Friday, December 13, 2013

How Soon Is Now?

Do you know what's really great about decluttering?
Aside from the obvious benefits of sorting through shite to separate things into "keep" and "biff" piles, one finds much-loved treasures.
I rediscovered this butter-soft leather vest, weird petti-skirt thingy and gorgeous sparkly blue belt.
In fact, everything I'm wearing here, including the bag, was taking a break from the public eye.

These things weren't hidden away, just resting, waiting for me to re-visit them.
The belt was a gift from Clare of Miss Simmonds Says.
I've worn it more often in the past year, than any belt I've ever owned.  
I have a small collection of belts, but they're slowly ending up in The Stylist's wardrobe as I find them uncomfortable to wear ... except for this sparkly sequinned number.
Oh by the way, don't worry, The Stylist is getting her fair share of bits and pieces put away for her during this period of clothes sorting ... probably not for long, she's getting very tall!

Leather vest, Amy Winehouse rosary - Etsy
Earrings - Bones Couture
Rubber bracelets - DIY from The Stylist
Skirt, bag, granny beads, bangle - op shops
1950s hat - gift from Nelly of Vintage Wishes
Shoes - second hand market
Bodysuit - retail sale

Gosh look at all that wonky cropping!  I'm linking up to Citizen's Shoe Shine today.
Our tree is finally up and surprise, surprise, no presents are wrapped.  
What are you up to this weekend?
Baci, D xoxo


  1. Ooooh LOVE that song! What a fabularse outfit look freaking spectacular. A cull is definitely in order here too, but I find it SO hard to let go of things, even if I haven't worn or used it in years. But renting does curb the hoarding monster unfortunately. Much love beautiful. Xx

  2. I like that you have the stylist to take some of your things, keeps them in the house that way!! My tree is still not up and I have not purchased a single present, hopefully December won't run out for me. Maybe over the weekend i will pull my finger!!

  3. we always find decluttering and throwing things hard. we always find some reason or another to hold onto things for another year. Maybe it will be worth stacks in a few a years?! Maybe we should keep it to pass on to our children?!

  4. Love the song, a favourite!! You look just smashing, adore those shoes :)) Fantastic!! Have a great weekend doll xx

  5. Weekend plans? Maybe tree, if we can get The Teen home again (bad last 24 hours). Wrap some prezzies. De-clutter, make keep piles and send to same-size blogger piles and keep things moving in The Great Circle of Clothes and Bling :)

    You look awesome in your newly rotated fabo clothes. That skirt is particularly drooly!

    Much love,

  6. Thanks for the blast of the Smiths, just the ticket on a dull Friday afternoon!
    Sorting and reducing and reorganising... Hard work it may be but you've rediscovered some treasures along the way, and you look fabulous. The hat and petticoat/skirt and wonderful. And it's good to know the Stylist will be getting some vintage goodness put aside for her too!
    This weekend? Work, and writing those bloody Christmas cards... xxxxx

  7. The Smiths <3
    I call it shopping my own closet! It's so good to go through it all. The skirt and belt are so fab--lucky little Stylist to get so many hand me downs!
    Dem shoezzzzz!

  8. This song is like a memory, a time from the past brought back the instant the song begins. I feel a bit weird and I like it. I think shopping our own closet is a must must! I'm always surprised to rediscover old favorites. I think these are all keepers and I think you are the best mommy for setting aside some stuff for the stylist. Look out BLack milk collection:). You look lovely lovely in this!

  9. My Littlest has claimed 70% of my stuff with a sideways 'I'll have that', I'll have to grapple with her when she's older to keep my stuff! It's great though to re-discover treasure, I have a crush on your skirt, hat and Amy pendant - I haven't wrapped a present or tidied up, my house is a shit hole and needs addressing pronto x x x have a lovely weekend x x x

  10. Amy Winehouse and The Smiths, two of my very favourites!
    That rosary is gorgeous, I'd kill for it! The entire outfit is divine, hoorah for forgotten treasures and decluttering! xxxxx

  11. such a fabulous outfit, love that vest and the pretty red skirt, and all that bijouterie and the shiny belt!!, I really love everything!, it's amazing how many things we can store in our wardrobes: love that you've re-discovered these pieces!

  12. I had a couple of "where did that come from" moments while putting my closet back together. I would love to have everything hanging up together in a dressing room. I can dream.

    Love the skirt and the Amy (RIP) necklace

  13. gorgeous outfit. it's fun, that all those pieces were waiting somewhere hidden just to look so fabulous together.
    the petticoat thingy is my fav piece here.

  14. That is such a cute little hat! Wardrobe clean outs are great aren't they? You'll feel all free and ready to stock up again with new bits of fabulous. I just cleaned out about a third of my wardrobe and being much more careful about how I fill it up again.

  15. You are stunning as always. Love that vest! I should really do some decluttering of my own...

  16. I've always wanted a wide sequined belt like that. I see them all the time but it would do me no good to wear it. You wouldn't be able to see it because my giant boobs would smother it. HA!!

  17. I've always liked that song - brings back clear memories of a particular time and place in my life.

    It's fun to re-discover some piece of clothing that has been hiding away. That is such a cool skirt, and there's that fabulous Amy Winehouse rosary - all your outfits are surprising, and joyful treats!

  18. So true, when culling you uncover treasures you forgot about! Some definitely have to go others you can't figure out why they got a break for so long! I'm glad the Stylist is going to benefit from the cull, I'm sure she's thrilled! Love the outfit, now you have me wanting to pull out my leopard beret, only wish it covered my ears so they don't fall off in this cold! XXX

  19. even better than Vivienne Westwood!

  20. I'm loving that petticoat-thingy skirt - you look totally fab in the leopard hat, and swinging to that Smiths song, one of my favourite songs EVER!

  21. That Amy Winehouse rosary is FABULARSE!!!
    Ah, yes, the joys of finding forgotten treasure!!! I have a few of those sequin belts, they're bloody brilliant!
    Love and Lustipops!

  22. You are looking magnificient as always!!!

    I hate packing and moving. I swore the last time (after 20+ years in one place) I would never move again!!

  23. You are looking magnificient as always!!!

    I hate packing and moving. I swore the last time (after 20+ years in one place) I would never move again!!

  24. I have to declutter myself. Thank goodness January is on the way.... I can make it one of my resolutions.
    I love your outfit, you look ahhhhhhmazing!

  25. I do love finding "forgotten" treasures. I also love your amazing green eyeshadow!

  26. A wardrobe revamp is useful to retrieve hidden treasures! That skirt is fab and the leopard print hat us the perfect fit. You look fierce and hyper feminine. Big hugs sweets
    Coco et La vie en rose
    Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

  27. Kind want to do the same - decluttering! I have so much and it would be good too to stop buying clothes for a while - I have a wedding and honeymoon coming up!

    Isn't fun to rediscorver stuff you forgot!

    I love your leopard print hat!

    The temps are a bit warmer but we are expecting snow!



  28. De-cluttering is like fashion finding all over again! I love discovering a piece I haven't worn in months but totally adore!

  29. I like this look, sort of reminiscent of early Madonna, sort of. Maybe it's the necklace and poufy skirt? I just know I smiled. As for belts? They're highly overrated. I gave them up years ago unless they're loose and drape under the belly. They're not my friend, just making me uncomfortable and miserable. Your sparkly one IS pretty though.

    Hope you're enjoying this season of potential madness. :-)

  30. I love unearthing long-lost treasures while de-cluttering. The only problem is that it makes the process of deciding what to keep and what to pitch a bit of a bitch.

  31. but what a great outfit! the leather vest is pure rock´n´roll and the leoprint hat is the perfect partner to it!
    love and kiss,mary

  32. I wish my mom had had a closet worth picking from, your daughter is lucky. This outfit just makes me picture you whizzing around on a little moto-scooter, don't know why... but it does!


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