts and I walk around her house mesmerised by her pin-up gorgeousness.
Have you had any dreams about bloggers?
Desiree xo


  1. i have been looking for leggings like that, the color is insane and i love the shiny fabric! perfect with that dress, the colors look amazing on you, they just make you glow! love the fabric of the bag, the green looks amazing with the blue, how perfect can you combine color?

  2. Love ya, you 80s rockette you.
    Love how you dreamt of HH tho so funny.

  3. Only you can get away with wearing leggings like that, woo hoo! Dreams about bloggers? Yes, but I'm too nervous to share them!

  4. You can't beat a pair of DMs... Especially when their shiny. Excellent rock chick look. X

  5. What a great dream! Personally, I imagine that is exactly what shopping with Helga would be like. I love your shiny leggings!

  6. Bwahahaha, I love the Helga dream - it would probably be true too! xx

  7. How fab do you look?
    I like the Helga dream and I can imagine she'd be like that on a real life shopping trip.xx

  8. If only dreams came true, I'd love to have you over to play.
    I adore those shiny leggings on you and all the trollopy goodness you've accessorised with, just freaking fabulous! Don't even get me started on the fabulous print on the shirt. x

  9. You are truly concert worthy! Loving all the bling and those leggings.


  10. Those leggings are killin' me and making me think of BRUCE DICKINSON from Iron Maiden :) He could wear those like no other....*drool*

    Shiny things make me smile and you be shiny today my dear!

  11. Shiny awesomeness. I have to admit, the 80's did get some things right. Except for shoulder pads. I'm already stacked, don't need to look like a linebacker haha... My 80's guilty pleasure is the band Whitesnake though... shhh... I love hair metal!

  12. you will have to go on my blog to see the 80,s big hairdo I put on there that i had when I was in the 80s/90,s. i looked like one of the poison members, heehee

  13. I haven't dreamed of bloggers, but Helga & Vix would be my dream shopping dates! xx

  14. Ha I haven't had any blogger dreams I don't think but Vix's place sounds like a good one to start! Loving those slinky leggings x

  15. What a great color the britches are? I haven't quite progressed to the dreaming stage, but I definitely do have the weird idea that Vix and Helga and Desiree are my best friends.

  16. Wow. Just had a semi flash back. And dreams? None yet, but I think about other bloggers all the time. YOU rock.

  17. Dunno about dreaming about bloggers but you, Vix and Helga are the dream team. No wonder you are scattered about the planet - too much for one city lol!!!!

    I have a pair of shiny latex leggings that are terribly effective when worn with anything ladylike. And now I shall try them with my summer frocks as there is a distinct chill in the Summer here today. I also have a naughty DM addiction and will now have to retrieve all 14 pairs from the attic.

    You look beautiful as always - oooooh those colours!


  18. Wow, look at those shiny legs!! Fabulous colour. And I love the print on the shirt dress. How do you get to look sexy in DMs?

  19. I dream of jumping in my car, driving 1,000km north and landing in your driveway to play dress ups with you!

    Those leggings are fab - I LOVE the colour - and your hair is looking especially divine!

    Sarah xxx

  20. Desiree,
    I'm in love with your cotton dress shirt, so colorful and wild leggings.
    You look good in anything you wear Mamas.
    I have many dreams of Helga and other bloggers too. Helga is always over the top happy drunk in all my dreams.Ive only had one dream of Vixcita walking.

  21. The leggings are great and so are your patent Docs. You have such great shoes.

    I dreamt that I was in Walsall and Vix had to come and rescue me. When I told she said "Wasn't that a nightmare?" Then we ended up at a festival and she knew all my friends already. Your dream about Helga was probably very accurate xx


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